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2014-05-01, 08:14 PM
(Note: Wanted to put this up on the board to further motivate myself to finish it :P, Got mythos coming by the end of the weekend. They're all ready to go, just need to put 'em down here)
Built using ShadowFireLances base, and built on Xefas' Mythic Character system, I give you: The Mythic Horror


"The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is Fear" - H.P. Lovecraft, Supernatural Horror in literature

The Epifovian

Before the first mortal tread upon the material planes, there was the gods. Before those gods, the Great Wheel was crafted by the might of the Lawgivers. Before the Lawgivers, existence was ravaged by the Titans. And before the Titans, there was the Far Realms, a place of Nightmares. In the grand story that is the universe, the Far-Plane exists as but a plot hole, made by no one and ended by no one, just pure, undiluted, existence. But the Far Realm was not devoid of all life, was not lacking in its own means of reaching out unto the true narratives of the prime plane. Within that den of horror and foul existence, a titan was forged from the growing dread of the plane.

He knew no happiness, no hope, no sorrow. He knew only the overwhelming sensations of the Far Plane. He only knew the gripping nihilism of life without any dreams or hopes or emotional input, only of the horrors that surrounded him. But Over the centuries, over Eons of truly being alone, he grew to revel in his absolute existence. When he crawled out from his pit, out unto the fields of the other Titans, they recoiled at the sight. They had not known fear, they had not known dread, but this Titan was composed only of such feelings. He was dubbed by his fellows as Fear, and when first he was seen by the Lawgivers, he was slain immediately, and his body cast back into the ravishes of the Far Realm. But Myth's have a strange way of persisting long past there end.

In the back of there minds, the creators could not forget the sight of that which was dubbed fear. It became a part of there minds, a feeling in there subconscious, a blight on there otherwise indomitable existence. They recreated such fear in the mortals they crafted, unknowingly casting them into a life knowing the fear that cause the First Gods themselves to recoil in revulsion. The original Fear began to reform, in the hearts and minds of those who walked upon the great wheel. In a way, it became in death a greater driving force in the earthly narrative, than it ever could have in life.

All are born with the ability to fear. They may grow out of said ability, and it may be years before they realize they can be made to fear, but all possess the ability. But not all are born of fear. Not all undergo such horrors as to have there entire faith shaken. Not all view such primal terrors that would leave the minds of lesser mortals broken. Not all understand the revelations of Original Fear. For those who do walk his path, who embrace Terror as a means of strength, they may master the primordial arts of that Titan which should not have lived. To them, “Unafraid” is a mistranslation of “Ignorant”.

They are the mortals who can tap into the primal instincts of one of the first existences. Generations of there kind have learned the secrets of the once so Far Plane, and Generations more will after them. These inborn instincts can be traced back to original Fear himself, who rots and decays in that destitute pit, letting his existence blossom out unto the great wheel, spreading his legend, watching even in death, silently pushing those of his ascendents closer to his dream of perfect life.

For those who follow his pushes, they are forever dubbed under the name of “Epifovian”

Hit Die: d8

Skill Points: 6+Intelligence Modifier
Class Skills: Balance, Bluff, Climb, Concentration, Craft, Disguise, Escape Artist, Forgery, Gather Information, Hide, Intimidate, Jump, Knowledge (All), Listen, Move Silently, Open Lock, Profession, Search, Sense Motive, Sleight of Hand, Speak Language, Spot, Survival, Swim, Tumble

Proficiencies: Epifovian’s are proficient in simple weapons, as well as light and medium armor, but not shields.

1st+1+2+2+2Terror-Spawned Mythos, Mythos Known, Exceptional Mythos, Terrifying Excellence, Unreal Existence, Far-Spawn Taint I+2+1
3rd+3+3+3+3Far-Spawn Taint II+1+0
5th+5+4+4+4Far-Spawn Taint III+1+0
7th+7/+2+5+5+5Fantastic Mythos+1+1
8th+8/+3+6+6+6Far-Spawn Taint IV+0+1
10th+10/+5+7+7+7Far-Spawn Taint V+0+1
13th+13/+8/+3+8+8+8Legendary Mythos+1+1
19th+19/+14/+9/+4+11+11+11Exalted Mythos+1+1

Terror-Spawned Mythos: An Epifovian's power is expressed in terms of one or more "Mythos", the building blocks of the legend that they are, and the stories that they have told and will tell. While any given Mythos varies from the rest, they share some similar traits. They are always Extraordinary abilities, and when they reference a difficulty class for an imposed saving throw, that saving throw is always calculated as (10 + 1/2 class level + Wisdom modifier, unless otherwise stated). When a Mythos references a "level" that is not clearly defined in some other way, such as "character level", it refers to "class level" as in the number of levels one has in the Epifovian class. When a Mythos references "allies", it specifically does not refer to the Epifovian using it. When a Mythos grants a feat as a bonus feat, it is regardless of whether the character meets the prerequisites for that feat (unless otherwise stated), and if the character already possesses that feat (in some permanent fashion - via the normal allotment gained by leveling up, or through another Mythos, and so on, but not those gained temporarily, such as via a "Heroics" spell), they must replace the prior instance of that feat with another feat that they qualify for.

Every Mythos has a Tier. The Tier of a Mythos ranges from 1 to 4, typically referred to as Exceptional, Fantastic, Legendary, and Exalted. The Exceptional Mythos of the Epifovian belongs to the lowliest of horrors, that which would make you wince at the sight, a double-checking of the locks, those who lurk just out of sight, a rumor, a whisper of the fear this world may produce, but nothing more. The Fantastic Mythos of the Epifovian draw to mind creatures of Horror stories, that which you would recoil from the sight, a creature whose form is enough to linger on your thoughts for days afterwards, a beast whose existence has started to manifest the shadow of the Far Realms. The Legendary Mythos of the Epifovian are held by true nightmares, living abominations of flesh and of dread, so grand are his descriptions that few would believe such things can be drawn even from ideas, much less made of true flesh. While a Legendary Epifovian is a walking horror, an Exalted Epifovian has evolved beyond description. He is an Amalgam of parts, of ideas, or terrors, of every terrible thought ever had by a living being. They have become Primal nightmares, the type of horror that can never truly be unseen, nor could they ever truly be described. They live on the edge, between existence upon this plane, and life in the Primal Horror of the Far Realms they now can call home. None has existed who did not fear even a chance encounter with the Exalted Epifovian.

Some Mythos, in addition to their initial stated effect, have Basic and Advanced manifestations. When an Epifovian gains access to a Mythos with a list of Basic manifestations, they may choose one such manifestation, and they gain that benefit immediately as well. This choice may not be changed later. When an Epifovian gains access to a Mythos with a list of advanced manifestations, they may choose one such manifestation, and they gain that benefit upon achieving their next level of Epifovian. This choice may be changed at any point before receiving the chosen manifestation itself, but not after (choosing beforehand is just an easy way to mark it down on your character sheet so you don't forget that you'll be getting something later).

Mythos Known: A 1st level Epifovian begins play with two Exceptional Mythos that he qualifies for, if this is his first level in a PC character class. At higher levels, he gains additional Mythos as noted on the Epifovian class table.

For characters that multiclass into Epifovian after having taken levels in another PC character class, the 1st level of the Epifovian class grants only a single Exceptional Mythos, rather than two.

An Epifovian also has the ability to learn mythos beyond those allotted to him by leveling up by performing certain tasks. While an Epifovian is a creature of horror, there’s a certain level of horror in ruining that which once was beautiful. By laying waste to magical items, not merely destroying them, but outright ensuring either their inability to function ever again, or worse still, to alter them to perform some terrible function beyond its original design. This ruined item’s worth in gold pieces is recouped to the Epifovian as Mythos points, but that disfigured magical items worth is returned twice fold, but only once it is used in some horrid manor by one not possessing Epifovian levels.

By spending 1,000 Mythos Points, and 250xp, he may learn an Exceptional Mythos. A Fantastic Mythos requires 5,000 Mythos Points and 500xp. A Legendary Mythos takes 10,000 Mythos Points, and 1,000xp. And an Exalted Mythos takes 20,000 Mythos Points and 2,000xp.

For half the listed price for a given Tier, an Epifovian may learn a Basic or Advanced manifestation of a Mythos they already know of that Tier.

Learning Mythos above the standard requires a horror in a soul that is so impure and corrupted it dreams of little else. An Epifovian may only utilize this ability while more than half of his effective character level (ECL) is devoted to levels in the Epifovian class.

Terrifying Excellence: As denoted on their class table, an Epifovian gains a certain number of abilities known as "Excellences". These tend to be more general, generic, and passive than a Mythos, but are useful nonetheless, and are drawn from their own separate list, unsegregated by Tiers. Like a Mythos, an Epifovian may learn more Excellences above their allotted amount. Each one costs 1,000 Mythos Points and 100xp, plus an additional 1,000 Mythos Points and 100xp for each time a new Excellency is innovated beyond the first. (So, 2,000mp and 200xp for the second, 3,000mp and 300xp for the third, etc.)

Unreal Existence: As the Epifovian grows closer and closer to the point of original fear, the lingering wills of the Titan’s existence return to them gifts, to ensure his continual advancements. The Epifovian does not plan, he does not carry himself with grace, nor is a walking rampage, rather he was born with the capacity to create terror; he is a creature born purely of instinct. The lineage of the Epifovian is in his mind always, and they whisper to him terrible secrets, that he may better survive to pass along what they had started. At first level, an Epifovian may use his wisdom in place of charisma to determine his bonus to Intimidate checks, as well as add his wisdom to his Armour Class when in light or no armor, with the thousand conflicts of his horrid predecessors giving him insight into combats from Eons past. This bonus applies to his touch and flat footed AC.

Far-Spawn Taint: The Horrors of this world would not do well to leave no mark upon the flesh of lesser mortals, nor to share in it. At first level, the Epifovian gains Abberation Blood as a bonus feat, as his skin takes on a sickly tone of some unearthly cover, giving them a penalty to charisma checks equal to the corresponding level of Far-Spawn Taint he has acquired.

At third level, the instinct of ages molds the Epifovian’s mind to better suit the needs of his chosen path. The Epifovian may use his wisdom bonus in place of his intelligence bonus to determine his bonus skill points per level. He gains this bonus retroactively. In addition, any natural attacks the Epifovian has are treated as Magic for the purpose of overcoming Damage Reduction.

At Fifth level, the Epifovian begins to draw strength from his memories. He recalls the Far-Real, he knows the depths of greatest terror, and he embraces them. At 5th level, whenever the Epifovian would be subjected to a fear effect, he may choose to ignore it. If he allows it to affect him, it is delayed for 1 hour per Epifovian level, and during this point he gains a perfection bonus to all skill checks and attack rolls, with the value depending on the level of fear. (+2 for shaken, +4 for frightened, or +8 for panicked). In addition, the Epifovian's natural attacks are considered to be any Alignment for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction.

At Eighth level, the Epifovian’s wealth of otherworldly knowledge and instincts finally gifts him with a form worthy of his path. An Epifovian’s type become outsider, save he is always considered on his home plane. Furthermore, the Epifovian has finally realized how the horror in him may truly manifest. As a swift action, an Epifovian may glimpse his home plane, instilling within him any level of fear he desires, and gaining the bonuses above. The actual fear of the event is staved till the end of the encounter, and last for five minutes after, and can be delayed no longer. In addition, his natural attacks are considered any material for purpose of overcoming damage reduction.

At tenth levels, the Epifovian becomes indistinguishable from the horror from where his legends first began, gaining Willing Deformity as a bonus feat, as well as any one deformity and any one Abberation feat he meets the prerequisites for. In addition all his natural attacks are treated as +2 weapons. This increases to +3 at 13, +4 at 16, and +5 at 19.

7th son of sons
2014-05-01, 08:15 PM
Exceptional Mythos

Instinctual Nightmare Creature Rememberence
Prerequisite: -

An Epifovian is never alone. He is built of a thousand lifetimes, a thousand monstrosities before him, tracing back to Primal Fear himself. Not direct lineage, but those who glimpsed horror, those psychopaths who enjoyed the torment, or the unfortunate hybrids of Far-Spawn and Mortal. All are equally likely in the path to the Epifovian. These lifetimes echo through there remembrance, shaping there form and pulling there will further into darkness. Some reject these ideals, but too others, the lifetimes of the ages are as an open book unto them.

An Epifovian who selects this mythos may add there wisdom bonus to attack and damage rolls made with natural weapons. This is in addition to the bonus' they may have for high strength or dexterity. This Mythos counts as weapon finesse for purpose of prerequisites.

Predatory Fore-Bearers Reflex: The Epifovian further gives in to memorial combat, allowing him to use his wisdom modifier in place of his dexterity modifier for his Reflex Save and for his initiative checks.

Archaic Whisper Comprehension
Prerequisites: -

Nightmares are not stupid. They are not fools. Their self-awareness is well beyond that held of mortal creations. They can gleam truth in there own maddening dreams, and may know that which was impossible. All nightmares are as one, all experiences a library to trove among them. Though in their most hopeful dreams, the terror is foolish, that it could be caught unaware, the stark reality is far more sinister.

The Epifovian may now make all knowledge checks untrained, and may use his wisdom modifier as a bonus to these checks. In addition, you may pick two class skills that are not on the Epifovian skill list. You are permenantly counted as having half your maximum ranks in that skill, you may add the other half as normal, if you desire.

All Encompassing Torment Jurisdiction
Prerequisites: At least one Natural Attack

This world is so malleable to one who knows a world of dread. You do not belong in this world, and the universe knows it. The very existence of things fears your ability, and attempts to suffice you with offerings of power. You are in control of your existence, and through such understandings, you can cause pain and spread malice in ways that truly should not be possible

You gain a bonus to the reach of your natural attacks equal to 5 plus an five feet for your epifoivan level divided by 4, as your attacks seem to ripple across space to strike your foe.

Far Reaching Tendrils of Destruction: The reach of your tentacles is increased from your other attacks, with them having a reach of 5 plus an additional five feet per for your epifovian level divided by 2

Unorthodox Malice Placement: Your natural attacks are capable of flanking with one another, assuming you have a number of natural attacks on each side equal to the number on the opposing side

Pregenerate Husk Bestowment
Prerequisites: Epifovian Level 4

Horror has a funny way of spreading itself. The screams of those fleeing from a haunting house lead to nightmares of children who watch them flee. Horror leads to horror, and it is through this simple fact of nature that the Epifovian has been allowed to exist. Horror manifested, the Epifovian can take advantage of his legacy, his birth of terror, to create an embodiment of his own terror and his own horrid appearance. Born of the loneliness of the horros origin, a faithful beast spawned of his own flesh, a nightmare to accompany his own dread.

The Epifovian gains an Animal Companion as if he was a Druid of his level -3, save for the following exceptions. Firstly, the Animal Companion always has Hit Points equal to the Epifovian who brought him into being. The Animal Companion also gains 2 tentacle attacks, both with a reach of 10 feet, and dealing damage of a tentacle attack of the creatures size. Lastly, the Epifovian may communicate with the animal companion as if through the effects of Rary's Telepathic Bond. If the creature dies or the Epifovian wishes to replace it, it can be rebirthed from the Epifovian's flesh in a ritual that takes 10 minutes and reduces the Epifovian's Hit Points to half his maximum.

Non-Euclidean Embracing Dimensions
Prerequisites: -

The Far-Plane has a unique effect on the nature of perception. That which seems to be large from afar may in fact be small up close. That which appears to prove no threat may in fact house an abhorant insides that had not been seen before. Why you should you not embrace all aspects of your own heritage. They may see you as one, but the nature of true fear comes in not knowing, so why should you be defined by absolutes, what point is there too a nightmare existing alone in this space, when it could be so much more?

An Epifovian may be counted as one size smaller or one size larger whenever it would be beneficial too him. This does not change his appearance, mearly the way he is perceived by the universe. This does not affect his ability scores, but the size modifier to Grapple, Hide, Carrying Capacity, and spells that effect based on size are included. If a situation would arise from which you would benefit from being both smaller and larger than you are, you may assume both simultenously.

Further Skewed Existence Extrapolation: You may be counted as two sizes larger when it would benefit you. You may take this advancement again after level 15, at which point you can be counted at up too three sizes larger when it would benefit you.

Lineage Celebrating Flesh Companion
Prerequisites: -

In the beginning, the dread was always alone. He had nothing with him to stave off his loneliness. Eventually he would go mad, and his madness, he found a friend. though never truly there, that voice was helpful in liberating him from his aloneness. He went beyond singular, he manifested further personality. He gave life to that which already was alive, and the world bended to fit his mad dreams. This is but an extent of that madness.

The Epifovian Gains a tentacle attack, with a reach of 10 feet, that deals 1d6 bludgeoning damage. This tentacle possesses mental stats, and can be communicated with by the Epifovian, though only he can hear the responses. The tentacle is fully aware, and can be used to check around corners, create plans, or even to manipulate fine objects. The tentacle can collect sensory information as though it had eyes, ears, and nose, and uses the same skill checks as the Epifovian it is attached to. This is considered a familiat for purposes of prerequisites.

Transference of Maddening Friendship: The Epifovian may transfer the effects of any Mind-Effecting spells that are directed at him into his Flesh Companion. These Effects last for half the normal time, and while they persist, the Epifovian may not transfer further spells in the same manner.

Vicious Protectorate of the Host: The Flesh Companion gains a bite attack in addition to its normal tentacle attack, dealing 1d4 piercing damage to the target. This attack is in addition to the Tentacles normal attack, and can have poison applied to it as though it where a normal weapon, with no chance of poisoning the Epifovian should he fail.

Accelerated Heart-Rate Tenacity
Prerequisite: -

The Epifovian is a creature who not only craves fear, he requires it. Inborn into him is a hunger for Terror that few could ever realize or recreate. But when he staves off this hunger, his clarity grows sharper, his mind comes to understand further, he becomes a greater terror. Heaven forbid the mind of an Epifovian who has quenched his thirst for Fear, for such a mind would be open to the infinite.

For every creature within an area equal to five feet per Epifovian Level that is under the effect of a fear effect, the Epifovian gains a +1 Morale bonus to attack rolls, damage rolls, and skill checks with Epifovian Class Skills. This ability includes the Epifovian himself. However, in realizing his hunger for terror, the Epifovian can be sated by little else. If 24 hours pass in which an Epifovian does not benefit from this excellency, he becomes sickened until such a time that he does benefit.

Inescapable Nightmare Tether
Prerequisites: -

Horror has been with us since the beginning. We are born of it, born too it, and grow up with it. It is a part of us all, we are all subjects of the terror that this world was born from. But the Epifovian can see the ties that bind. More worryingly, he can grasp them as well

As a move equivelent action, the Epifovian may make a ranged touch attack against any foe with 5' per mythos level. If he is successful, the foe must make a Will Save or a Grapple Check (Whichever is higher) against the Epifovian's Intimidate Check. If the Epifovian is successful, an inch thick, black rope of horror is formed around the target and around the Epifovian. This tether dramatically limits the targets mobility, forcing there movement speeds of any kind to be halved, eliminating the ability to use Hide or Climb skills, and forcing the foe to make a strength check (DC 20 + 5 per previous check)to move more than the initial tethers length from the Epifovian. In addition, the Epifovian can move an additional 10 feet per round if he is moving towards the other end of the tether, hungering to see the panic in there unwilling captive. The tether can be broken by killing the epifovian, an escape artist check against the Epifovian's intimidate check, or a DC 50 strength check. An outside force (one not on either end of the Tether) who voluntarily touches the nightmare tether takes 1d6 points of unholy damage per 2 Epifovian levels the Epifovian who created it has. You may only have one Tether active at a given time.

Lifeblood Choking Synapse: Through this augment, your nightmare tether is constructed from your inborn terror. You can draw power from that which you have entrapped. For each round you have a target bound by your Nightmare Tether, you may drain one point from said foes strength score, and may add it to your own. A successful fortitude save negates this effect. This additional strength lasts as long as the target remains tethered, and for 1d6 hours afterwards.

Ripples of Original Dread: Made from nightmare, return to nightmare. Any foe attached to your nightmare tether takes a penalty to saves versus fear effects equal to your Epifovian level divided by 4.

Communal Grasping Dusk Tendrils: Through further study of your Nightmare tether, you have developed further mastery of its otherworldly powers. You may now conjure up an additional Nightmare Tether. You may take this advancement multiple times, up to half your Epifovian level.

Overlapping Expertise Culmination
Prerequisites: Palettable Carrion Discernment Excellency

All that you consume carries with it a story. A Story of how it was brought to its state. A family, friends, experiences from its entire existence up to that point. It whispers to you, even past death, of its torment. Of its great terrors, or its fears, of all that had gone wrong within its lifetime. And this information leads to more hunting, to more killing, to more eating. A never ending cycle of torment

You gain Knowledge Devotion as a bonus feat. When using knowledge devotion in conjunction with a knowledge check you gain a bonus to from "Palettable Carrion Discernment", you may apply the bonus' to Hide, Move Silent, and Intimidate checks as well as your attack and damage rolls. In addition, you gain an ability akin to Bardic Knowledge, in which you speak unto those who had been consumed by you. You may use your Wisdom bonus instead of your Intelligence bonus to this check

Eldritch Abomination Awakening Rite
Prerequisites: -

The horror was born before the begining. It's tendrils expand into all planes, all existence. Nowhere is without horror. Through untold stories and rituals, the Epifovian may borrow from on of these realms, that his form may better reflect this existence

The Epifovian gains any Abberant feat it meets the prerequisites for as a bonus feat. In addition, the Epifovian gains a number of tentacle attacks equal to his Epifovian Level divided by 3. He does retroactively gain these attacks. These tentacles deal 1d6 bludgeoning damage each, have a reach of 10', and are considered evil for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction. At level 6, 12, and 18, the damage of these tentacles increases by one die (to 1d8, 2d6, and 2d8 at levels 6, 12, and 18, respectively) These tentacles are considered primary natural attacks, and each grants the Epifovian a +2 to Intimidate and Grapple Checks

Hands Hungering for Demise
Prerequisites: -

The hands of an Epifovian are not the hands of his race. They are the hands of his profession. They are the hands that shaped the nightmares of creature for milenia. Hands that saw the begining of all that is, and will continue to see it till the end. The hands of the Epifovian are designed to bring Havoc, and the voice of the ancesters pulls them to follow that creation.

An Epifovian with this Mythos gains unarmed strike progression as a monk of his level. This is considered Improved Unarmed Strike for purpose of Prerequisites. his unarmed strikes are also considered natural weapons for the purpose of Epifovian class features. Finally, an Epifovian gains sneak attack dice at a rate of one dice per three Epifovian levels he posesses, but this damage may only be dealt through his unarmed strikes.

Immenent Death Realization: Whenever the Epifovian deals sneak attack damage to a living target, he may make an Intimidate Check against the target of the sneak attack, as they flood there mind with visions of there oncoming, painful demise. A foe who passes this save does not need to make this save again for 24 hours.

Screams Built upon Whispers
Prerequisites: -

Secrets do not remain hidden should the Terror request it. From secrets come truth, and the truth can be exploited. The greatest horrors are gleamed from unwanted truth. Those who know the universal truths are those most bound to fear. Though they may learn the truths through simpler means, there is a special, sadistic glee in watching those who know go droning about, losing themselves in a crowd of madness

An Epifovian may, as a full round action, infect the mind of a subject with a terrible curse. The chosen target must make a will save. If they fail, there mind is grasped with a ancient dread. Secrecy is treachery, and trechery is treason. If you hold the secret to long, they will find out sooner or later. Any secret the character had or learns for 1 day per Epifovian Level, it is supernaturally known to all around them, and each day those around them have their attitude towards said person decreased by one step, until they find that character completely insufferable. At this point, the character is driven away from there town, and the Epifovian is made immediately aware of his position.

7th son of sons
2014-05-01, 08:16 PM
Fantastic Mythos

Primal Fright-Tapping Emanations
Prerequisites: -

The Far-Plane. A manifestation of the fears, horrors, and beasts that first existed. Inproper, Incomplete, Impossible living dreams of madness. Those who reside there are surrounded in palpable terror on a daily basis. The very air, the stench of the ages, is enough to bring dread to those few outsiders unfortunate enough to end up in this plane. But through your own Ancestry, the very airs of the Far-Plane have followed you into this world, and they carry the same weight here that they carried there.

You gain an Aura of Fear. This aura has a radius of 15 feet, centered on yourself. This aura is manifested as a shifting glimpse at the reality where terror was born. The first round a creature ends its round within the aura, it must make a will save, or have its level of fear increased by one step for as long as they remain within the aura, and for 1 minute afterwards. A creature who successfully makes it save does not have to make the save again for a number of rounds equal to its Wisdom Modifier

Ever-Present Winds of Origin: Your aura of fear gains an additional number of feet equal to your Wisdom score, to the nearest 5 foot interval.

Visions of the First Existence: your aura of fear can be supressed. Supressing the Aura is a free action, but reinitiating it is a standard-action. While it is supressed, you may manifest the aura as a gaze attack, with a range of 60 feet, that only requires you to have line of sight. This gaze attack is a standard action to initiate.

Phobia-Hunting Assimilation of Senses
Prerequisites: Accelerated Heart-Beat Tenacity Mythos

The maddening ticking of there heartbeats. At first, it was merely sustenance on which your terror could grow. Now, it has become more akin to an addiction. It pains the nightmare to know that the fools still draw breath. They do not deserve to continue living, in their imperfection and in their cowardice. What right have they, when you have suffered so much persecution in so many lifetimes, just to continue living on their pathetic shell world. But through this single-minded hatred, your mind shifts to better hunt the fools of this land.

You gain the effects of the Synesthete Psionic Power permanently, save for the difference that your face need not be uncovered to use the power, as your whole body is a sensory catalyst. You also can now see all the heartbeats you where previously hearing, and thus gain the effects of the Lifesense feat, out to a range of 5 feet per 2 Epifovian levels. In addition, whenever a spot or listen check is called for, you may make both and take the better result of the two, and you gain the supernatural Scent ability. Finally, the morale bonus from Accelerated Heart-Beat Tenacity lasts for 1 hour after the feared creature is killed, as the release of madness is uplifting to your alien spirits.

Panic Inducing Spacial Slip
Prerequisites: -

All seek a reprieve from terror. Their attempts to slay that which is eternal are in vain. So they run. They flee the sight of such a creature as they believe could not exist. They take whatever means necessary to escape the all consuming air of panic. Some flee for but moments, but surrender to the fear eventually. Some run for there entire lives, never looking back at the terror that follows behind. You have become that terror.

As a swift action, you may select one target you have line of sight suffering from a fear effect you generated. As a swift action each round, you may teleport a distance of 10 feet per Epifovian Level towards the target. If the target is running from you, and you appear in front them, you may make an intimidate check as a free action. If you are within 10 feet of the target, you may opt to follow them as a free action wherever they move for up to 1 round per Wisdom Modifier. If you are unable to sense your target, you must select a new target.

Necrophobic Pale Horse Equivelency: If your chosen target is forced to cower by your appearance in conjunction with your use of this Mythos, you may make a Coup De Grace attempt against the target as a free action. The save for this Coup De Grace is treated as if it where a Mythos.

Inevitable Torture-Escape Invitation
Prerequisites: Inesapable Nightmare Tendril Mythos

The fear of pain is often worse than the pain itself. You, however, born from the greatest of terrors and fears, can make such fear of pain very much real. Their mind can be so warped, so utterly ravaged by your presence, that they may welcome the chance for you to end their suffering. The minds of mortals bend so easily, and you are handed the clay by which you may break them.

You may indicate one creature currently held by your Inescapable Nightmare Tether, who is also suffering from a fear effect, as a swift action. The subject of this ability must make a will save, with a -2 penalty if they have taken damage within one round. If they fail their will save, they are over taken with pain, and with a dread sensation of further pain to come, but also with a glimmering hope that you will liberate them. The target nets a cumultive -2 penalty to attack rolls, damage rolls, Skill checks, and Ability checks, up to a maximum of half your epifovian level, each round they remain entrapped by your tendril and they do not move towards you. Each time the subject willingly moves closer to the Epifovian, the Tether is considered to have had it's maximum length shortened. If the subject willingly moves to within 10 feet of the Epifovian, he gains a penalty to his saves and armour class equal to the Epifovian's Wisdom modifier, and is unable to take a defensive action, as they give themselves up to the Epifovian's liberating wrath.

False Safety Obliterating Essence
Prerequisites: -

Oh, the humourous creatures who inhabit this world. The Sheltered Paladin, the Heroic Warrior, the Raging Monstrosity, they all think themselves so clever. They all perceive their existence as so righteous, so pure, so unstoppable. But as they where born, so was it Inborn. The capacity for terror lurks in even the most protected, most fortified of minds. And such Terror calls out to you even more, desperate to surface, desperate to see the light of day again. Who are you too deny such privelage?

All your fear effects now ignore any immunities to fear based on Class Features, Race, Feats, or Spells. Creatures that would be immune to fear gain a +5 bonus to the save, but are made none the less susceptible.

Unliving Mental Reconstuctive Horror: Your Fear effects are now capable of fearing undead creatures as well as living.

Harbinger of Verdent Dread: Your fear effects are now capable of fearing plant creatures as well as the normal subjects

Ancient Instillment of Primordial Terrors: Your fear effects are now capable of affecting Mindless creatures (Including Oozes, Constructs, ETC)as well as Normal Subjects

Traumatic Revelry Rejuvination
Prerequisites: -

The Cruelest, most abominable of the Epifovian gains more than just joys from the fear it inflicts upon those lesser creatures. It draws its life force from such interactions. It is through the fear of others that the Epifovian is given form, and through this understanding, they are given strength. In the ruins of societies, in the oppression of nations, the Epifovian stands alone as a beacon of power, for better or for worse.

An Epifovian who takes this mythos gains Fast Healing equal to the number of creatures within a 30 foot radius suffering from a fear effect. In addition, if the Epifovian kills a target that had previously been under the effect of a fear effect generated by the Epifovian, he immediately gains a number of hit points equal to the Creatures Hit Dice. Finally, the Epifovian may ignore the fleeing aspects of being frightened or panicked.

Self-Spawned Legend Familiarity
Prerequisites: -

Have you ever noticed how on edge you become when a horror story is told? Have you ever heard howling winds and rustling branches shortly after a childhood nightmare is put into words? Such occurrences are merely chalked up to nerves, or to lingering fear projected into the world. The truth, is much more sinister. A nightmare is familiar with its name, with its story, and it ensures that its story is known. It answers to the challenge put up by the teller, it cements the story in the minds of listener, and it perpetuates the fear through the creation of new stories.

An Epifovian is made immediately aware of any creature speaking of it's legend with 100 feet per epifovian level. It knows the identity, name, and face of the creature, as well as it's exact location, so long as they remain in the aura. Speaking of the Epifovians legend simply means mentioning the creature either through deed or through description. If the story is falsified, as in the Terrible Epifovian is given credit for the acts of a Monstrous Teramach, he knows the true identity of the stories origin, and may imitate the act it was claimed to be able to produce, but only before the story teller, even if such an act would normally be impossible. This Mythos has no effect in relation to those intimately familiar with the Epifovian, such as those who travelled with him for an extended period.

7th son of sons
2014-05-01, 08:17 PM
And a third one for Legendary and Exalted.

7th son of sons
2014-05-01, 08:19 PM
And a last one for excellencies

2014-05-01, 09:59 PM
Cannot wait until the Exalted Mythos, those were the ones giving me trouble. Looks good so far!

General Patton
2014-05-02, 12:07 AM
This looks great! I guess I'll just contribute the ideas I had for my own version of this concept. The one Mythos I really want to see is inspired by Derry, Maine and Innsmouth. Pennywise and Cthulhu have used fear to impose their will on some populace so that everyone is either in on some horrible secret or just feigning ignorance and being complacent about it. You'd get some assortment of followers of varying levels with non-mythos, non-caster classes. You'd also be able to use Intimidate in place of Diplomacy in that place, with some extra bonuses.

Manifestations could include
-adding some template to some fraction of your followers, like the "innsmouth look" that turns out to be deep ones
-get you a crazy cohort, like poor Henry from the Asylum
-give you some caster followers, in the form of a cult, high-priest, etc

Edit: Potential name. Peasant-Subjugating Terror-King