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2007-02-14, 04:33 PM
So I finally finished the map of the world I've been making called Wolg. The lack of major cities is intentional as most societies are of the hunter/gatherer variety. I have left rivers unnamed intentionally, as they go by different names depending on the locale, likewise with the lakes, bays, etc. Any comments, critiques, or anything?

2007-02-14, 07:58 PM
Looks nice. As a player, I'd be happy with this, but if you're looking to make it a bit more geographically sound, which I think you are, there are probably a couple things you can change. I'm not a geographer, so take what I'm about to say with a grain of salt...

It looks like you've been reading Rich's world building articles. Maybe not. Anyways, a couple points about the actual geography. The lakes seem to be randomly placed; most lakes have feeder rivers. (Example: http://www.giantitp.com/Images/Map3.gif) Speaking of rivers, the origin points on the eastern half of the large continent seem to be random, and don't come from (denoted) high ground. And, the mountains, while they look placed well for the most part, the large "u-ish" (copyright pending :smallsmile:) island at the bottom doesn't seem to work with that mountain range.

Also, from a nongeographical standpoint, why do the varying names for geographical elements only apply to bodies of water? Your forests and such have names. Personally, I'd just give them the name used by the dominant ethnic group. ((Like Espana for Spain instead of, well, Spain.)) It's a good start though.

2007-02-14, 08:21 PM
The lakes do seem sort of randomly placed, but other than that, it looks nice.