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David LS
2014-05-23, 03:43 AM
Hello, since January I have been making a web comic, it is called Under the Weather Comics. It updates tuesdays through fridays, it's completely wordless, and it's about some strange characters who explore a strange world. I won't say much more about the comic than that, I like to let the work speak for itself!

I'm very happy with it, I've been wanting to make comics for ages but never really managed to do anything, but the past few years I started really getting into comic strips, which made me want to make one myself. Taking one step at a time and putting it out has given me the kick I needed to start making comics, and it's been great!

I have a couple of different tumblrs:
undertheweathercomics.tumblr.com (http://undertheweathercomics.tumblr.com) This is where I put a new comic up every day from tuesday to friday. Tumblr resizes the strips smaller than I'd like, and to see them big you have to click through to the post then click the strip and again. Unfortunate, but I'm terrible at figuring this stuff out. Luckily when the strip shows up on people's tumblr dashboards, one click is enough to show the strip how it was originally intended!
underthescroll.tumblr.com (http://underthescroll.tumblr.com) I put up eight strips at a time here, so this blog updates only twice a month. I kind of like this one better as a reading experience, the images are bigger (and you can click them to see them in their actual size) and it flows better! It's the same comic just in a different format, but often a little incomplete compared to the main site.

So please check it out and tell me what you think! Tell your friends! :-)