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2007-02-13, 02:56 AM
So I bought the book and I thought, whoa! this book sucks like a roper's underside. I thought I better get my money's worth out of this or I am gonna hate myself. Anyway, in the upcoming game, assuming our DM's wife recovers from giving birth as soon as possible, I will play an Avenging Executioner with a Dragon Totem barbarian (from Unearthed Arcana) as the base class. We start at level 12.

Feat Selection would include:
1 Extra Rage
3 Intimidating Rage (in case someone escapes my frightful presence)
6 Ability Focus (Frightful Presence)
9 Skill Focus (Bloody Blade)
12 Instantaneous Rage

Criticism and suggestion would be awesome. What no Power Attack? LOLz. Instantaneous Rage may be dropped in favor of Power Attack. I am considering Intimidating Strike eventually.

Is it a feat that shifts the relevant ability from CHA to STR for Intimidate? This will let me be half-orc and take the seventh level barbarian substitution level for barbarians in Races of Destiny for more damage output.

Unfortunately this build will force me to pursue barbarian for the rest of my non Avenging Executioner career so I can keep on pumping my Frightful Presence ability. I think he needs like leap attack or cleave or something...

Is a Fighter2/Ninja5 better, taking up Daunting Presence from Libris Mortis? Or scrap that altogether since Avenging Executioners get Rapid Intimidation anyway and go ninja7 to Avenging Executioner before taking up Ghost Faced Killer levels?

2007-02-13, 05:55 AM
Well you are gonna need power attack for most of the damage boosting feats later. Plus it just rules at boosting damage all by itself.