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Lvl 2 Expert
2016-01-08, 02:26 AM
Nonsense, headaches are when psychic powers manifest, people love their powers.

Ships are bigger than boats.

2016-01-08, 04:47 AM
Pfft! How do they fit in bottles then, huh? Explain that! :smalltongue:

A diet composed entirely of lead is considered unhealthy for a normal human being.

2016-01-08, 05:58 PM
You do know that that is NOT what it means when someone tells you to "eat lead" right?

Undertale is awesome.

Prince Zahn
2016-01-10, 07:04 AM
Whoever said that never asked the Amish, did they?

One's upbringing and other details and events of the past are key factors in shaping one's identity for the present and future.

2016-01-10, 10:20 PM
I have OUTGROWN the pot I was planted it. I have moved on. The old me is dead. Understand? There is NOTHING left of him.

That was way more intense than it had to be.

2016-01-10, 10:51 PM
You can NEVER, EVER have too much melodrama! Oh, why must we continue to stifle our true feelings?! NO MORE, I say, NO MORE!!!!!!!

Bananas are a good source of potassium.

Lvl 2 Expert
2016-01-12, 11:36 AM
Have you ever tried mining a banana? Good luck.

This is the second to last post in this thread. (Call it preemptive smartassing. :smallwink:)

2016-01-12, 12:45 PM
Not if I get a response!

TPBM is responding to me.

2016-01-12, 01:02 PM
I'm responding to a thread, not a person who I am not acknowledging!

Hetalia is an anime.

2016-01-12, 08:34 PM
No, Hetalia is the name of my firstborn daughter whom I haven't gotten around to producing yet.

Einstein was a famous physicist.

Lvl 2 Expert
2016-01-13, 09:45 AM
Einstein was a famous hack. No going faster then the speed of light? Pleeeease, have you even seen my record setting collection of speeding tickets?

I'm playing a game.

2016-01-13, 04:33 PM
No, you're typing words.

It'd be an odd thing to see if someone talked only in famous movie quotes.

2016-01-13, 05:15 PM
Odd? I think you mean "every other post here." The even-numbered ones, too.


Blue Ghost
2016-01-13, 09:49 PM
*stabbity* That's funny, you look like you're dead to me.

Water is wet.

2016-01-14, 10:48 AM
Water is obviously a dry thing. If you want proof, you only need to observe that there's no way to soak it.

The sun exists.

2016-01-14, 11:27 AM
The sun does not think, therefore it is not.

The previous sentence was a permutation of a quote from Descartes.

2016-01-14, 02:12 PM
That is not how you use "permutation."

Bread is a food.

Blue Ghost
2016-01-14, 02:21 PM
Bread is a weapon. Just look at the French War Baguette Legions.

Today is the 14th of January.

2016-01-14, 02:33 PM
Actually, it's the 15th in Shanghai. Time is funny like that.

Sword-chucks (that is, swords linked by a chain and used like nunchuks) are a terrible idea.

2016-01-14, 03:17 PM
Not for ninjas! Ninjas can use them as a deadly weapon. Ninjas can use anything as a deadly weapon!

Horses usually have four legs.

2016-01-14, 07:00 PM
*Several million slices later*
Not anymore.

Horse meat is now plentiful at my house.

Prince Zahn
2016-01-14, 07:03 PM
Funny,my Thoroughbred stallion (https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/30/d7/7f/30d77fc0acf35f677d75757a51363b47.jpg) has 140+ horse power and those babies usually run on three legs.

Also, I steal your meat, Xihirli. It's a small price to pay for ninja'ing me.

Horsepower measurement does not require the presence of horses.

2016-01-14, 08:25 PM
Without the presence of horses on earth, there would be no concept of a horse, or what power said horse could produce. Therefore horsepower as a concept would not exist.

The present is, at this moment, happening.

2016-01-15, 08:57 AM
The present when that post was posted is now the past.

The Order of the Stick has more than 1000 pages.

2016-01-16, 12:14 AM
The Order of the Stick may well own a few thousand pages between them, what with V's spell books and... wait, no, that's it. Never mind, that's not possible.

Malapropisms are fun!

2016-01-16, 10:18 AM
No, they're idiotic wastes of time.

*incoherent screeching noises*

2016-01-16, 10:29 PM
Ummm, hello? *screeeech scree screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeech* screch*

Scissors are used to cut paper.

2016-01-17, 07:32 PM
Silly human, you misspelled people! :belkar:

Most humans dislike getting attacked with office supplies.

2016-01-17, 08:44 PM
A recent survey found that 100% of those polled were unavailable for comment after I redefined "office supplies" as "nukes."
So everyone's pretty neutralized about it.

Xihirli has become a 2-D caricature of himself.

Prince Zahn
2016-01-18, 07:39 AM
That's not true, the person known as Xihirli is a 3-D caricature of himself.
the person known as Xihirli acts as a 3-D caricature of himself.

2016-01-18, 04:16 PM
He acts as a 3D caricature of something that frankly defies description.

Whatever Xihirli is, he's very stabbable.

2016-01-19, 12:43 AM
Meh, I prefer meteor swarm.

Xihirli enjoys his standard-issue drow scimitars and meteor swarms.

Prince Zahn
2016-01-19, 05:59 AM
I think he's in a scimitar-chucks and Gender Neutral Polymorped Drowlbear phase, actually.

Statistics show that Xihirli has used more nuclear weapons, Drowlbears, and reliably being summoned as a Stabbity death force of death than using meteor swarms, lately.

Xihirli took my quotes off his signature, potentially thinking that I wouldn't notice.

2016-01-19, 06:01 PM
My quote list is an ever-evolving and changing set of phrases. If you want to stay on it, keep saying quotable things about me.
Also, you lie.

I haven't posted in the Stabbity Death thread in weeks, anyway.

2016-02-06, 05:21 PM
Stabbity Death thread? Is that even a thing that exists?

Any number of other people could have responded to TPAM, it wasn't something hard to contradict!

2016-02-08, 08:21 PM
Speaking of not hard to contradict, only one other person could have responded according to the rules of this thread, and that's only if you had not.

Lheticus expressed uncertainty as to the existence of the Stabbity Death thread in the above post.

2016-02-09, 01:08 AM
Nah, that was definitely a rhetorical question meant to highlight the absurdity of the phrase "Stabbity Death Thread." With the powers of sarcasm, he was proving that "Stabbity Death thread" is inherently contradictory and too silly to exist, nothing uncertain about it.

It's okay though. Sarcasm on the internet can be hard to detect.

2016-02-09, 04:15 AM
No, sarcasm on the internet is the easiest thing ever to detect! This is absolutely a legitimate disagreement and not sarcastic at all!

The website TVTropes has a page for a trope called Suspiciously Specific Denial.

2016-02-09, 08:33 AM
There is no trope page by that name, there never was, and never will be! Any contrary evidence is lies spread by alien assassins!

Doves are clearly underrated as comedic birds.

Prince Zahn
2016-02-09, 09:36 AM
The Big Bang Theory disagrees with you there (https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=6h_sMoXnJPc)

The city of Krakow, Poland has a bronze statue of a fire-breathing dragon.

2016-02-09, 07:17 PM
Common mistake, that's ACTUALLY a statue of Krakus, who was actually a human. Known for his ability to shapeshift, someone dared him to take the form of a dragon on the site of that statue, and once he did, he celebrated by eating a hot pepper whole. His resultant spicy breath is where the hurtful stereotype of "fire-breathing" dragons comes from.

Let's not be too hard on breathing, though. A large majority of doctors believe breathing regularly can be beneficial to one's health.

2016-02-10, 08:01 AM
In poison gas? I think not!

Getting hit by a sword hurts.

2016-02-10, 06:00 PM
I have personally never heard anyone confirm that through empirical knowledge.

A boat that doesn't float in water isn't a good boat.

2016-02-10, 08:00 PM
That's a lie spread my, I don't know, wombats or something.

Wombats enjoy licking asphalt.

2016-02-10, 11:11 PM
I'm pretty sure they enjoy licking Xihirli's stab-wound infested corpse even more.

Spaghetti is an Italian word.

Prince Zahn
2016-02-11, 01:21 AM
We call it spaghetti in english, too. You can't prove anything!

Air can be compressed, whereas water can not.

2016-02-11, 02:50 PM
There's a lot of water around, and it hasn't all been tested for compressibility.

Cats should not be fed lasagna.

2016-02-11, 03:50 PM
There's a gentlemanly sort among felines who shares a name with the 20th US President that would like to have words, and likely claws, with you.

TPAM totally wanted the response to them to make that reference.

2016-02-11, 04:52 PM
To be filled with the overwhelming, all-consuming desire for anything is a rare state for a human being, if indeed it can be achieved at all. Since sengmeng was merely posting in one of many forum games, there is no statistically significant chance he totally wanted anything, much less that.

The platypus is the world's only venomous mammal.

2016-02-11, 05:53 PM
Absurd. There's more than one platypus, therefore there's more than one venomous mammal.

This sentence contains the word "sentence".

2016-02-11, 05:56 PM
Only via misspelling, since you clearly meant "sentience" because... that sentence is ALIVE!

Piloting a commercial airliner is best left to proffesionals.

2016-02-11, 08:45 PM
I'd trust a "proffesional" to fly a commercial airliner about as much as I'd trust Rincewind to successfully perform feats of "wizzard"-ry.

Man, way too much of my humor relies on references.

Prince Zahn
2016-02-12, 11:19 AM
I didn't notice any reference. The only logical conclusion is that you have a group of original writers to create independently funny humor, which makes you a step above every other stand-up comedian! :smalltongue:

Trigonometry is a field of study dedicated to torturing teenagers with triangle measurements. If any students survive through it, calculus was invented to fix that.

2016-02-12, 02:44 PM
False. Trigonometry was engineered to condition geometry-oriented minds into devoting their efforts elsewhere. Calculus is primarily a cure for insomnia.

2016 is a leap year.

2016-02-12, 03:25 PM

2016 is disqualified as a year since it failed drug tests.

Gravitational waves are. They have just been discovered. It is all over the news, really.

2016-02-12, 05:45 PM
I have seen no such news, nor have I ever seen, touched, heard, smelt, or tasted a gravitational wave. How then can you say they exist?

Monkeys are hilarious.

2016-02-12, 05:52 PM
I disagree, they look more rollicking to me. :smallbiggrin:

Hello, it's me.

Prince Zahn
2016-02-13, 07:14 AM
Huh, guess nobody's there. . .

There was nobody there.

Scarlet Knight
2016-02-13, 09:09 AM
A common error...somebody was there, but he was a ninja.

Traditional Valentine's Day gifts include flowers .

2016-02-13, 09:25 AM
No, these gifts are not traditional at all. They are simply drilled into modern society so shops can make a bigger profit.

The below poster will disagree with me!

2016-02-13, 04:16 PM
I quite agree!

GanonBear's post and my response create a paradox.

2016-02-13, 05:17 PM
Not quite a paradox; more of a mild discrepancy if anything.

Xihirli exists to be stabbed.

2016-02-13, 07:16 PM
He's here to be stabbed all right, but as he's nothing more than a construct character created solely for shenanigans on this forum, it's a stretch to say he exists.

They will rue the day!

2016-02-13, 11:49 PM
Who, flowers? They can't verb.

Flowers can't verb.

2016-02-14, 04:12 PM
Flowers grow. Grow is a verb. Therefore, flowers verb.

Basketballs are used to play basketball.

2016-02-14, 05:09 PM
Incorrect! Basketballs are for skating! Ya dingus...

It is a little snowy here.

2016-02-14, 10:29 PM
I disagree. I live in the Sahara, so 2 cm is a snowpocalypse to me.

Ubisoft can't to worst in 2016 that they did in 2014.

**I won't edit the typo because Gaad was spot on. That will teach me ;)

2016-02-15, 08:54 PM
Laharal can't to grammar in 2016.

I live, I die, I live again! WITNESS ME!

2016-02-15, 09:18 PM
Unless you are a necromancer/cat/Jesus/comic book character, I highly doubt that.

99% of all observable matter is plasma.

2016-02-15, 10:22 PM
I disagree, because you base your statement on ''solid'' proofs... so that rate dropped to 98%

''They'' are watching us...

Prince Zahn
2016-02-16, 12:51 AM
No, "we" are watching YOU.

Every single day, every word you say, every game you play, and every night you stay, I'll be watching you.

2016-02-16, 01:00 AM
No you won't, because that is s000000o creepy!

Prince Zahn juggles with 4 fireballs.

2016-02-16, 07:53 AM
No he doesn't, he doesn't know how to juggle! He's just randomly throwing around balls of fire.

This is a statement!

2016-02-16, 07:55 AM
Um, there's clearly 3 in his avatar picture.

I just keep getting the EASY contradictions!

2016-02-16, 12:17 PM
From a pragmatic perspective, you're just giving easy answers in an attempt to disagree (i.e. Zahn has four fireballs; one's at the bottom). I give you an F, see me after class.

I am... the law!

2016-02-16, 01:38 PM
I disagree, laws are concepts, you physically exist. You may control them, but aren't one of them.

TPBM also exists.

2016-02-16, 02:17 PM
I disagree! Sure, I exist, but when you said the statement, there was no one below you, so at the the time, a person below you didn't exist. You were wrong from the moment you said it until I hit reply.

Dodos are extinct.

2016-02-16, 08:18 PM
If dodo's were extinct, how would we possibly know what they look like, hhmmmmm?

When someone punches you, you get a bruise.

Blue Ghost
2016-02-16, 08:33 PM
Actually, if they use a drill, you get a hole.

Chocolate is delicious.

Laughing Dog
2016-02-17, 12:08 AM
Unless you are a cat, in which case it's poisonous.

Black and white are but two shades of grey.

Prince Zahn
2016-02-17, 01:47 AM
From an RGB code perspective, gray is a color that has equal (or similar) red, green, and blue values. black is rgb 0, 0, 0. (the least visible of any of those colors: there is no red, green, nor blue, therefore, there is no gray either.), whereas white is rgb 255, 255, 255 (the most visible of all those colors:all of them). By this logic, white is an impossibly bright shade of gray, but black has nothing to do with it.

Making jam is a practical use for old fruit.

2016-02-17, 12:48 PM
I disagree! The apparati necessary for jam-making are not in my possession, therefore your suggestion is not at all practical for me to carry out.

Absent jam-making apparati, a good use for old fruit is throwing it at sub-par comedians.

2016-02-17, 01:21 PM
I don't really think that's a thing that is done anymore in real life.

In my last attempt to respond in this thread, I dun got ninja'd!

2016-02-17, 11:12 PM
I disagree, you were ''overtaken''. (racingly speaking)

This board is an enjoyable time-filler

2016-02-20, 10:39 PM
If it were enjoyable, why doesn't it *sniff* fill the hole in my heart *sob*? *tears roll down cheek*

I am fine.

2016-02-21, 01:39 AM
You're crying, so obviously you are not fine.

I'm drinking coffee.

2016-02-21, 06:28 AM
Given the text-based medium we are using, it is impossible to verify that you are drinking coffee.

The Matrix made solipsism popular.

2016-02-21, 01:45 PM
I disagree! It's impossible to know any mind but your own, so I couldn't tell you if solipsism is popular or not.

Carbon is necessary for Earth's lifeforms.

Prince Zahn
2016-02-21, 03:32 PM
Yeah, there's no way in heck that the life on Earth depends on the same material diamonds are made of. Diamonds are too much of a luxury, and you don't see me bleeding out wedding rings, do you?

The most common response to the question "how are you?" Is an affirmation that one is fine, okay or alright; whether or not the aforementioned affirmation has any truth to it whatsoever.

2016-02-21, 08:29 PM
Au contraire! RU, Rutgers University, is the largest university in New Jersey and also known for its football program.

Goofy is a dog.

2016-02-22, 03:15 AM
I disagree, he is a cartoon character representing a dog, nuance my dear.

Two wrongs doesn't make it right.

2016-02-22, 11:08 AM
Two wrongs don't make a right, dear. Heil Oxford!

Grammar is important for making yourself readable.

2016-02-22, 11:57 AM
And yet you err in grammar in that it makes what you WRITE, not YOURSELF, more readable.

People with incredibly poor poker faces, though, are in fact quite easy to read.

Prince Zahn
2016-02-22, 02:00 PM
. . . seriously?:smallconfused:
Poker faces are a myth. Anyone with a healthy understanding of human body language could read you and your thoughts like an open book in broad daylight, even if you try to hide it, your body is a terrible liar. And your face, I'm afraid, has nothing to do with it.

Old man, look at my life. I'm a lot like you were.

2016-02-22, 02:17 PM
I'm 38! I'm not old! :smallamused:

I was off by a year in the previous reference in order to make it factually apply to myself.

2016-02-25, 09:20 PM
Incorrect. You are still a fetus.

I am still a fetus.

2016-02-26, 09:03 AM
Explain how a fetus can type. EXPLAIN!

Xihirli's response was really frikin' weird.

2016-02-26, 11:09 AM
Gonflabble sacks! United caliche for Kwajalein, Uriah!

Mine was even weirder. :smallcool:

2016-02-26, 12:35 PM
Nah, there's only so weird that randomness can be. True weird has at least a slight sense of order to the chaos.

Pokemon Sun and Moon confirmed.

Prince Zahn
2016-02-26, 02:58 PM
Disproven, at best. Pokemon does not have neither suns nor moons; is not a solar system, it is a fictional game franchise where your dead dog can be brought to life if you take it to an omnipresent nurse who can cure Cancer and always wishes for your pets to die again so you would drop by, because her hospital gets really lonely at night.

Even with the existence of ebooks, paper books are still being printed.

2016-02-26, 05:46 PM
You don't see people carrying And if people aren't carrying books, then they aren't buying books. If they aren't buying books, then the book printing companies are losing money. If they lose money, they're bankrupt. And if they're bankrupt, they can't print books. Ha! Ha HAH!

Puppies are adorable.

2016-02-26, 06:10 PM
Slobbery, messy carnivores with a penchant for chewing up valuables and leaving bodily functions all over the house? Pass.

Snakes, on the other hand, are adorable.

2016-02-27, 12:56 PM
Snakes do not have hands, so your whole premise is moot.

Reb Brown was better at playing Captain America than Chris Evans.

Scarlet Knight
2016-02-28, 10:57 AM
Balderdash! Anyone named "Reb" could not possibly have the innate patriotism to play Cap!

America was named for Amerigo Vespucci.

Prince Zahn
2016-02-28, 12:00 PM
Is that so? Then why, pray tell, is it not called Vespuccia?
Truth is, Ms. America is the true namesake of what was then called "the new world".

This message was sent from an LG phone.

2016-02-28, 12:59 PM
Well, I'm sending this message through a bionically implanted internet receiver, so I think you could've sent that message from anything.

Meanwhile, this message is formed of letters from the English alphabet.

2016-02-28, 01:22 PM
The message is actually formed by letters of the Latin alphabet, but in the English language.

Pine trees never lose their needles/leaves/whatever-the-scientific-name-is.

2016-02-29, 12:01 AM
They lose them all the time, they just don't shed them en masse like deciduous trees do. And that's just the live ones!

Fir trees frequently lose their needles all over people's floors during the month of December.

2016-03-08, 09:18 PM
Not if you have the foresight to put up a tarp or whatever to catch them that surrounds said tree.

It's hard to come up with stuff to say when you're sleepy.

Prince Zahn
2016-03-09, 01:18 AM
Not really, the hard part is being creative when you're tired.

A lot of people have birthdays during the months of March, April, May and June.

2016-03-12, 02:02 AM
A march is a type of music. A pril is the nickname of a girl who has beauty, intelligence, and compassion. May is Ming-Na Wen's character in Agents of SHIELD. June Allyson was an actress and singer famous during the 1950s and 60s.

The Wizard of Oz is a fake.

2016-03-12, 04:03 AM
No, the Wizard of Oz is a genuine movie/book series. I read it on teh interwebz, it must be true.

"teh interwebz" is not proper spelling.

2016-03-12, 10:32 PM
It's actually pefrecltyy aceptalbe on ze Onternet

Champagne contains alcohol

Prince Zahn
2016-03-13, 01:36 AM
No it doesn't! You can't get drunk from it like you would from a few shots of Jack Daniels.

There's a little black spot on the sun today,
It's the same old thing as yesterday.

2016-03-13, 02:40 AM
That was an eclipse. It was the moon's shadow, not a spot, and it doesn't happen often.

The Hawaiian Islands are residues of volcanoes.

2016-03-13, 10:12 AM
Nope, they ARE volcanoes!

Fire can burn you.

2016-03-13, 01:53 PM
Not me. I'm a chimera.

Fire can burn TPAM.

Prince Zahn
2016-03-14, 01:21 AM
What kind of Druid DOESN'T prepare protection from FIRE? I Assure you from experience that Syldar is well-prepared for the occasion.

Noise pollution can be a major hindrance to the environment on a local scale.

2016-03-14, 04:49 PM
What? Speak up please. I can't hear you. It's rather noisy here.

My cat's fur is very soft.

2016-03-14, 04:57 PM
What if it's a hairless?

The comment section on YouTube is full of unintelligent and hateful people.

2016-03-14, 07:56 PM
I find it hard to believe actual living breathing people can be found in a comment section.

In my next post on this thread, I will reuse a statement I've already made, though not verbatim.

Prince Zahn
2016-03-15, 10:56 AM
I'll burn this thread to the ground before I left that happen!:smallfurious:

Recycling old ideas is generally not as wise an endeavor as recycling post-consumer byproducts, such as plastic.

2016-03-17, 10:50 PM
The elderly speak with wisdom because they have the experience you lack.

The Capital of Peru is Lima or P, depending on point of view.

2016-03-18, 12:33 AM
Funny, because from underneath the map it reads "amiL".

Capybaras are larger than the average rodent.

2016-03-24, 10:03 PM
Have you seen New York subway rats? They all big!

Flowers are symbols of love :smallwink::smallredface::smallwink:

2016-03-25, 07:55 AM
You CLEARLY haven't played Undertale.

Undertale is not a normal game.

Prince Zahn
2016-03-25, 10:10 AM
Oxford defines a game as "an activity one engages in for amusement", and/or "the equipment for a game, especially a board game or video game". Both of those definitions sit very well with what the game "Undertale" is typically used for, defining it standardly as a game by definition.

Even people who type excellently can make errors with auto-corre ctions.

2016-03-25, 05:52 PM
If you type EXCELLENTLY, you'll spot any such thing and un correct the "correction."

Orange is a conspicuous, eye catching color for a keychain.

2016-03-25, 07:20 PM
Not if you're color-blind it isn't.

Pi is an irrational number.

2016-03-25, 09:37 PM
Pi's mental state is none of your business!

This post is in English.

2016-03-25, 10:03 PM
Your post is in a complex matrix of code, most of it alphanumerical in nature. It has the appearance of English writing, though.

Yellow Submarine is a Beatles song.

2016-03-26, 09:38 PM
No, it's a colorful form of undersea travel. Also, you spelled beetles wrong.

Playing a musical instrument is enjoyable.

2016-03-27, 12:16 AM
I give you the accordion.

You will not disagree with me.

Prince Zahn
2016-03-27, 10:57 AM
Well I, for one, welcome our new accordion overlods.

What goes up must come down.

2016-03-27, 02:44 PM
Still waiting on those gas prices to return to under a dollar...:smallannoyed:

Books are typically read by the literate.

2016-03-29, 10:10 PM

This is a leap year.

2016-03-31, 10:39 AM
I can't possibly say what "this" you are referring to, so it is likely not a leap year.

Yuga < Ghirahim.

2016-03-31, 05:38 PM
Two strings can't be compared with a simple < . You must use the string.Compare() method
(Also, Yuga was his own master while Ghiharim was someone else's lackey, so...)

This game is about trying to disagree with the last person's affirmative.

2016-04-01, 12:16 AM
Do or do not. There is no try.

Alex Trebek hosts Jeopardy.

2016-04-01, 01:44 AM
Jeopardy is a chapter in Howard Taylor's Schlock Mercenary.

Backwards is sentence this.

2016-04-01, 09:44 AM
Me to forward seems.

20-8-9-19 9-19 9-14 3-15-4-5.

2016-04-01, 04:54 PM
Is that supposed to be a number sequence? Because it looks like a pile of nonsense, especially with the gaps in the hyphens.

Hullabaloo and howdy doo! Musty prawns and Timbuktu! Yeltze bye and hippety poo! Kick 'em in the dishpan hoo hoo hoo!

Prince Zahn
2016-04-02, 10:56 AM
Excuse me! The rules CLEARLY state there will be no dishpan-kicking, ruckus, hootananies, or hullabaloos after curfew! Don't make me call the landlord on you rapscalliions!

A person's a person, no matter how small.

Mister Tom
2016-04-02, 01:17 PM
That's a Ken doll. A person's a person no matter how far away.

More than one person has posted on this thread

2016-04-02, 05:48 PM
How do I know you aren't all robots or clones of me?

Edoc suoivbo na si siht.

2016-04-02, 07:05 PM
It can't be a code if it's that obvious.

No matter what you say in German, it will always sound angry.

2016-04-02, 11:17 PM
Try saying that to Wayne Newton, danke shoen.

In chess, the king never really gets captured.

Prince Zahn
2016-04-03, 12:13 AM
It's implied, Pex. That's all the capturing you really need.

My left eyelid is twitching.

2016-04-03, 09:25 AM
There is no possible way for me to confirm that, and therefore no reason to believe you.

Pokken Tournament is out in the US.

Mister Tom
2016-04-03, 02:39 PM
Pokken tournament is like totally in. Sports jackets with tight jeans and Paisley shirts are out.

A>B and B>C implies A>C.

2016-04-04, 08:32 PM
Hmm, looks to me like that alligator is eating both A and B! Or should I say Crocodile?

Uranus is a gas giant.

Prince Zahn
2016-04-05, 08:11 AM
There are certain things we don't talk about in this forum. You don't talk politics, you don't discuss religion, and you don't go talking to people about the size nor the stoichiometry of Uranus. :smallannoyed:

Only the female mosquitos suck blood.

2016-04-06, 06:55 AM
Ticks suck blood. Fleas suck blood. Need I go on?

The last episode of Gravity Falls has aired.

Mister Tom
2016-04-07, 10:32 AM
Forget the promise of peace and understanding, for in the grim dark future there are only reboots of old shows.

Someone will disagree with this statement.

2016-04-07, 02:44 PM
Well that's just ridicul--wait. Who do you consider a "someone?"

My response is actually a reference to a moment in the Blood Runs In the Family book in the Order Of The Stick webcomic.

Black Socks
2016-04-09, 02:45 PM
I disagree! There's no such thing as a "moment", only an arbitrary starting and stopping point in the endless continuum of time!

Darkness is the absence of light.

Prince Zahn
2016-04-10, 12:51 AM
Wrong! darkness is clearly what evil is made of.

It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life, and I'm feeling good.

2016-04-10, 01:58 PM
That or the commies are controlling your thoughts with their space-rays. Geesh, I thought tinfoil hats were standard equipment these days!

The response to this statement will be directly underneath this post as viewed on a normally-oriented computer monitor.

2016-04-10, 02:15 PM
As anything on a monitor is on the same 2D plane as anything else on that same monitor, it's impossible for one thing on a monitor to be underneath another thing on that monitor. You're thinking of BELOW.

The response to this statement will be directly BELOW this post as viewed on a normally-oriented computer monitor.

Mister Tom
2016-04-10, 05:43 PM
This post is not in the usual order.

. Not quite directly below.

Prince Zahn
2016-04-11, 04:55 AM
The way this forum is designed, your post is indeed directly below Lheticus's's's, because the way it is designed on a normally-oriented computer screen, we found your post by scrolling downward from Lheticus's's's.

What's good for the goose is good for the gander.

2016-04-11, 10:40 AM
Sure, a look, a gander, a glance. What do I look like to you?, a thesaurus?

I like trains.

2016-04-11, 10:53 AM
Good GRIEF man, be careful saying things like that! There's no telling what kind of wanton destruction you could wreak!

That wasn't really a proper disagreeing, was it...

2016-04-19, 07:36 PM
You were ironically agreeing by training GAAD in the consequences of his actions.

...I should stop with the puns before I derail this thread.

Prince Zahn
2016-04-20, 05:59 AM
You should stop with the puns. Not because they derail the thread - heck, you can't possibly derail a thread that it's sole purpose is for people to come and disagree with everything you say.

Stop with the puns, because they are half baked.

Nobody likes a half-baked pun, not even with cream cheese.

2016-04-20, 07:33 PM
I beg to differ. Half-baked puns are the best puns, especially with cream cheese, but everyone loves to be pun-ished in that way.

Super Smash Bros. has really gone downhill.

2016-04-20, 09:06 PM
The overall decibel level of complainers, particularly Melee elitists who want to live in the past, has merely INCREASED. Smash 4 is in fact a significant improvement over Brawl. No tripping for example.

Nice day isn't it?

Thought I'd give you an easy one this time. The white text does not count as my statement.

Prince Zahn
2016-04-23, 04:21 AM
No it's not. It's a GREAT day! :smallsmile:

Bleach can ruin clothing and even be dangerous if mishandled.

Scarlet Knight
2016-04-23, 08:21 PM
Man, you're being harsh. Bleach is great for making my jeans look groovy and removing stuff in my brain from that other ... thread...

Prince sure wore alotta purple, man.

2016-04-25, 12:26 AM
"A lot" is subjective. I know for a fact he did not wear entirely purple 24/7, so I choose to believe he wore exactly the right amount.

Prince, you will be missed. :smallfrown:

2016-04-25, 07:33 AM
I highly doubt that the entire planet will miss him. Or know who he is.

Prince was in the music business.

Black Socks
2016-04-25, 03:42 PM
I disagree! Everyone knows that "prince" is the term for the male child of a monarch who has not yet become King! Clearly, Prince was royalty, not in the music business!

The sky is blue because of Roy G. Biv.

2016-04-27, 10:20 PM
The sky has no color. It's the light from the Sun hitting molecules of the atmosphere dispersing. Our eyes just pick up so called blue, but notice at sunsets sometimes the sky is pink or red as the Sun appears even though it didn't really change color. At night the sky is black, but that's just the lack of light as we're within Earth's shadow.

Alex Kingston portrayed River Song on "Doctor Who".

2016-04-30, 06:49 AM
No, Alex Kingston played the role of River Song. There were no portraits involved.

Classic Doctor Who had all the pizzazz with 1/1,000th of the budget.

Prince Zahn
2016-05-02, 04:27 AM
Doctor who is a classic right now, too! And I'll argue that it has 1000 times more budget than that!

A chair's intended purpose is to be sat on.

2016-05-02, 06:52 AM
Except for ridiculous looking uncomfortable ones that nevertheless go well with the room.

If x = y, -x = -y.

2016-05-04, 06:41 PM
Silly Lheticus, letters can't be negative! :smallwink:

There will be a U.S. presidential election in 2016, God help us all.

2016-05-08, 12:03 AM
Americans actually vote for Electors who presumably will vote for whom the people want, but not every state mandates they do, so the Electors can technically vote for whomever they want.

Dominion is a card game, a Deep Space Nine villain government, and a failed television sequel to the movie Legion.

Mister Tom
2016-05-08, 12:57 AM
The dominion, not dominion, is an alien government (and one whose legitimate aspirations are slandered by the propaganda you are clearly willing to slavishly parrot, I might add).

There are no sets for which a one to one mapping exists between the elements of the set and all the subsets of the set.

2016-05-15, 07:47 PM
I don't know what that means, but I disagree with it.

2016-05-17, 04:32 AM
Seriously?! Have you ever tried to play a x*ylophone?!

Egypt's main source of fresh water is the Nile River.

Black Socks
2016-05-17, 03:36 PM
I disagree! The Nile water isn't "fresh" at all! It's lame, man!

42 is the meaning of life, the universe and everything.

Blue Ghost
2016-05-17, 04:03 PM
Actually, 42 is the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything. It has no intrinsic meaning apart from the question, which is currently unknown.

One gold piece is worth ten silver pieces.

2016-05-17, 11:33 PM
As of this posting, gold is $1,277.90 per ounce while silver is $17.21 per ounce which is less than 1/10th the price of gold.

This sentence uses the blue font.

2016-05-18, 01:29 PM
That sentence is its own entity, separate from the font it happens to be formatted in on the forums. It wasn't blue when you were typing your post, was it? :smallwink:

The object of this forum game is to disagree with the poster above you.

Mister Tom
2016-05-18, 02:07 PM
The object is for people to have fun. Disagreement is merely the mechanism.

Llamas are bigger than frogs.

2016-05-18, 09:55 PM
Say "Kermit The Frog", and people know whom you're talking about. Say 1980's star "Lorenzo Lamas", and people will ask "Who?".

Deep Space Nine was originally a Cardassian space station.

Prince Zahn
2016-05-19, 06:45 AM
Whatever you do, Don't play the Kardashian card, there is way too much to disagree about within it and the forum simply can't handle it.

The discovery of Fire and how to produce it is one of the earliest and most essential advancements in the history of mankind.

2016-05-20, 02:00 AM
"Discovery"? Is that how we're saying "Larceny against a divine being" these days?

The Mississippi River passes through Louisiana.

Mister Tom
2016-05-21, 01:46 PM
It's been there for a while; you'ld hardly say it was just passing through.

Some people have beards.

2016-05-21, 04:09 PM
As someone with a beard, I think I'm safely qualified to say that it's more like my beard has me. It's just way too much hassle to shave my whole face, so I leave in the bit on the chin.

Starfox Zero is divisive.

Prince Zahn
2016-05-22, 02:33 AM
No zero is divisive if you care about preserving your universe.

Abraham Lincoln once said, "A house divided against itself cannot stand."

2016-05-22, 03:43 AM
Jesus Christ once said "a house divided against itself cannot stand." Abraham Lincoln was and always will be a plagiarist.

. . . Maybe I judge former U.S. Presidents too harshly.

2016-05-26, 01:29 PM
Objection! Abraham Lincoln was provoking copyright law into existence by flagrant theft.

2016-05-27, 05:45 AM
Some people say it's difficult to disagree with someone who hasn't made a statement in the first place. I disagree with that.

Wow, someone other than me forgot to make a statement for once!

2016-05-27, 06:02 PM
I hate to break it to you, Lheticus, but your Multiple Personality Disorder is getting out of hand.

I actually have no concrete proof that Lheticus has MPD.

2016-05-28, 09:14 AM
Shiekah symbol. That is all.

The majority of dwarves portrayals has them with beards.

Prince Zahn
2016-05-28, 11:40 AM
A Shiekah symbol, huh? So THAT'S what it is... You learn something new every day :3 I can sleep easy tonight note that I know Lheticus isn't a cultist... He isn't, Right? :smalleek:You're not counting female dwarves, and pre-Tolkien dwarves, or even dwarf stars or dwarf planets, which alone are countless.

Soil tends to be soiled with soil that's soil-colored.

2016-05-28, 12:09 PM
Soil cannot be soiled with itself, silly!

Il˙vatiar is the Pathfinder god of Plants, Animals, Magic, and War.

2016-05-28, 02:34 PM
Clearly you attempted to say Iluvatar, as in Eru Iluvatar the Tolkien deity, so you are of course wrong.

Syldar's supposed proof of my having MPD was Actually Pretty Funny. (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/ActuallyPrettyFunny)

2016-05-28, 10:24 PM
Since I personally never heard of "Shiekah" before, no, no it's not.

The classic oreo cookie is a white sugary cream sandwiched between two black hard chocolatey wafers.

2016-05-29, 02:07 AM
Those wafers are brown, just a very dark shade thereof. And verdict's out on whether that sugary filling is even carbon-based, let alone "cream".

There is, however, more than one way to eat these iconic sandwich cookies.

Prince Zahn
2016-05-29, 06:06 AM
Until humanity develops an efficient way to eat without using their mouths, I regret to inform you that the only way to eat is by putting edible substance in your mouth, and swallowing, and potentially chewing beforehand.

Chewing food in one's mouth aids ingestion and digestion of edible substances before it reaches the stomach.

Mister Tom
2016-05-31, 01:28 PM
I have chewed many times, and my mouth has never reached my stomach.

This is not the first post in the thread.

2016-06-05, 09:32 AM
It's not the second, third, fourth fifth or etc either, if you ask me. You call that a post? :p

j/k ofc, someone has to disagree with that somehow >_<

That was awkward just now.

2016-06-05, 10:15 AM
You think that was awkward? Well, apparently you haven't been to a middle school dance!

Middle school dances shouldn't be a thing.

Prince Zahn
2016-06-05, 01:36 PM
Any chance for kids these days should be a thing! The digital age has isolated people from interacting with the outside world, something needs to be done about that.

Besides, any opportunity to humiliate middle schoolers is a good one. :smalltongue:

The above might be offensive to some. I'm sorry.

2016-06-05, 01:45 PM
If you were truly sorry you wouldn't have written something offensive to some people.

Dihydrogen Monoxide is a main component of acid rain and used by nuclear power plants.

Mister Tom
2016-06-05, 03:47 PM
Yeah right, just because you read about it on some obscure website (http://dhmo.org) it's true. Horse puckey.
Oxygen dihydride is the real issue, sheeple.

It's not the second, third, fourth fifth or etc either, if you ask me. You call that a post? :p

j/k ofc, someone has to disagree with that somehow >_<

No worries!
someone Had to disagree with that...

2016-06-06, 04:02 AM
No one HAD to disagree with anything. We could have all let this thread die, wept at its funeral, and been inspired by its sterling example to live better lives in its memory. But that didn't happen, did it?

...That didn't happen, did it?

2016-06-07, 11:21 PM

Many forms of life exist.

2016-06-08, 11:22 AM
Objection! All life is made of cells!

You will disagree with this sentence.

2016-06-08, 11:24 AM
No, I agree. Life is made of cells.

Despite rowing boats, life is not a dream.

2016-06-08, 03:42 PM
Coulda fooled me with the number of people in the world who need to WAKE UP in one way or another.

An ellipsis (which is what this thing ... is called) does not truly constitute disagreement. If anything it's a neutral reaction.

2016-06-08, 07:48 PM
It's a negative because I can't disagree to a question.

Can you disagree to a question?

2016-06-09, 01:17 AM
yes, yes i disagree whit this question.

According to the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics, a cat could be simultaneously alive and dead, as long as it remains unobserved. -wikipedia

2016-06-09, 02:54 AM
Sort of a moot point because the cat is observing itself if alive. Also, I fail to see what a negative wikipedia has to do with the issue.

Matter is composed of molecules, which in turn are composed of atoms.

[email protected] Pex: Yes, you should've. You absolutely should've.

2016-06-09, 09:45 AM
Objection! Not all atoms are formed into molecules!

Video games require screens to play properly.

2016-06-09, 12:44 PM
4E :smallbiggrin:

I shouldn't have gone there.

2016-06-10, 09:37 AM
We shall always go there.

Killing people is not necessarily the solution to every problem.

Mister Tom
2016-06-10, 02:35 PM
I disagraaaarrgh!

And lo,the People shall be made clean in the blood of the Lamb, and be as one; for His shall be the key and the gate of stars. For He did not truly die, but lies as the master in his house dreaming; and Ia, all shall know of his wisdom.

2016-06-11, 04:24 PM
All except Xihirli. That problem was easily solved by killing someone.

Silly Putty is a non-newtonian fluid.

Prince Zahn
2016-06-12, 03:25 AM
Silly putty is not a fluid. Stop brainwashing our youth with your physics mumbo-jumbo! :smallmad:

The color white's Rgb color code is "#FFFFFF", Which can double as a profanity hashtag with arguable immaturity.

Mister Tom
2016-06-12, 03:06 PM
Humans perceive it as white. -we- know it's just a combination of blue green and red that we call Gh'vwll.

Some people say laughter is the best medicine, but I would hesitate to use it as.the sole treatment For diabetes.

2016-06-12, 06:43 PM
Mary Tyler Moore would not have been the spokeswoman for the American Diabetes Foundation if not for the joy of laughter she gave America in both of her famous sit-coms.

Marlo Thomas is the spokewoman for the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

2016-06-13, 01:04 PM
There's no such thing as children.

Evil is just a word, with many possible capitalizations.

Blue Ghost
2016-06-13, 02:31 PM
"Evil" is a word. Evil is a metaphysical concept.

E before I, except after C, and so many other exceptions that the rule is close to useless.

2016-06-13, 04:09 PM
I for one find it INCREDIBLY useful to help me remember how a few certain words are spelled. Particularly "ceiling" and "receive."


2016-06-14, 02:34 AM

If all live whould simultan die, there whould be no one left to notice it.

2016-06-14, 07:43 AM
That's a lie. You're a liar.
Also, zombies.

Zombies are real and are very good observers.

Mister Tom
2016-06-14, 01:15 PM
No, they aren't. You may all remain calm and leave your windows unlocked. Also, only we I mean they can use that word.

Most people have more than the mean number of legs for a person.

2016-06-14, 02:18 PM
The "mean" number is the average. On average, people have 2 legs, so I doubt most people have 3 legs. I know I don't! I disregarded non whole numbers in this argument because:

To consider somebody having say, 1.87 legs would just be silly.

2016-06-14, 10:10 PM
When this exists,


the number of legs a person has is not a silly inquiry.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is a remake of Star Wars, now called Star Wars: A New Hope.

Prince Zahn
2016-06-15, 12:59 AM
By that logic, oceans are a remake of a river. I could step into a river and an ocean and say it's all the same water anyway. Just what kind of fool do you take me for??

There are foods that stopping after eating one of such foods is a difficult test of willpower.

2016-06-15, 02:24 AM
Really? Eating dilemmas a "difficult" test of willpower? Try choosing whether to starve to death or eat one of your loved ones, then talk to me about difficult!

...Wow, that got morbid fast.

2016-06-15, 04:13 AM
Eating your loved chocolat is not morbid. Also, 33 pages aren't fast. Not if the thread startet 2014-05-27, 07:43 PM!


2016-06-15, 08:18 AM

E3 is happening right now, that is to say at the particular moment this post was posted.

2016-06-15, 02:13 PM
E3 is obviously a scientific formula(Energy = 3) and since that is not true, your argument is invalid.

My avatar is human.

2016-06-15, 06:12 PM
PRETTY sure that humans don't keep half of their mass in their heads.

My head is not big!

Black Socks
2016-06-16, 11:25 AM
No, it's huge.

Love makes the world go round.

2016-06-16, 11:33 AM
Sorry, you misspelled "gravity".

Q, aside from being a letter of the English alphabet, is the name of a powerful entity on Star Trek The Next Generation and the title of a 1982 R-rated movie about a creature attacking New York City.

2016-06-16, 04:43 PM
Not the name of ONE entity. It's an entire RACE of omnipowerful entities.

Nothing worth doing is easy, because the easiest thing to do is mess up.

2016-06-16, 09:43 PM
That's worth doing.

That's my whole life.

2016-06-17, 02:51 AM
"That" is a rather vague pronoun that could describe either significantly more or significantly less than your whole life. *Rewinds to 1995* Or do you think you're all that?

1995 was in the last millennium.

Mister Tom
2016-06-17, 12:26 PM
Not if you're using the Muslim or Orthodox Jewish calendars, it ain't.

Some spoons are items of cutlery.

Black Socks
2016-06-17, 01:54 PM
Spoons have blunt edges. You can't cut with them, therefore they are not cutlery!

Nothing is certain.

2016-06-17, 02:01 PM
We're not certain that Nothing exists, therefore this is false.

I use Meteor Swarm a lot.

2016-06-17, 04:02 PM
You're confusing yourself with Xykon.

Xykon doesn't like it when his name is spelled "Zykon" and furthermore can tell even when the spelling is just spoken.

2016-06-25, 11:48 AM
He's just pretending not to like it. It's all part of the evil plot to . . . do something really sinister and creepy. You'll see, as soon as strip #4057 comes out!

Strip #4057 of OOTS is not currently released.

Black Socks
2016-06-25, 12:09 PM
Yeah, right. By the way, where's the closest rocket stop?

Well, you can tell by the way I use my walk, I'm a woman's man: no time to talk.