View Full Version : Technically Magi - d20 Fantasy Adventure with a Twist

2014-06-06, 02:06 AM

This is a story set in a realm of fantasy d20 gaming that could coincide with Dungeons & Dragons or Pathfinder. These are all the rules, spells, creatures that you've come to know, love, and gained XP upon.

Only thing is, this is a story with a twist. What if a 12 year old boy from another, more advanced world were to become stranded in our world of swords & sorcery?

Our Kickstarter launched Sunday, June 1st and runs for only 45 days. We're looking to reach a goal of $5000. Beyond that initial target are stretch goals with further hidden loot awaiting to be cracked. There's rewards of creator signed limited editions, t-shirts, prints, original pencil art, and even skateboards.


We've put out hand out to lift you on board. So join us!