View Full Version : Add "Knockback Slide" to my GITPF One Piece D20 game/OPD20 v2.1 rewrite?

2014-05-28, 07:56 PM
I.e, this (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/KnockbackSlide).

Yes, I've been reading threads about Knockback here and elsewhere; they haven't really helped yet with my plans.

My current thinking is to make it an early access Feat, possibly a Stance, possibly dependent on the default combat maneuvers Fight Defensively or Total Defense. Something along the lines of trading damage for distance when braced for it.

I'm doing it this way in order to allow for later Crew-specific feats to overcome it and exploit other possibilities, along with the usual good general reasons for everybody such as it's Canon, it's fun, and Mmmmm, GM Likey. It's a nice nose; it's rubber, I like it; it's chewy, I like it.

Normally I would write up something on my own but I am so epically stressed right now that even just that much original work is beyond me. I think there's an obvious niche for this and that other people will find value in it as well, so I'm asking for help even without providing as much of a basis as I'd like.


Edit: main game OOC thread here (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?350331-OPD20-Two-Piece-MUTINY!-(OOC)); thank you, Amechra.

2014-05-28, 08:17 PM
Do you have a link to the game? It would be good to know exactly what you have going rules-wise.

My suggestion:

A progression like:

1st level: 2 damage, moved 5'
5th level: 4 damage, moved 10'
9th level: 6 damage, moved 15'
13th level: 8 damage, moved 20'
17th level: 10 damage, moved 25'

Would let you turn an equal-level Power Attack into movement. Though the damage reduction could go way up; allowing it to block 2 * BAB damage in exchange for being slid BAB * 5' seems fair (at the high end, people are getting flung 100'. Excellent.)

2014-05-29, 01:12 AM
Perhaps make it happen on the defenders part rather than the offenders? After all it's the speed at which you stop that causes damage, and someone who's been pushed back like that has effectively slowed the impact of the hit that flung them. Perhaps allow them to trade damage for distance on a five damage per five feet basis?

You would need some way to balance it to stop everyone avoiding damage just by being flung around constantly. Perhaps allow the attacker to choose the direction?

2014-05-30, 06:25 PM
Here was my ideas, figured I'd put them in the actual discussion.

I'd make it a combat maneuver. Like Trip, Disarm, whatever. It would fine as a feat, but I probably wouldn't spend one on it, I'd much rather do other things than just prevent someone from full attacking for a turn. As for it being a maneuver, it'd be much easier if there was CMB/CMD in this game but let's see.

As a melee attack, you may attempt to send your foe flying. You provoke an attack of opportunity from the target you attempt to knock back. On your action before making an attack roll you may choose to subtract a number from your melee damage bonus. On a successful strike, knock your target directly away from you 5 feet multiplied by the number you subtracted from your melee damage bonus. The penalty on melee damage and knockback multiplier may not exceed half your melee damage bonus from strength/dexterity. If you hit a target with a Knockback strike as part of a full attack you can not hit them with any further attacks if they move out of your attack range.

Improved Knockback
Prerequisites: STR 16 or DEX 16
You no longer provoke an attack of opportunity when you attempt to knock someone back. In addition the maximum penalty to melee damage and knockback multiplier cap increases to your full strength/dexterity damage bonus.

Knockback Shot
Prerequisites: DEX 16 or WIS 16, Point-Blank Shot
You can use Knockback with a ranged weapon when within 10 feet of your target. Your ranged damage bonus is reduced instead of melee damage bonus and may not exceed half your ranged damage bonus from dexterity/wisdom.

Improved Knockback Shot
Prerequisites: DEX 18 or WIS 18, Knockback Shot
You can use Knockback shot anywhere within the first range increment of your weapon. In addition the maximum penalty to melee damage and knockback multiplier cap increases to your full strength/dexterity damage bonus.