View Full Version : Five People on GiantITP II: Electric Boogaloo

2014-05-21, 02:56 AM
1) You say something to, of course, five people on GiantITP.
2) You don't say who it is; it's more fun that way.
3) Keep it rules-friendly, please. Even the Three Post Rule.
4) It's often fun to pretend that one of the previous posters' messages was obviously addressed to you.
5) It doesn't have to be exactly five, but remember that it's the name of the game, so try and keep it five-ish, 'kay?

Mauve Shirt
2014-05-21, 05:34 PM
1. It's WAY more fun knowing to whom replies are directed. :smalltongue:
2. STOP THAT. SERIOUSLY. :smallsigh:
3. My eyes are bleeding, why do you do this? :smallfrown:
4. Your support means a lot to me. :smallsmile:

2014-05-29, 07:57 PM
1. Some people share their joy with so much light that you cannot help but try and make them happy. :smallsmile:
2. And some people share their anger with so much laughter that you cannot help but try and annoy them. :smallwink:
3. I have to show you how unusual a warm summer night can be. :smallcool:
4. Yes I gave you a lot of character freedom but please stop making a soulknife out of me. :smallsigh:
5. Yes staying around here is a lot less important than your summer jobs. I will still miss you though. :smallfrown:

Targ Collective
2014-06-22, 05:30 PM
1. You might think I don't care, but I'm limiting my poetic expression for you. Just remember that there's an Iron Poet thread. I advise you don't go there.

2. Cyberisation? SERIOUSLY? I preferred the ponies.

3. Cool username. It sings of victory to me.

4. Evil is Not Good. One day you will learn this, and it will *hurt*.

5. Sorry if that PM was wasted, and if I wasted your time. I just... had to be sure.

6. Okay, you like conflict games. Just be aware I'm better at them than you. Willing to compromise to stalemate. Not willing to compromise to loss.

2014-06-24, 01:02 PM
You might not consider it such, but when you ask people about these things, you're essentially asking them to discuss religion on these forums.
Hey, where've you been? I missed you!
Thanks for that. Was hoping to see one from you before long.
You probably hear this enough from others, but you're totally cute.
Oh, really? And how would you cook it?