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Dire Penguin
2007-02-18, 01:36 PM
I had been thinking about this for a while, and I decided to make a kind of half celestial buffalo. While they're not celestial, they do have abilities. Winged buffalo fan club details at the bottom of the post. Idea rights of the winged buffalo go to Rich Burlew who made them in his comic strip "Where the buffalo wings roam". ENJOY!


“Oh, give me a home where the (winged) Buffalo roam, Where the Umber Hulks tromp round all day…” An inspiring bard who saw one of the greatest natural wonders of the rolling plains sang this song. He spread the word everywhere he went, but none believed him…that is, until (as usual) an adventuring party discovered these giant roaming beasts of the plains; the winged buffalo.


No historical records show any sign of the winged buffalo. If anything, they must have been thought extinct. Diviners have been able to trace the roots of the winged buffalo back to almost 48,000 years! Celestial buffalo mated with regular buffalo, and some of the offspring kept the wings of their celestial parents. Today’s winged buffalo have had some dire buffalo mixed into their gene pool.
About 2,000 years ago, there was a giant craze for Buffalo wings. Many bloodthirsty halflings went on a crusade to hunt as many winged buffalo as they could. This was caused by the stir of Buffalo wings served in restaurants turned out to be just tiny chicken legs. They hunted the winged buffalo almost to extinction. About 100 or so survived he buffalo massacre.
The Winged buffalo hid, and kept hidden from almost all humanoids (except druids, who kept them informed of the outside world). They grazed in giant plains, thousands of miles from any sort of civilization. They also developed their own language, and specialized culture over the course of 1,500 years. Since the crusade, they’ve lain in hiding, but recently they’ve become more active and adventurous. About 42 years ago, they expanded out of their almost unreachable territory. This was mostly because they were rebuilding the population enough to need more space. Now at a new dawn of their time, the Winged Buffalo are making a remarkable recovery.

The winged buffalo has the build of a large buffalo. They have thick, shaggy hair that progresses from their head to halfway down their torso. From that point, they have relatively short tan hair to their posterior. The two of their front legs have the same bushy, mangled fur as the head, and end in a set of incredibly powerful hooves. The rear legs are closely shaven like the rear, and also have hooves. A winged buffalo’s hooves are of incredible strength and durability. It is said that the hooves can compare to adamantine on a scale of strength. Out of the winged buffalo’s head sprout a pair of horns, each on almost perfectly sharp. At the rear, the buffalo has a short tail, which is no more than a fly swatter. The actual wings on the winged buffalo are an incredible sight. They are usually folded unless the creature takes flight, but when full stretched they cover a good 10 foot wingspan.
The winged buffalo are not just mere creatures. They also have a handful (or in this case, a hoof full.) of spell like abilities, which make them a more potent weapon. They’re ability to create extreme light, heat, and electricity definitely make them formidable foes, not to mention the sheer power of a trample!

~Psychology, and society

The winged buffalo as a species regard themselves as a druid might regard herself to the whole of nature. Although powerful, they believe that they only play a small part in the world. They have a very high prey instinct form their animal ancestors, but they have learned to control it. They will usually only flee from a known hostile, or a threatening creature. When fleeing, they usually have a spell activate which acts like expeditious retreat. The winged buffalo cannot figure out how to control this ability like their others, but it has definitely helped them survive.
Over the years, winged buffalo have developed a highly sophisticated social culture. They worship their own god, Ronshalno, raised up be their strength of their beliefs. He grants clerical powers to a select few who he deems worthy. They have a system of rank similar to a dog, but it is different status levels, and not every buffalo for themselves. In each herd (about 50-100 buffalo) there is a single leader who acts as a monarch to govern the herd. He is obeyed by all, and chosen through the second highest power level. There are about 5 second highest powers that vote on monarchs, and make other decisions. The alpha males (fathers) are on the third level of dominancy. The father of each family controls their family under the command of the first or second in command’s wishes. Under the alpha males are the women and children. The women have the job of giving birth, teaching the youngsters, and a few other tasks. It is not very appropriate for a female winged buffalo to go above her rank at the bottom end of the system, but a few have risen to high power in their herds over the years.
The winged buffalo keep mostly to themselves, but a few have been adventurous enough to leave their herds and go seek a new fortune elsewhere. Once they leave the herd, they are outcasts of their herd forever. Winged buffalo thrown out of the herd will often go on adventurous paths as well.
The winged buffalo have a strong emotional tie to their heritage. High-ranking heritage usually means a stronger sense of family honor. This strong sense of their history has led them to be very hostile towards halflings. Winged buffalo will kill halflings on sight, and sometimes gnomes by mistake. They are very cautious towards humans (besides druids), wary of half-elves, but accept elves as their guests and friends.

~The Winged Buffalo: Stats, and Combat

Winged Buffalo
Large Magical Beast
HD 12d8+ 40 (88 hp)
Speed 40 ft. (8 squares); Fly 60 ft. (poor)
Init: +0
AC 20 (-1 size, +5 divine, +6 natural); touch 14; flat-footed 20 (-1 size, +5 divine, +6 natural)
BAB +8/+2; Grp +19
Attack hooves +15
(2d8+8, 20/ X4)
Full-Attack2 hooves +15/+9/ (2d8+8, 20/ X4), horns +9 (2d6+8, 19-20/ X3)
Space 10 ft.; Reach 5 ft.
Special Attacks Trample, Stampede
Special Qualities spell resistance 18, spell like abilities, sprint, resistance to electricity 10, damage reduction 5 adamantine
Saves Fort +10 Ref +4 Will +6
Abilities Str 24, Dex 10, Con 20, Int 8, Wis 14, Cha 11
Skills spot +8, listen +8,
Feats Alertness, Endurance, multi-attack
Environment open prairies
Organization solitary, herd (50-100)
Challenge Rating 8
Treasure none
Alignment Always neutral good
Advancement -
Level Adjustment –
Winged buffalo tend to avoid combat if they can. When threatened enough, they’ll use their stampede ability combined with their sprint to flatten anything in their path. If their enemies are land bound, they’ll fly away unless their opponents have ranged attacks. When cornered or caught alone however, winged buffalo unleash a fury of magic and mayhem hard to behold!
Trample: As a full round action, a winged buffalo can move up to twice its speed and literally run over an opponent of medium size or smaller. The winged buffalo has to move over opponents in its path of a straight line. If the target’s space is larger than 5 feet, it is only considered trampled if the winged buffalo moves over all of the spaces it occupies. If the winged buffalo moves over part of the target’s space, the target may make an attack of opportunity at a –4 penalty. A trample attack deals two hooves worth of damage regularly, and get an added bonus of another 2 times their strength modifier. If this ability is combined with the winged buffalo’s sprint ability in the same action, the bonus to the two hooves is 4 times the strength modifier. A winged buffalo must move for at least 20 feet in a straight line before trampling an opponent. A reflex save, DC 23, halves the damage. If in a sprinting trample, the winged buffalo must move 40 feet before trampling an opponent. A winged buffalo may trample multiple opponents in a row, as long as they are in a straight line. A winged buffalo may move over a target, and as far beyond as it would like, as long as it does not exceed it’s allowed movement for that round. Once executing a trample attack, a winged buffalo may not trample again for another 1d6 rounds. A critical applies to each hoof separately. When a critical occurs, add all extra damage from the trample before adding the critical multiplier. This ability cannot be used while airborne.
Stampede: This ability functions similarly to trample, only that it applies to a whole herd of winged buffalo. When the winged buffalo herd moves in a straight line together, the following things take place. The stampede deals 2d8 for every 5 winged buffalo in the herd. A reflex save, DC 23, halves the damage. No attacks of opportunity can be made inside a stampede. When combining this ability with sprint, the total damage is added up, and tripled!
Spell like abilities: At will – detect magic, detect good, detect evil, light; 3/day – shocking grasp, daylight; 1/day – searing light, lighting bolt. These abilities are treated as if a 12th level sorcerer had cast them.
Sprint: twice per day, a winged buffalo can move 10 times its normal speed for 1 full minute. This ability wears off after that, or when the winged buffalo deactivates the ability. When sprinting, all damage to a charge attack is doubled! After it wears off, the winged buffalo is considered fatigued.


~The Winged Buffalo Fan Club, and Protecting Endangered Winged Buffalo

Haven’t YOU felt sorry for those poor buffalo at TGI Tuesday’s? Belkar made fun of them, insulted them, and convinced himself they didn’t exist. Now is your chance to make a difference! By adding the buffalo smiley of my signature, saying what position you are in the “Winged Buffalo Fan Club”, and soloring the text brown, you can help! With enough people, we can convince Belkar to care, or at least get enough buffalo to stampede over him… You can be almost anyhting you want if the winged bufalo fan club: a scholar, park ranger, ...hairstylist?
We are also looking for park rangers to enforce a fine (85 years in prison, with a 150,000 gold piece bail) for those poaching winged buffalo. They are an endangered species, and MUST be protected!

http://img179.imageshack.us/img179/3230/buffalocr1.png Join the Winged Buffalo Fan Club Today! http://img179.imageshack.us/img179/3230/buffalocr1.png

Questions, comments, or signing up for the winged buffalo fan club?


2007-02-18, 01:37 PM
I thought you just added Winged Template to buffalos?

Although, were there any buffalos in D&D in the first place?

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2007-02-18, 01:39 PM
no, just bison...back section of the MM