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2014-05-20, 04:07 AM
So, I just graduated from college with a bachelor's degree, and learned without a master's I can't even be an assistant to my dream job. So in the interim, I'm looking at things I could make into fallback/ until I can get a PhD careers. What I'm both good at and interested in is talking about and running RPGs, so I was wondering what ways outside of game design and store ownership I could participate in the RPG community while also making enough to eat?
Anyone have any stories, experience, anyone making it on their own out there? And how?

2014-05-20, 04:33 AM
You can write and sell RPG books (adventures, games, supplements, whatever), either independently or as a freelancer (which could lead to more regular work, but staff writers, etc. are pretty rare). You could run a website and make money off ads (haha, right). I guess in theory you could make videos on YouTube and monetize them. You could create an improbably successful webcomic about RPGs.

All of those are incredibly improbable (pretty much in order of most probable to least probable). RPGs are not a good way to make a living, they're something you do because you have a passion for them. (That includes owning a gaming store, which is not easy to turn a profit on.)

There's plenty of prominent RPG bloggers*, but very few of them make a living off RPGs as a primary thing, as far as I know - most have a "real job," even if they've created and sold games and supplements. Some few big-name veterans (Monte Cook, etc.) are an exception, but you're about as likely to become one as to become an international sports superstar.

* For a given value of prominent, which is "hardly anyone even on this RPG forum has heard of any of them" ... very small audiences, ultimately.

Kol Korran
2014-05-20, 05:06 AM
Hmmmm... There are a few groups in my area that run courses for kids in school. Some of these are (more or less) companies that deal mainly with that. While a few others do it free lance, or just a group of 2-4 people who run stuff.

They mostly do mini campaigns that run a semester. The money charged is for "quality DMing" or so they call it, extra content (Such as putting on a group wiki site, adding real world relevant info "educational" stuff) and such.

I know of two people who work for an English teaching school for children with learning disabilities (English isn't my native language), where the game is used as an instrument to facilitate learning English through a fun and engaging experience. The teacher works with the gamers before sessions on how to include relevant educational material in the game. They are having a great time at it I hear!

Otherwise perhaps help plan and run LRPGs in your area, though this may be a side job at best I hear, as it's not constant. Same goes for helping to run conventions. Not sure of the procedure though...

Good luck to you!:smallsmile:

2014-05-20, 08:32 AM
You can't.

There are lots of ways to be involved in the RPG community, but most of them pay comparably to working at Walmart once you've actually done the math. At least, in the near term. Eventually, you might be able to parlay that experience into a job that actually pays a few of the bills, but that would be many years down the road.

I suggest being a dedicated hobbyist and making your money elsewhere.