View Full Version : Pathfinder Combat Styles: A tool for non-magic Pathfinder campaigns

2014-05-12, 11:57 AM
Good afternoon, everyone! Some of you may recognize me as the author of the Pathfinder Epic-Level Handbook (http://www.jessejackjones.com/sites/default/files/EpicPathfinder1.5.pdf).

I'm here today to announce the next major Pathfinder supplement I've released:

The Pathfinder Combat Styles Guide (http://www.jessejackjones.com/sites/default/files/combatstyles.pdf)!

Contained within this 86-page document is a new system designed for use in non-magical campaign settings. It introduces combat styles, which allow the non-magical characters to perform feats of prowess with weapons or skills.

There are an assortment of techniques that players can learn to provide passive bonuses, active abilities, and even attack chains that can be pulled off in combat. There are 45 different combat styles divided into three categories:

Offensive combat styles are based around inflicting extra damage, gaining additional attacks, and crippling targets.

Utility combat styles focus more on self-defense, controlling the battlefield, and inflicting ailments on enemies.

Skill styles grant players new abilities or actions based on the skills or non-combat class abilities they're specializing in.

This guide also talks about certain mechanics systems that the group I game with has developed over the years to make non-magic play work, such as a system of fatigue and wounds that compensates for the lack of healing magic and the combat styles' own passive AC bonuses to compensate for the disproportionate growth in BAB relative to AC at higher levels.

The styles also include a lot of fluff from the setting in which they were developed, a campaign world created by our GM called Cerenth (http://cerenth.com). Of course, these details can be changed to fit whichever world you would prefer to play in.

While these combat styles saw fairly heavy use when they were played with in D&D 3.5, the adaptation to Pathfinder is new and required some fairly major rewrites in places, so I would be thrilled to hear any feedback or critiques you might have. I hope you all enjoy and maybe you'll find a place for this document around your gaming table.