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2007-02-16, 02:20 PM
Alright. Since I'm here, I wanted to make an advertisement for two webcomics, one of which I participate in and another which I run.

WikiWebcomic Wiki - The Webcomic! (http://wikiwebcomic.penguindeskjob.com) is a project started by a friend of mine (and I was gracious enough to host) from the FFOWA forums. The idea is simple. A comic that anyone can edit. You can make new comics, new scripts, or just do artwork and wait for someone else to fill in the blanks. It's fairly open-ended, but the only downside is... as of now, the limitted contributions have left it lackluster.

There's also my own project--Souvenirs from a Penguin Gift Shop (http://giftshop.penguindeskjob.com), which is a random, non-sequitur, sometimes non-funny webcomic I've worked on, but have made no effort on for a few months :(.


2007-02-16, 02:26 PM
Ha ha, I really like the vending machine one.

And it's a cool style, having them be vertical instead of normal horizontal.

2007-02-17, 05:39 PM
Yeah, I decided to use a vertical style for it. I don't know why, but some of the strips (the Coca Cola Martyr) won't have the same effect as a horizontal strip. And the vending machine one, that's a personal favorite.