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2014-05-20, 09:37 AM
I know that there are WAY too many fixes for the fighter, but I wanted to try my own shot at making actual class features for him. Don't worry, they still get Bonus Feats. I'm just adding onto the list of class features.
See for yourself!

Combat Stances
At 1st level, a Fighter gains the ability to go into a Combat Stance as a Swift Action. He stays in this Stance until he changes it or until the end of the combat encounter.

- Basic Stance (Default); No bonuses or penalties.

- Offensive Stance; +2 to Attack Rolls and Damage Rolls, but take a -2 penalty to Armor Class.

- Defensive Stance; +2 to Armor Class, but take a -2 penalty to Attack Rolls and a -5 ft. penalty to movement speed.

- Mobile Stance; +10 ft. bonus to movement speed (even while encumbered!), but take a -2 penalty to Attack Rolls and Damage Rolls.

Combat Styles
At 3rd level, a Fighter gains a Combat Style. This is a style that is tailor made by Fighters throughout the ages as well as the universe. At 9th and 15th levels, the Style improves. Example Styles are below.

- Daggermaster Style; Daggers increase to 1d6 damage, and gain an extra attack at maximum base attack bonus when dual-wielding daggers. Can also be used with Kukri.
Level 9: +2 Deflection Bonus to Armor Class.
Level 15: Damage increases to 1d8.

- Hafted Defense; When using a quarterstaff or polearm (such as a glaive or guisarme), gain a +2 shield bonus to Armor Class.
Level 9: Polearms are now considered double weapons (with the other side dealing 1d6 damage or polearms). Quarterstaves deal an extra +1 damage.
Level 15: Armor Class bonus increases to +4.

- Chained Dominance; When using a Spiked Chain, you can make a grapple attempt as a free action during the attack. This is allowed using Reach, so you can grapple an enemy.
Level 9: Can apply Dexterity modifier to damage rolls instead of Strength.
Level 15: Damage increases to 1d6 for each side.

Note: These aren't the only Stances/Styles that are there. If you want, you can leave your comment about this "fix".

2014-05-21, 04:27 PM
I like stances and combat/fighting styles, conceptually speaking.

And I actually like the mobile stance you've written (although it's hurt by Tumble not being a fighter class skill in 3.5). Although I don't know whether 10 extra feet of movement is worth -2 to attacks and AC.

I think, however, there could be some issues with this implementation of these concepts. To whit:

(1) The other stances present suitable tactical choices at low levels but IMO do not scale well past level 5 or so, except maybe Offensive Stance. I can't see anyone picking anything other than Offensive Stance past a certain point. (+2 damage to every hit you score adds up to a metric crapton of extra damage over an adventuring career.)

(2) The combat styles (a) scale very slowly for what the higher-level abilities offer and (b) just boost the fighter's attack/damage/AC numbers, which are just about the only things the fighter is good at out of the box. (The baseline Chained Dominance style is an exception as it opens up a useful ability for the fighter, but the level 9 & 15 abilities are IMO underwhelming).