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2014-05-13, 05:12 PM
Each poster posts something that the poster below them will not do while not doing what the poster above them said they would not do. You may make it as difficult or as easy as you wish for the next person to post but it must be possible.

for example if the poster above you had posted "the poster below me will not post in black"
the next person to post might post "the poster below me will not use the letter g"

and so to begin

The poster below me will not use the letter A

2014-05-13, 05:15 PM
This is remrkbly esy.

I kid. For the rest of the post no more "a"s.

The person below me won't use consonants.

2014-05-13, 05:23 PM
@^ ou ue a. You used a.
e e ie e.Check the white text.
oe ou?Does Y count?
e eo eo e i o ae a o o e ae oo. The person below me will not have any words of the same color.

Cloud Rat
2014-05-13, 06:47 PM
The poster below me will phrase everything in the form of a compliment towards me. ^^

2014-05-14, 07:44 AM
I must say it is an honor to be replying to Stinkweed Imp's wonderful comment with 'the poster below me will write only in haiku'

2014-05-15, 02:48 PM
The poster below me won't
use letters other than those
used in this post

2014-05-15, 06:04 PM
The poster below me won't
use letters other than those
used in this post

That's not a haiku. The last line is too short and the start is too lon. (Darn almost made it)

As opposed to the post below me. It will use all the letters.

V I meant the entire alphabet.

Targ Collective
2014-05-15, 07:19 PM
I quote:

That's not a haiku. The last line is too short and the start is too lon. (Darn almost made it)

As opposed to the post below me. It will use all the letters.

There! All letters used.


The next poster will not refrain from jumping on something in their post.

2014-05-28, 08:22 PM
I'm gonna jump onto this game!

The person below me will not use any word whose number of letters is not prime.

2014-05-28, 08:46 PM
Of Course I can not.

The poster(s) Below me can not say any vowel.

2014-05-29, 12:08 AM
Correct. The poster below me will not use any unformatted letters

Targ Collective
2014-05-29, 10:19 AM
Easy! Technically *every* style is a format of sorts.

The poster below me will share a seeecret.

V I laughed so hard, and of course you're right. I'll have to be more careful with how I phrase things.

2014-05-30, 10:44 PM
Don't tell anyone, but I don't think Targ is playing by the rules; he should be telling me what NOT to do, not what TO do!

The poster below me will not make sense.

2014-05-31, 12:43 PM
Poster "Me" words "The," the the "Poster" me below "Below" not will use and.

2014-05-31, 01:11 PM
After I complete this reply, and submit it to this board, another individual will type up a reply, and submit it to this selfsame board.

That aforementioned individual will not use any words that don't rhyme with at least one other word used in their reply.

Targ Collective
2014-05-31, 04:08 PM
Oho! A rhyming challenge I see!

Perhaps you expect me to be at sea.

I am comfortable in verse

(Though I barely rehearse)

And that is the truth so it be!

The next poster will not refrain from doing refraining doing something that does refraining not doing something that involves hats.

The next poster will in fact, instead, explain how to parse the above sentence correctly, *and will then follow its instructions*.

2014-07-31, 11:21 PM
What you said is that I will not refrain from doing something with hats. So... I say the word, "hat." Hat hat hat hat hat

The next poster cannot use any letters or symbols in their post, only numbers.

2014-08-01, 05:47 AM
What you said is that I will not refrain from doing something with hats. So... I say the word, "hat." Hat hat hat hat hat

The next poster cannot use any letters or symbols in their post, only numbers.

4 5
8 6
5 6

0 7
15 6
3 7
4 7
5 6
2 7

7 0
15 6
7 7

13 6
5 6

7 7
9 6
12 6
12 6

14 6
15 6
4 7

4 7
5 6
12 6
12 6

4 5
8 6
5 6

0 7
15 6
3 7
4 7
5 6
2 7

7 0
15 6
7 7

4 7
8 6
5 6
13 6

4 7
15 6

13 6
1 6
11 6
5 6

4 7
8 6
5 6
9 6
2 7

0 7
15 6
3 7
4 7

8 6
1 6
2 7
4 6

4 7
15 6

2 7
5 6
1 6
4 6
14 2 (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/8/85/ASCII_Code_Chart-Quick_ref_card.jpg/361px-ASCII_Code_Chart-Quick_ref_card.jpg)

"The player below me will not tell the player below them to make their post hard to read."

Seriously, can we stop it with the commands which basically make it take half an hour to decipher the previous post and half an hour to write your own, because seriously, that's why this game doesn't go anywhere. It's because no-one can be bothered to look at a silly ASCII table and decode the numbers here.

Yes, I could have used the letters' positions in the alphabet or on a QWERTY keyboard, but that would also take ages.

Targ Collective
2014-08-01, 05:44 PM
The poster below me will not fail to share their deepest wish.

2014-08-06, 12:24 AM
My deepest wish isthat no one will read this sentence

TPBM shall not use anything other than letters, including spaces and punctuation

Septimus Faber
2014-08-06, 01:45 PM
Thepersonbelowmewillnotfailtotelleveryoneelseposti ngtothisthreadtostopgivingcommandsthatmakeotherpeo plespostshardtoreadImeanJormengandliterallysaidsoj ustnow

2014-08-06, 02:14 PM
The poster below me will not fail to call themselves a derpy dingbat. Also, guys, please stop giving commands that make posts hard to read.

Targ Collective
2014-08-07, 04:07 PM
I have this sudden urge to call myself a derpy dingbat, even though it is not true.

I resist the urge. Sometimes truth must take precedence.

The poster below will, via PM, share with me a secret of their own choosing. Preferably, it will be an honest assertion of what they think of me on these here boards, although it can be any secret. I. WILL. NOT. SHARE. IT.

The poster is at liberty to place what they like in the next post, so long as it is easy to read.

2014-08-08, 02:14 PM
Since the title of this thread is "the poster below me will not" and TPAM has been notified previously of this, I must assume the "not" was accidentally omitted due to a clerical error. I will therefore not PM Targ Collective the following secret:

When I was 16 I was bitten by a rusty cellar door and I have since succumbed to the curse of the were-house!

Damn! :smallfurious: Oh well, at least I didn't PM it. :smallwink:

The poster below me will not in any way, shape, or form, refer to the poster below them.

2014-08-08, 02:19 PM
Someone, somewhere, will not type in black, nor will they use the standard font.

Septimus Faber
2014-08-09, 02:07 PM
The poster below me will not use any logically negative morpheme or phrase during their post.

2014-08-09, 03:00 PM
So everything must be affirmative. Got it.

The next poster will DEFINITELY hide a secret message in their post, as opposed to doing the opposite. Which would be to type out a post with a visible message.

Targ Collective
2014-08-09, 03:37 PM
This message is a seeecret.

The next poster will not refrain from doing something wildly creative and inventive in their next post. And preferably original.

2014-08-10, 04:45 AM
I looked about furtively, considering my options.
Of all the difficult challenges to perform, I was given the greatest.
Now, some may not have decided to agree with me. Some may consider this trial considerably easy. But I ask you.
Is the full range of creativity truly easy? Is the most basic of human rights, the right to choose, not the most powerful and frightening ability of all?
I had no choice but to cut my post short, for two reasons;
One, I was afraid of running over-long, given that some people get annoyed at reading a semi-narrative without any real purpose behind it.
And second, I was running out of ideas of how to phrase a nonsensical reply on a prestigious forum's message board thread as a segment of a film noir.
The poster below me will not reply with a post containing a word with more that four letters WITHOUT defining it in four(or less)-letter words.
Okay, I lied.
But what can I say?
I'm just a little bit more devilish that the poster above me.

2014-08-10, 02:56 PM
That was entertaining (I had fun).

So, here goes nothing (lack of item):

The guy/gal next post will not type with hands (more than one hand), directly (like this) or otherwise (like if you tell a chum to). Gloves (more than one item you wear on hand) are no good.

He/she will then not stop his/her self from posting (type word of) how this was done. I have spy drones (tiny bots) so I know if you cheat (do not do this). :smallamused:

2014-08-11, 03:27 AM
What d you think my nose is for?

TPBM will not use any English in their post.

2014-08-11, 09:07 AM


@V: :smallbiggrin::smallbiggrin::smallbiggrin:

2014-08-11, 11:04 AM
Given the title of the thread, I'm going to assume that means "TPBM shall not be happy." And indeed I'm not. Does that count?

TPBM will not write any words which are not in 1337 SP34K.

"Leet" is achieved by replacing all instances of O with 0, I or L with 1, E with 3, A with 4, S with 5, T with 7, CKS or KS or CS with X at the end of the word or XX in the middle, and -ER at the end of the word with 0R. All remaining letters must be capitols. Therefore "Hacker" becomes "H4XX0R".

1'M 455UM1NG 7H47 1337 15N'7 700 D1FF1CU17 70 R34D, R1GH7?

2014-08-11, 04:02 PM
7h3 p3r50n b310w m3 w1ll n07 f4ll 70 7rn5l473 7h15.

Targ Collective
2014-08-11, 04:09 PM
The person below me will not fail to translate this.

The person below me will not fail to have LOTS OF FUN with his or her post, and will not fail to be REALLY ENTERTAINING in the post.

I'm talking Reverse Questioning standard entertaining.

Think you're up for it?

2014-08-12, 09:49 PM
To have more fun than e'er I've had before:
The grievous weight, and honor-bound to bear!
At the bequest of yonder lum'nous foal
I mount my unicycle; lo, beware!

Three jars of peanut butter and a cat
Four chainsaws and a bowl of mix'ed grains
I juggle til they fall within my hat
And take a bow, but one fell task remains!

To ye who do below this sonnet pen,
A task most dire thy services requires:
For thou must not a single word relate
Which were not sung, by pop song or by choir!

(No cats, chainsaws or peanut butter were harmed in the making of this post)

@V: Nicely done!

2014-08-15, 03:05 AM
Okay, now here's the deal, I'll try and educate you.

Down Under, you must remember this.

Be, see, are, you.

Are words not letters.

That's just the way it is.

Any use of B, C, R, and U must be replaced with the words.

2014-08-18, 09:40 AM
Have no gaps 'twixt thy lexemes! (A lexeme is a thing made of sigils).

2014-08-18, 10:41 AM
TPBMwillnotgiveaninstructionthathasessentiallybeen givenbeforeunlikeTBAM.<_<

2014-08-18, 11:10 AM
TPBM must use every letter of the alphabet twice in their post.

Targ Collective
2014-08-18, 11:59 AM

That was easy!

the poster below me must not fail to use every letter in the alphabet twice - without cheating this time. :p

2014-08-18, 02:14 PM
I believe I do quite enjoy this challenge, though exactly how you expect people not to cheat I find questionable. By the way, when I'm listening to the radio, I prefer 90's rock or smooth jazz--it's music for one with knowledge, very relaxing.

To the person below me: Do not check this to see if I've missed any letters, though the person after that may.

2014-08-18, 02:24 PM
I didn't even read your first paragraph.

TPBM shall not type with their fingers. Toes, noses, tongues, and elbows are acceptable.

@V Well played.

2014-08-18, 07:35 PM
Very well, two pencils duct taped to my palms it is.

The poster below me will not fail to double check TPATPAM used all the letters twice.

2014-08-21, 11:15 PM
Lheticus used all the letters of the modern English alphabet twice assuming you count his instructions for the following poster. I believe V would be missed otherwise.

TPBM must not use any verbs in the next post.

2014-08-23, 10:03 AM
The poster below me will (https://www.google.co.uk/#q=will+%28noun%29) not use (https://www.google.co.uk/#q=use+%28noun%29) any letters in the first half of the alphabet.

2014-08-23, 11:10 PM
01001111011010000010000001110000011011000110010101 10000101110011011001010010000100100000010000010110 11000111000001101000011000010110001001100101011101 00001000000110100101110011001000000110011001101111 01110010001000000110111001100101011101110110001001 11001100100001000011010000101000001101000010100101 01000101000001000010010011010010000001101101011000 01011110010010000001110101011100110110010100100000 01100101011000010110001101101000001000000110110001 10010101110100011101000110010101110010001000000110 11110110011000100000011101000110100001100101001000 00011000010110110001110000011010000110000101100010 01100101011101000010000001000110010011110101010101 01001000100000010101000100100101001101010001010101 00110011101100100000011011100110111100100000011011 01011011110111001001100101001011000010000001101110 01101111001000000110110001100101011100110111001100 101110 (http://www.roubaixinteractive.com/PlayGround/Binary_Conversion/Binary_To_Text.asp)

2014-08-24, 03:33 PM

There, each letter of the binary "alphabet" used four times, no more, no less.

The person with the dubious honor of posting after this will not forget to ask the next poster not to do something, as the title specifies.

2014-08-24, 03:56 PM
TPBM will quickly not think about cats (http://youtu.be/Aam-eGrO8Os) as they post.

2014-08-25, 10:15 AM
TPBM will quickly not think about cats (http://youtu.be/Aam-eGrO8Os) as they post.

dog dog dog dog dog dog

oh god it hurts, the TPBM will feel the pain of a world without cats while posting

2014-08-25, 11:56 AM
Oh, but this is the DON'T do something thread. Back to Google Images with me!

TPBM will not be humanoid.

2014-08-25, 12:06 PM
Well that's easy--I'm not humanOID, I'm human!

TPBM will not make an at all serious post.

2014-08-25, 12:13 PM
Sirius, the Dogstar? Wow, you guys must really hate cats.

Well, since our meager postal system has yet to reach the moon, let alone the 2.6 parsecs and massive heat shielding required to deliver mail to our canine-favoring stellar neighbor, I suppose I have little choice in the matter.

The poster below me must not look at the screen while posting.

2014-08-25, 01:28 PM
That should be eqat wirg me phoned

thevperein below me must type with their keyboad upside doen.

2014-08-25, 06:04 PM
No problem. Since I'm on a laptop, I'll turn my computer upside down.

... This is trickier than I thought it would be.

TPBM must post in the form of a haiku.

2014-08-25, 06:27 PM
The person below
me will not in their own post
State without rhyming.

2014-08-25, 07:43 PM
Lheticus gave a challenge, so I riposte.
TPBM will type their post
While doing a handstand
I'm too white for this, so now I'll end.

2014-08-26, 02:13 PM
My foot is on my left hand, so that counts!

Since I doubt multiple concussions will be very helpful.

TPBM must not use any phrases not spoken by a muppet.

@V: At the time, it didn't seem that out-of-line with what other people were asking (scroll up to "use every letter of the alphabet exactly four times" above). As an example:

It's not easy being green.:smallsigh:

Starts with C

Nope, nope, nope, nope!
A few minutes' creative thought, but maybe I'm too much of a Hensonite. The time lag seems to bear this out and for this I apologize. The point of this game is to challenge each other a bit, and I continue to be amused and surprised by the creative solutions to said challenges. Just my two cents.

2014-09-27, 04:54 PM
will not, but must not, that is the thread, you see
so I must, fix this wish, to have will, in its words, of mass
I will not, have a must, to speak not, of phrases, that may have been
spoken by, you see, a mere puppet, called as, a Muppet of legend
so I can't, and I shall, be saved, from accidents
by the miracle, that is commas

The person below me will not use any posting style other than the one in the above five lines. It is up to them to determine what posting style means, but the mass of commas must remain.

Figured I'd save this. Honestly, please don't do anything like what TPAM suggested here. It's annoying and can very well result in mass Google.

Targ Collective
2014-09-27, 05:42 PM
So then, an overdose, of commas, is requested; I add a semicolon, for spice; and another, HA, semicolons galore; and yet another, a fourfold semicolon score; technically speaking should probably be using plain colons; yet semicolons look so nice; a mix between a colon and a comma, here's another semicolon in a trice;


Why so many semicolons, when commas were requested; why I like to add my own twists and all that was said was that the commas must remain; commas there are aplenty and so it is well done; but semicolons many too to add unto the fun!

The PBM must conduct a public service - trawling the past two Reverse Questioning threads and picking out at least twenty favourites which are to be posted here in non-reverse order. For each additional ten there will be a cookie which you can add in your sig; greater than or equal to fifty will earn a title.

2014-10-03, 05:17 AM
Challenge accepted.

Where did you hide the bodies? The Cookie Jar.

Can you help me make the next Conan movie? Maybe, but it would take ten cans of paint-thinner and a German weightlifter.

What is eating those Down's syndrome blind paropolegic mentally handicapped orphan babies? That's a purple panda.

What's the REAL reason Thor came back to Earth in The Avengers? A rockabilly concert in Reykjavik, Iceland.

What would it take to kill Superman? Several thousand tons of chocolate ice cream.

Tell be the truth, doc. What did you find in me? A box full of EARWIGS.

What on earth happened to your room young man?! A break dancing minotaur.
Insert obligatory "bull in a china shop" joke here.

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? That's Classified Information.

What ever happened to the Balrog? Beaten to death with his own arms.

Did you see where i left my keys? Under the bodies you buried. Better get to 'em before the FBI digs them up!

Quick! Can you come up with marketable safety-device you can eat? An inflatable bowl of cereal.

So, how does one play PARANOIA? You have insufficient clearance for that information.

Holy pants! Is that adorable monstrosity yours? Nah, silly, it's just the child of Cthulhu, Arioch, Tzeentch, and Unicron.

How much is a soul worth, anyway? About a buck fifty if you want a good quality one.

Why are you going to the Mer-Market? I've got sailor's legs.

What thing in the world would you preferably eat, assuming it was covered in chocolate? Lix Lorn, of course!

Why'd you take a snorkel into space? Because there is no air.

What's the best way to cook TPBM? Fire. Fire is always the answer.

Mr. Squad leader, sir, have you noticed the giant monster about to step on the tank? AHH!!! FIRE!!!!!

What happened last night? Three bottles of soda, some mentos, and Mardi Gras beads.

So what's the best thing about being a pharmacist? Drugs. Lots and lots of drugs.

I'm sorry, what did you say you had for breakfast? "Thirty-five pounds of tapioca."

Damnit man, why am I unable to fire all 12 of the ship's death rays simultaneously?! We don't have enough power to do that, sir.

Cause of death? A good cup of tea.

Isn't Jim Davis the guy who came up with Garfield? No, he actually invented the jigsaw puzzle, but you were close.

Do you send out expeditions to find the WORST pies you can? Actually, that's a popular misconception! All of them are made from scratch in the back room here!

What color earrings go best with a blood-spattered dress? Green. But red goes as well.

What time is it? It's PUDDING TIME!

People think you're a bit slow, don't they? Maybe... but I have yet to me one who can outsmart BULLET!

Pssst, what are the answers to this test? In order: "No," "no," "no," "yes," "no," "yes," "yes," "no," "no," "yes," "yes," "yes," "yes," "no," "yes," "maybe," "no," "no," "yes," "only on the moon," "yes," "no," "eight hundred sixty-one," "no," "yes," "no," "exactly one million," "maybe," "maybe," "no," "maybe," "yes," "no," "Decembruary," "of course not, sicko!" "the color purple," "yes," "one more than necessary," "no," "probably not," "absolutely," and "lemon meringue, please!"

But, how did you dispose of the bodies? All the free breakfast sandwiches, naturally.

What do you call this doomsday device? A reverse bicycle.

What is my bathtub filled with? Habanero sauce!

How do I get this rock to work? Let me answer you question with another question: Have you checked that it's plugged in?

What does pure, unadultered terror look like? Oh, about $300

How can I completely soak TPBM? A rain dance ought to fix that real quick.

Why did you shoot me in the face? You were supposed to DOOOOOOODGE!!!

How many people are living in your mind? Seven. But the last two are only temporary.

If you are elected dictator for life, what kind of life can your subjects expect? A life lived in fear.

How would you describe the macarena? That is the dance of eternal bliss.

How do most people feel after my attempts at "poetry"? Both disgusted and oddly aroused.

Should we push the "Self-Destruct" button? No. Just, no.

Hmm.... or what if we put the couch where the table is instead? "You could, but it might upset the balance of the universe."

Did you just hit on that hot dog? Well, it's his fault he was wearing a bikini in the first place.

"Will you marry me?" "No! If you do that, life as we know it will end!"

"How many matchsticks does it take to construct a fully functional TARDIS?" Less than a bushel, more than a giraffe.

What punishment is suitable for individuals who let their dogs perform a #2 on your yard without cleaning it up? The 12 Labors of Hercules.

Dear HypoSoc: My Lovecraftian Elder God asked me to move in with it, what should I do? Flee, definitely flee.

"36 down, three words, 17 letters. The clue is "Atom-powered apocalypse". Do you know the answer?" There is only one possible solution: thermal nuclear war.

"Which city would you most like to see covered in a thick layer of custard?" Kuala Lumpur.

Would you rather kill a black zebra with white stripes or a white zebra with black stripes? "Why would you force me to choose? The second one, I guess..."

How many octopi does it take to be crewed in by a light bulb? The square root of negative one.

It's okay if I kill you and cut up your body for science, right? Not a problem, so long as you can pay in cash.

It's okay if I kill you and cut up your body for science, right? Stop repeating me, you jerk!

Up for another round of Parcheesi? We are NEVER, EVER doing that again.

How would you rate projectile knitting as a sport? On a a scale of one to ten, about four.

5 pounds of Strawberry jam slathered all over the boss's chair just doesn't seem like enough to get her out of this funk; can we think of something better? Strawberry jam. 15 tons of strawberry jam. All compacted into his living quarters.

Just what, exactly, am I looking at? It's just a rampaging legion of the undead emanating a life draining aura that devours the soul of any mortal unfortunate enough to notice them; no big deal.

Hey, is that Mom over on the other side of the strip club? We're dead. We are so totally dead.

"Just what are you trying to haul in from that dungeon crawl that requires hiring the services of the entire henchmen's guild?" Seven trillion copper pieces.

TPBM can't type their post in any dialect except leet-speak.

Targ Collective
2014-10-03, 07:33 AM
Not a participating post, just your reward: Three cookies and the title "Reverse Questioning Expert of the Century!"

2014-10-03, 04:40 PM
C001 5t0ry br0!

A11 ur 5pac3 r b310ng 2 u5.

Bcuz h4xx0rz! P0wn3d!

I have hacked into your system and temporarily disabled your space bar. Therefore you must type the following post with no spaces. Thank you and have a pleasant day!

2014-10-03, 05:16 PM

TPBMisonJeopardy.Everythingintheirpostmustbeinthef ormofaquestion.

2014-10-03, 07:09 PM
What the heck is the point of that?

Whoever that is below me won't use the letter "e"--meaning no words that contain that letter, RIGHT? <_<

2014-10-03, 09:42 PM
The man or woman who posts downward of this post will not do any acts of the typing of words with four plus a half plus a half characters or with a total rising past(or the same as) such a longness.

2014-10-04, 02:50 AM
Yo, I dig.

The guy down on the down side won't use caps.

@V: Late on the draw, but three-post-rule fail invoked!

2014-10-04, 08:47 AM
The man or woman who posts downward of this post will not do any acts of the typing of words with four plus a half plus a half characters or with a total rising past(or the same as) such a longness.


tpbm will not use a black or white colored font.

2014-10-04, 06:21 PM
As you wish.

TPBM won't type a message meant to be read left to right.

2014-10-04, 10:11 PM


2014-10-05, 08:58 PM
01001001011000110110100000100000011010000110111101 10011001100110011001010010110000100000011001000110 00010111001101110011001000000101001101101001011001 01001000000111001101101111001000000111011001101001 01100101011011000010000001010011011100000110000111 01111100100000011000100110010101101001011011010010 00000100110001100101011100110110010101101110001011 00001000000111011101101001011001010010000001101001 01100011011010000010000001100101011100110010000001 11101001110101001000000111001101100011011010000111 00100110010101101001011000100110010101101110001000 00011010000110000101100010011001010110111000101110 (http://www.roubaixinteractive.com/PlayGround/Binary_Conversion/Binary_To_Text.asp) :smallwink:

01000100011000010111001100100000011001100110111101 10110001100111011001010110111001100100011001010010 00000101000001101100011000010110101101100001011101 00001000000110110101110101011100110111001100100000 01101110011010010110001101101000011101000010000001 10101001100101011001000110010100100000010000010111 00100111010000100000011101100110111101101110001000 00010000110110100001101001011001100110011001110010 01100101001011000010000001110011011100000111001001 10000101100011011010000110110001101001011000110110 10000110010101101110001000000110111101100100011001 01011100100010000001101110011010010110001101101000 01110100001011000010000001101110011011110110001101 10100000100000011001000110000101110010011001100010 00000110010101110010001000000010111100100000011100 11011010010110010100100000011000010110111001110111 01100101011010010111001101100101011011100010110000 10000001100100011010010110010100100000011001100110 11110110110001100111011001010110111001100100011001 01011011100010000001010000011011110111001101110100 01100101011100100010110000100000011001000110100101 10010101110011001000000111101001110101001000000111 0100011101010110111000101110 (http://www.roubaixinteractive.com/PlayGround/Binary_Conversion/Binary_To_Text.asp)

2014-10-07, 06:56 PM
Aww, but I like ciphers.

TPBM, do not use nouns.

2014-10-07, 07:25 PM
Damn. Sounds hard. But impossible? Hardly. Particularly difficult? Perhaps.
TPBM must not use verbs.

2014-10-07, 09:25 PM
TPBM will not fail to tell TPBT what not to do. Also, AvatarVecna is awarded 2,000 NO points and copycatcat is awarded 1,000 NO points for the earlier mistakes.

2014-10-07, 10:45 PM
Aye aye, captain.

TPBM will use exactly 3 semi-colons properly in their post. No winking emoticons.

2014-10-08, 02:57 PM
Aww, but I like winking emoticons; they give me a warm fuzzy feeling in my pancreas!

TPBM will not say TPBT must do something; there's a new thread for that. (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?374094-The-Poster-Below-Me-Will) This one is called The poster below me will not; please use it accordingly. (stupid emoticon restrictions! :smallfurious:)

2014-10-08, 08:25 PM
Well, this should be easy.

TPBM will not use any vowels in their post.

2014-10-11, 01:11 AM
's nt rlly tht hrd t ndrstnd wht 'm syng. Th Y's cnsnnt.

TPBM wll nt frgt t sy "pls" nd "thnks" n thr pst.

2014-10-11, 11:45 AM
Thanks for an easy one, I got this.

TPBM: Do not fail to use at least twelve capital letters in your post, please.

@V: 10 points, spend them as you will.

2014-10-12, 02:52 PM
This is the USA; I think I can manage that.

TPBM must not fail to impersonate Elvis Presley.

(points for exactly 12?)

Targ Collective
2014-10-14, 02:53 PM
Thank y' very much.

TPBM will not fail to succeed in not failing in succeeding in not failing to fail to fail to succeed to fail to succeed to succeed to fail to succeed to fail to fail to succeed to succeed to maybe succeed to definitely fail to fail to suceed in correctly explaining, step by step, exactly whether this is an instruction to succeed or fail and is instructed to do so EVEN IF INSTRUCTED TO FAIL. However, if instructed to fail, the PBM must fail through word trickery.

2014-10-14, 05:14 PM
Very well. However, I know I will not succeed, even if I am not to not succeed. So, I will not follow your instructions to not succeed should that not be the case.

TPBM will not use the default font.

Septimus Faber
2014-10-15, 03:39 PM
The person below me will not fail to phrase their entire response, including the section instructing the person below them in what not to do, in the form of a string of Star Trek references, allusions or quotes.

2014-10-17, 06:44 PM
Damn it, Septimus! I'm a Playgrounder, not a Trekkie!

Full power to the reverse sentences and set phasers to overpunctuate!

Make it so!

2014-10-19, 11:03 AM
it cover, to ought this, think I.

("Says Simon" game, the in as.) Say wouldn't, Simon anything say; not will TPBM.

I think, this ought to, cover it.

TPBM will not; say anything Simon, wouldn't say. (As in the, game "Simon Says".)

2014-11-04, 06:21 PM
Fortunately, Simon says that I can post a reply.

TPBM will not forget to thank at least three other playgrounders for something.

2014-11-04, 06:43 PM
Alright! I'll thank...

Linklele, for the sweet avatar.
Theoboldi, for GMing one of the best campaigns I've played in.
MercenaryPen, for having a perfect avatar to ship with my own.

TPBM will type their next post by randomly rolling each letter.

2014-11-05, 10:15 PM
I'm using d1s with only one possible letter: the one I want.

TPBM will not refrain from pushing any smiley or text editor button in the making of their post.