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2007-02-14, 01:14 AM
I have two levels to spare and a few feats to burn.
Strongheart Halfling
Str18, Dex, 16, Con 12, Int 13, Wis, 14, Cha 13

1-4 Urban Ranger(from Unearthed Arcana)
5 Fighter
6-15 Halfling Outrider
17-18 Wild Plains Outrider
19-20 ?????

Racial: Track
Class Features: Urban Tracking, Rapid Shot, Endurance
1 Mounted Combat
3 Mounted Archery
6 Ride By Attack
9 Spirited Charge
12 Power Attack
15 ?????
18 ?????

Animal Companion: Dire Hawk [email protected]: Alertness(standard), Weapon Finesse(Standard), Improved Flight, Hover, Wingover

I am thinking he should get Reinforced Wings (Races of the Dragon) instead of Alertness

And also a question: I think the Sword Coast Huntmaster of Malar is a ***** and I wanna kill him; he keeps giving us asshat missions and we get penalized for thinning the herd too much (we kill too many of the grunts when we should only be removing the weak rulers who are unfit for their stations). He killed one of our party mates for holding a town hostage and killing forty peasants at a time until it's Mayor surrendered. I wanna challenge his capability to hold his station as Huntmaster, which is a standard Malarite thing to do, but I worship Urogalan, the halfling god of death. Am I qualified to challenge him? He's epic level, if I ready an action to charge him every round do I stand a chance? I really hate his guts and accepting orders from him makes my innards curdle.