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2014-05-29, 08:51 PM
Okay, this game is quite simple. You roll a d20, a d30, then a d20 on the tables below. You then come up with a random sentence.

Roll a d20:

1. I sold my ticket for the Equestria Games to
2. I threw a birthday party for
3. I kidnapped
4. I joined a D&D campaign run by
5. I wrote a 200,000-word clopfic featuring
6. I made cupcakes out of
7. I wrote a song about
8. I gave a glass of love potion to
9. I made fun of
10. I took the Friendship Express with
11. I became best friends forever with
12. I broke my promise to
13. I found employment under
14. I started a Brony rock band with
15. I dressed up as
16. I pulled a prank on
17. I challenged [name] to a magic duel
18. I taught the magic of friendship to
19. I founded a cult in the name of
20. I saved Equestria from the nefarious schemes of

Roll a d30:

1. Twilight
2. Vinyl Scratch / DJ Pon-3 [whichever name you prefer]
3. Sweetie Belle
4. Princess Luna
5. Derpy
6. Trixie
7. Daring Do
8. Fluttershy
9. Apple Bloom
10. Rarity
11. Discord
12. Big Macintosh
13. Gilda
14. Spike
15. Princess Celestia
16. Scootaloo
17. Applejack
18. Diamond Tiara
19. Shining Armor
20. Cheerilee
21. Zecora
22. Pinkie Pie
23. Princess Cadence
24. Spitfire
25. Queen Chrysalis
26. Gummy
27. Rainbow Dash
28. King Sombra
29. Granny Smith
30. Lauren Faust :smalltongue:

Roll a d20:

1. in an attempt to get my cutie mark.
2. prompting Celestia to banish me, then throw me into a dungeon in the place that she banished me to.
3. while drunk on cider.
4. for the fourth time this week.
5. but I now have the sneaking suspicion that it was a mistake.
6. in 10 seconds flat.
7. as part of a convoluted plan to seize the throne of Canterlot.
8. but hardly anypony even noticed.
9. and then woke up; turns out it was just a dream.
10. without thinking of the terrible, far-reaching consequences.
11. at the Grand Galloping Gala.
12. in hopes of joining the Wonderbolts.
13. in hopes of becoming Celestia's next apprentice.
14. and had nightmares about it for months.
15. for the good of Equestria.
16. because the voices told me to.
17. inadvertently triggering a war between ponies and griffons.
18. and still wonder why the hay I did that.
19. in a desperate attempt to see my face in the Foal Free Press.
20. and that's how Equestria was made!


[roll0] [roll1] [roll2]

[roll3] [roll4] [roll5]

[roll6] [roll7] [roll8]

2014-05-29, 08:53 PM
Huh, turns out you can't edit your posts on this forum. :smallconfused: Anyway, my sentences are as follows.

I taught the magic of friendship to Gilda, inadvertently triggering a war between ponies and griffons.

2014-05-29, 08:55 PM
*facepalm* Forgot again you couldn't edit your posts before I posted.

I gave a glass of love potion to Gilda and had nightmares about it for months.

I pulled a prank on Pinkie Pie while drunk on cider.

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My last attempt was pathetic. I feel nothing for Cherilee. Trying again 3 times...




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