View Full Version : Impressions on Active Exploits

2007-02-18, 01:58 PM
Hey all, I was wondering if people have played Active Exploits diceless RPG, which can be found here (http://www.pigames.net/store/default.php?cPath=21). Have you played it? Did you like it? How did it compare to running a game in D&D? Do the rules make sense in practice? Anything I should know before designing a campaign in it? Are any of the supplements worth paying for?

Mainly, I am hoping to introduce some friends of mine to tabletop RPG gaming, and I want to find a system that they can sort of just dive into that has some mechanical consistency without requiring a complete 3-hour session just to learn the basics and create a character.

As always, any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Bears With Lasers
2007-02-18, 02:00 PM
I've never tried that, but if you want a rules-light system that rewards roleplaying, try Wushu (http://www.bayn.org/wushu/wushu-open.html).

2007-02-18, 05:08 PM
Another is PDQ (http://atomicsockmonkey.com/freebies.asp#pdq), not quite as rules light as Wushu, but not massively crunchier either.

2007-02-18, 08:25 PM
Sadly, I've never played that diceless RPG.

Personally, I have a soft spot in my heart for Kobolds Ate My Baby (http://www.koboldsatemybaby.com/) as an easy-to-pick-up RPG. It's somewhat less than serious, however.