View Full Version : Awakened,Bound,Living and Linked weapons.

Lord Talmanes
2014-05-19, 09:21 AM
So I'm trying to make a special weapon for a d&d character it's going to be like a new character intelligent maybe a bit of a smarta$$. I might have it so it changes form,personality maybe enchantments as well based on who holds it. It's first form the form it takes for it's first user is a crystal and Mithral glave on one end on the other it's a Ahlspiess. that is a simplified description of it not including the list of noncombat enchantments on it. What I want to know is how can I make this smarta$$ polearm partner of mine. no need to talk to any dm yet. ps I don't know if if this is the right place to post it if not then I would like to know where to post it thanks for any he

Any way I can delete this