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2E Phoinex
2014-05-29, 03:03 PM
Hello Playground,

My cousin is in town and wants to learn how to play D&D. I've actually taught a lot of new people the game before and I feel comfortable introducing the rules, but it has been a long week with babysitting the younger cousins and so I'm feeling a little brain dead creatively speaking.

Therefore my request is simple: Do you guys have any plot hooks, fun encounters, or interesting puzzles that you'd like to share?

I run 2nd edition D&D if it helps, but I see this as something of a system neutral question. I'd like to show my cousin and the other new guys an entertaining session with the chance to see some of the best fantasy role playing games have to offer- I just need a little help getting started this time. Feel free to share any other fond memories you have of your first time playing, maybe it will help spark some inspiration.

Thanks everyone

2014-05-29, 06:41 PM
I would say to try to keep things interesting and exciting. I've ran games where it is a much more casual "you have a safe place and must go out and kill the orcs!" and it was rather dull for new players. Then again, if you're familiar with introducing new players, you probably already know that.

I find that one distinctive and/or silly NPC tends to keep things interesting. Especially if you go all out with the voice. Perhaps a merchant or armorer, who could be travelling with the party for whatever reason. Or perhaps they've saved them and are bringing them to safety. Or perhaps part of a guard for a merchant caravan.

Feel free to turn them into a jerk and antagonist if the PCs instantly dislike 'em. :smalltongue:

DM Nate
2014-05-30, 06:32 AM
For my last two campaigns, which both had either new players or rusty players, I had them start their first session (http://darkhaunt.wormholes.info/?p=1202) with one level of humanoid. No special class features to worry about, only one or two feats, and equipment found along the way. And although I ruled all skills were cross-class, I let them attempt all skills even if untrained.

For the next session, I let them choose their class based on what they enjoyed doing most in the last session, their alignment based on the group, and let them do a one-time rearrangement of their base stats, skill points, and feats.

I found it's a nice, simpler way to ease into the mechanics of the game and the dynamics of the group. After all, the most daunting thing for a new player is the first thing you ever do...roll up an entire character sheet.

2E Phoinex
2014-05-31, 01:24 PM
Thanks for the replies guys,

I had several old character sheets from previous games and just let the group pick characters that they liked so rolling them up wasnt an issue. Although, it did become interesting when one new player discovered she possessed a bag of holding containing, among other things, 22 pairs of trousers.

I did take your advice on interesting NPCs and in the end i used an old module in which the quest giver had only one arm after losing it to a monster. They enjoyed me being silly by tucking my hand into my shirt and gesticulating with the "stump."

All in all it went fairly well and my cousin had fun. On a somewhat seperate note, I had never before played DnD where female players were the majority. Stereotypes were confirmed as they instantly hit on the wealthy male quest giver. And never before at my table had the phrase been uttered "can I roll vs. Charisma to try and talk her out of her armor?" By a new female player no less! I guess you never know who your friends really are until you play dungeons and dragons with them.

Thanks again