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2007-02-18, 02:54 PM
What are the rules on posting World-specific ideas (such as a prestige class meant for the Forgotten Realms)?

2007-02-18, 02:56 PM
If it's OGL content,you are free to post it. If it's not,you can't.

2007-02-18, 02:59 PM
I'm a bit new to this, so what exactly does OGL mean? Could I, say, post a prestige class that mentions in its prerequisites or powers something from a WotC product (i.e., the Forgotten Realms)? Or is that not permitted? Or what?

Duke of URL
2007-02-18, 03:03 PM
Don't post any material from a non-open source. You can reference it as much as you want (might be helpful to note when & where so that folks can look it up in their own books).

Take, for example, people posting PrCs and Feats based on the Warlock class (Complete Arcane) -- that's fine, as long as they aren't printing the basic Warlock info from CA.

2007-02-18, 03:16 PM
OK, thanks for the info. I'm going to throw some Realms-specific prestige classes that I came up with or modified significantly up here for all to comment on; if I am breaking any rules, PLEASE someone yell at me to stop.