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2014-05-17, 01:39 PM
I used grod the giants cleric fix as a starting point and its intended to be entered by multiclassing in Grod's fix and vanilla Binder


ToM-pg 10

Entry Requirements
Alignment: Any chaotic
Skills: Knowledge (religion) 4 ranks, Knowledge (the
planes) 8 ranks,Sense Motive 5 ranks,Diplomacy 10 ranks
Special: Ability to bind Andromalius
Special: Ability to turn or rebuke undead
Special: Must worship a god with the trickery domain

all levels except first + 1 to turn/rebuke undead,Divne spells and spell lvl and binding

Hit Die: d8

BAB 2/3

ref poor

will good

fort good

Lvl 1- Atonement

lvl 2- Bonus feat

lvl 3 - Soul binding (2 vestiges)

lvl 4- Bonus feat

lvl 5 - Pact augmentation (3 abilities)

lvl 6 - Bonus Domain

lvl 7- Divine Cohort

lvl 8- Bonus feat

lvl 9- Soul binding (3 vestiges)

lvl 10 - Pact augmentation (4 abilities)

I'm not sure about balance i'm aiming for 0 to 1 increase in teir so please help

2014-05-17, 03:12 PM
... Not really much to talk about, which is a problem.

The PrC has no unique features, nothing to grab your attention and desire you to play it. Yes it has good progression for both clerical abilities and the binder, but that doesn't really get people to want to play. Combined with the very steep requirements (4 different skills, must have a specific vestige and must worship a specific god, which means you can only choose his domains...) and I doubt anyone would want to play this.

2014-05-17, 04:43 PM
well it was made for a specific player and i have changed it to any god with the trickery domain.

any thoughts on balance

2014-05-17, 04:58 PM
Well, firstly. The Soul binding and Pact Augmentation assume your not a level 5+ Binder when going into the class or afterwards, which is frustrating, the bonus domain is nice... but why are you even getting a bonus domain in the first place? And what makes the class so special that you have to have a trickery domain? I don't see any trickery features at all.

Secondly, with how it gives you the spellcasting, turn/rebuke, AND binding, its quite significant in terms of what you get just from leveling up, even if you do sacrifice one level of it... and now that I think about it, it doesn't exactly make clear what the hell 'Atonement' and 'Divine Cohort' are, though I can make a very strong guess that the Divine Cohort gives you a free cohort, maybe even one more powerful than the norm.... which quite frankly is too powerful a class feature.

Also, please use proper layouts and more importantly, punctuation.

2014-05-17, 07:09 PM
Divine cohort and atonement are from grod the giants,cleric fix which was linked at the top.

so should i make it so you lose out on turn undead and maybe an extra level of casting/binding

sorry about the punctuation english is not my best skill.:smallredface:

2014-05-17, 07:17 PM
Divine cohort and atonement are from grod the giants,cleric fix which was linked at the top.

sorry about the punctuation english is not my best skill.:smallredface:

Okay... I have no idea why there is a cleric 'fix; in the first place when they are one of the strongest classes in the entire game.

So Atonement gives you the Atonement spell? Fair enough, but it doesn't make sense for a trickery domain to have it. As for Divine Cohort... that ability is bat**** insane. Thrallherd is the most powerful Psionc PrC because it gives you two Cohorts for free. This gives you THREE cohorts, that from the looks of it, are even MORE powerful than usual! At using this PrC, you can get it at level 14!

So... yeah. This class is simply too powerful, on top of making no fluff sense, and having no imagination or interesting features at all. I highly suggestion you simply scrap this and start again, coming up with an actual interesting concept with unique class features... oh and word of advice. Don't use a 'fix' for a Tier 1 class as inspiration.

And as for English? Whenever you hit the enter button, use a capital letter.

2014-05-18, 02:10 PM
Just a note, but this PrC seems to have advancing binding/divine casting as its main focus. That is nice and all, but it can already be done by Anima Mage if your DM is willing to use the 'adaption' text. (And honestly, there's no reason why not)

There aren't a lot of dual-progression PrC's where there are two classes that both progress the same two things. Fochlucan Lyrist and Mystic Threurge come to mind, but I can't think of anything else.