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mabriss lethe
2007-02-13, 12:19 AM
I'm still a little shaky about pricing this monster, but this is my best guess right now. I'm half-afraid that the basic model is too inexpensive and the kitted out versions are far too costly. Whaddaya think?

Wand Musket:
The wand musket looks similar to a modern day break action shotgun that holds wands instead of shotgun shells.

The wielder of the Wand musket opens the breach, loads a wand into the chamber and reseals it. Loading and unloading a wand each takes the same amount of time as loading a light crossbow. The musket still requires spell trigger activation or a successful Use Magic Device roll to use the chambered wand. The wielder gains a +1 equipment bonus to ranged touch attack rolls and a +2 equipment bonus to Use Magic Device rolls involving the chambered wand. Muskets are always used as two handed weapons regardless of size. Creating a wand musket requires a skilled crafter versed in the magical arts, he must possess the feats Craft wand and craft magical arms and armor. Creation cost is 50% of the item's base cost in gp and 25% in exp.

I've either grossly complicated the process or vastly simplified it by breaking the musket down into it's three basic components: Action, Trigger, and Barrel. A wand musket must have all three parts in order to function. A fourth category, Accessory, is in the works, and as the name might imply, consists of add ons that aren't vital to the wand musket's performance. I've also included the optional section of "Bore" that I may or may not use. It adds flavor, but it might be overcomplicating things that are already well on their way to being far too complex. (for someone who really doesn't care for overcomplication of game rules, I can do a darned good job of it.) I've used analogs of real life firearm terminology where applicable.

Aura: faint (transmutation) plus the auras of any chambered wands

Actions: (*note: These have nothing to do with the types of actions listed in the SRD. In simple terms, the part of the gun responsible for chambering and firing a round is referred to in this document as an "action" I'm up for a less ambiguous name, but darn it, I just can't think of one.")

Standard action :
Weight:4 lbs Cost :200 gp

Overcharge Action:
Overcharge actions can draw additional charges from a wand to enhance the power of the spell being cast. The overcharge action has a capacitance between 1 and 4, indicating how many extra charges the musket can draw into a single blast. The effect is either a +1 bonus to the effective caster level of the wand, or a +2 bonus to the save DC of the spell per extra charge. (whichever is more useful, ruled by DM), cannot be combined with multi barrel components. When a character overcharges a musket, each wand charge expended counts towards the Overheat limit imposed by the musket's barrel type. Overcharging a musket is a full round action
Weight 3 lbs cost Number of overdraw charges squared X100

Multi Barrel Action:
A necessity for any wand musket sporting multiple barrels
Weight: 4 lbs +0.25 lbs per barrel.
Cost: 300 gp + 100 gp per barrel


Standard barrel (+1 to ranged touch)
The standard barrel can accept any modification as long as one doesn't counteract the other. (overheat rating of 10)
weight:3 lbs, cost 100 gp

Barrel Modifications:

Multi barrel: Double barrel, drilling(3 barrel), or vierling(4 barrel): multiple wand storage. Can be used with any other barrel type or modification except bull barrel and long barrel, must be used with the multi barrel action. triggers for each barrel are purchased separately.
Weight by barrel and trigger, cost, 500 gp per extra barrel

long barrel:
increases range increment by 50%, can be used with any other barrel or modification except short barrel and multibarrel
Weight +2lbs cost: 500gp

short barrel:
decreases range increment by 50%, use one handed, can cast touch spells at short range with a -2 penalty.Can be used with any barrel or modification except Long barrel.
Weight -2 lbs, cost 1000gp

Bull barrel
overheat rating of 20
Weight: 5 lbs, cost 2000 gp

channeled barrel
(+2 to +5 bonus to ranged touch rolls)
Weight 2.5 lbs cost: enhancement bonus squared X 100

Each barrel has a Bore statistic. It's a number from 1 to 4. This value is the maximum spell level of wand the musket barrel can safely use. You can't overload a small bore musket with a higher powered wand, larger "bore" wands won't fit in the chamber.
Increased "bore size" doesn't affect weight. costs: bore/wand level squared X 100 GP

Trigger types:
Each musket may only incorporate on type of trigger per barrel, each trigger must be purchased separately.

Standard trigger:
(+2 Use magic device rolls)
weight: 1 lb, cost 100 gp

master craft trigger:
(+3 to +8 Use Magic device rolls)
Weight 1.0 lb cost bonus squared X 25 gp

true trigger:
No Use Magic device roll or spell trigger needed to use the wand.
weight 1 lb, Cost: 7500 gp

General notes on Multi barrel muskets:

The maker can create the musket with more than one barrel (max of 4) each barrel is purchased separately and requires a separate trigger, for every barrel added, the weight increases. Drilling and Vierling muskets cannot equip Bayonets, they're simply too heavy and awkward. Double barrels can, but the wielder takes a -1 penalty to use one in combat. Any musket can be wielded as an awkward, impromptu club. Drillinge and vierling are treated as an impromptu greatclub due to their excessive weight. Any multi barrel musket can discharge any number of barrels as a standard action. Doing so, however, grossly alters the weapon's aim. The wielder takes a penalty on ranged touch attacks equal to -2/per barrel discharged
All of the barrels of a multi barrel musket must be of the same length.

Barrel Mounts:
A wand musket can have its barrel mounted with one of a number of accessories. The musket is limited to one barrel mounted accessory. Some types of arrels are limited as to what type of accessory they can be fitted with.

Bayonet mounting:
Any barrel can mount a bayonet except for long barrels, drillinge and vierling weapons. Double barrels my mount a bayonet but the wielder takes an additonal -1 penalty to use it in combat. these blades may be enhanced in any way a magic weapon would be. Bayonet rules in complete scoundrel...I think.

This simple, nonmagical device gives the wielder of the musket a +1 9or +2 with a long barreled musket. circumstance bonus on ranged touch attacks when the character attacks from a prone position by lying stomach down and taking aim.
weight: 2 lbs Cost 25 gp

Metamagic Choke collars:
These rings screw onto the end of the barrel, applying a single metamagic feat to the spell cast at the cost of a number of wand charges equal to the number of spell levels the spell would have to increase due to the metamagic. Limit of one collar per barrel. Overcharge rules apply. See overcharge action for details
Weight: 0.25 lbs. Cost: 1/2 the price of the corresponding Lesser Metamagic Rod

Overheating rules:

A standard barrel can only be used 10 times per hour before overheating. An overheated barrel cannot efficiently channels the wand's energy until it cools back down. After the 10th usage, the barrel grows hot to the touch dealing 1 pt of fire damage. the musket can still fire while overheated, but consumes an additional charge from the wand and deals 1d4 points of fire damage to the wielder every time the musket is used in this fashion. The barrel cools back down to a usable temperature an hour after the last shot has been fired. A wand functions normally once removed from the overheated musket, but doing so requires touching the barrel and taking a point of fire damage.

mabriss lethe
2007-02-13, 04:03 PM
I think I fixed it this time.

So here we go with a not so subtle thread bump. If for some reason the post gets cut in half or generally falls apart again, I'll email or PM the complete document to anyone interested in it.