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2014-04-29, 02:08 PM
Just in case something should come up in the game that requires dice, like, say, most of the actual game mechanics. :smalltongue:

In an effort to let the other "How do you roll dice?" thread die off, here is how you roll the dice and how to read the results. Just ignore the bolding, that is only there to prevent the forum from converting the text into an actual dice roll.

#d#Diplays cumulative results. 1d6 gives the results of 1 six-sided die, for example.
gives you (1d6)[4]

#d#Displays individual dice results, then cumulative.
[roll1]gives you (3d6)[5][3][5](13)

[roll]#d#+XDisplays the cumulative results, with the added modifier (X) totalled into it.
gives you (3d6+5)[20]

[roll]#d#-XDisplays the cumulative results, with the added modifier (X) subtracted from it.
gives you (3d6-5)[8]

[roll]#d#b#Diplays the cumulative results of the best of the dice (4d6b3, for example, would give cumulative results of the best 3 dice of 4 6-sided dice).
gives you (4d6b3)[16]

#d#b#DOES NOT WORK! It only gives the cumulative result of all the dice, not the best # of dice. You have to do the math yourself if you want to see the best-of results, or remove the v from the roller.

[roll]#d#b#+XDOES NOT WORK! It gets ignored.

Negatives results are possible if you give a modifier on the end that can cause a negative. The dice themselves cannot give you negative numbers, even if you were to type in d-40 or something. 1d-40 will do nothing.

d0 always give you 1. 6d0 gives you 6, and so on.

Spaces are NOT your friend in the code. They will result in the whole lot being ignored.
3 d 6 + 4

2014-05-19, 03:22 PM
[roll0]Initiative for Gnomes

2014-05-19, 03:38 PM
[roll0] Init

2014-05-19, 03:43 PM
Runa init [roll0]