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2014-06-07, 11:03 AM
I've been playing a Dragon Shaman in a campaign currently. It sucks. I'm beginning to drag so much in combat that the only real use that I currently am at 8th level is healing people who get dropped. I'm thinking that the only way I can actually salvage it is by going for Ur-Priest (I'm a Blue Dragon Shaman), which even then is going to take some time to come online. So, I set to, and tried to reimagine it a bit, turning it into something that's worthy of worshipping creatures which can grow into an extinction level event.

These are some of my initial thoughts on the Dragon Shaman, and what I wanted to extol;
- Transforming into a Dragon.
- Gradually becoming more draconic.
- Being able to help calm down the Dragons or awaken them in times of need.
- Options available for the none PHB dragons
- Epic progression including those for the Epic Dragons.
- ACF's for specific templates to apply; i.e Dracolich, Vampire Dragon, etc.
- Increase its power level to that similar to T2 or T3 classes.

Black Dragon (SRD/MM1)
Blue Dragon (SRD/MM1)
Green Dragon (SRD/MM1)
Red Dragon (SRD/MM1)
White Dragon (SRD/MM1)

Brass Dragon (SRD/MM1)
Bronze Dragon (SRD/MM1)
Copper Dragon (SRD/MM1)
Gold Dragon (SRD/MM1)
Silver Dragon (SRD/MM1)

Gem; ACF spellcasting caster level with Manifesting, using Psion Discipline instead (with the relevant ACF's from the Minds Eye)
Amethyst Dragon (MM2); ACF - Psychokinesis Discipline
Crystal Dragon (MM2); ACF - Telepathy Discipline
Emerald Dragon (MM2); ACF - Clairsentience Discipline
Sapphire Dragon (MM2); ACF - Psychoportation Discipline
Topaz Dragon (MM2); ACF - Psychometabolism Discipline

Orange Dragon (Dragon Compendium)
Purple Dragon (Dragon Compendium)
Yellow Dragon (Dragon Compendium)
Incarnum Dragon (Dragon Compendium); ACF replaces spellcasting with
Fang Dragon (DCN)

Lung; note, starts off at Level 1 as a Yu Lung, Level 10, chooses one other Lung Dragon form to gain abilities)
Carp Dragon/Yu Lung (OA)
River Dragon/Chiang Lung (OA)
Earth Dragon/Li Lung (OA)
Sea Dragon/Lung Wang (OA)
Coiled Dragon/Pan Lung (OA)
Spirit Dragon/Shen Lung (OA)
Celestial Dragon/T'ien Lung (OA)
Typhoon Dragon/Tun Mi Lung (OA)

Hex Dragon (Drag #343)
Tome Dragon (Drag #343)

Chromium Dragon (Drag #356)
Cobalt Dragon (Dragon #356)
Iron Dragon (Dragon #356)
Nickel Dragon (Dragon #356)
Tungsten Dragon (Dragon #356)

Planar Dragons
Battle Dragon (DCN)
Chaos Dragon (DCN)
Ethereal Dragon (DCN)
Howling Dragon (DCN)
Oceanus Dragon (DCN)
Pyroclastic Dragon (DCN)
Radiant Dragon (DCN)
Rust Dragon (DCN)
Styx Dragon (DCN)
Tarterian Dragon (DCN)
Shadow Dragon (DCN)

Brown Dragon (MonoF)
Deep Dragon (MonoF)
Song Dragon (MonoF)
Mercury Dragon (DoF)
Steel Dragon (DoF)
Mist Dragon (DoF)

Force Dragon (SRD/ELH)
Prismatic Dragon (SRD/ELH)
Time Dragon (Dragon #359)

Templates; gain benefits of Templates according to your Totem Dragon, if it has them.
Dracolich (DCN)
Ghostly (DCN)
Skeletal (DCN); unlikely to be used, Int- makes it a poor option
Vampiric (DCN)
Zombie (DCN); unlikely to be used, Int- makes it a poor option

Dragon Prestige Classes; gain benefits of Prestige Classes according to your Totem Dragon, if it has them. Replaces Spellcasting unless stated otherwise. (or youu ability to Wild Shape into none-totem Dragons).
Bloodscaled Fury;
Disciple of Ashardalon;
Dispassionate Watcher of Chronepsis
Dragon Ascendant
Elemental Master
Hidecarved Dragon
Sacred Warder of Bahamut
Unholy Ravager of Tiamat

Dragon Psychoses; gain particular Psychoses according to your Totem Dragon, if it has them.

Dragon Archetypes; gain particular Archetypes according to your Totem Dragon, if it has them.

So, that said, here is a brief outline of what I've got so far;

HD; D8 increasing to D12 when Wild Shaped into Totem Dragon
Alignment; Must be within 1 step of Totem Dragons typical or lose all Supernatural Abilities and Half Dragon template.
Skills; 6+Int, Dragon baseline, bonus skills according to Totem Dragon
BAB; 3/4. When Wild Shaped into Totem Dragon form, increases to Full.

Class Features;
Proficiency; Proficient with all natural and simple weapons and light armour, and all shields (except tower).
Bonus Language; Draconic, and any other that your Totem Dragon picked up natively.
Totem Dragon; gain additional benefits thanks to your Totem Dragon, including an improved Skill List, Wild Shape, and Half-Dragon template. Changing your Totem Dragon requires a ritual involving the drinking of a draught made from a willingly given
Dragontouched; 1st, Bonus feat.

Draconic Aura; gain an aura with a range of 20ft/charisma bonus (minimum 20ft). Choose from list. 2nd, 5th and every 3rd level after. Bonuses are now based on Cha bonus rather than class level

Spellcasting; 4th level. Half Casting.
Draconic; 5th level. Gain the Draconic Template, ignoring LA. Any creature with the Dragon type ignore changes to Ability Scores. It is for this purpose an acquired template.
Wild Shape; 5th level. Can Wild Shape as the druid ability. However, can only take the form of a Dragon; lose Wild Shape (Elemental) and gain Gargantuan form at 18 and Colossal form at 20). Treat your Effective Wild Shape level as double when taking the form of your Totem Dragon, and gain the Su/Ex abilities of it as well, ignore size restrictions. You can use forms you can take Wild Shaping into a Dragon to meet prerequisites, with the exception that you

Improved Draconic Aura; Add the Age Category of the oldest Totem Dragon you can Wild Shape into to your Charisma bonus for the purposes of the Draconic Aura.

Half Dragon form; 10th level. Gain the Half-Dragon template of your Totem Dragon - any Dragon type creature ignores any changes to ability scores. Spend Wild Shape uses to use any SLA of your Totem Dragon (at any time, not just Wild Shape). 10th; Young or younger, Adult orur younger at 13th, Very Old at 16th, Great Wyrm at 20th. Any Familiar or Animal Companion

Shrunken Form; Wild Shape - you may spend a number of Wild Shape uses to decrease your size category by 1 per Wild Shape use. This works similar to the Enlarge Person spell, but ignores typing restrictions. This change of size lasts until you next change your form with Wild Shape. This may not reduce your size lower than the minimum size of Wild Shape you can take.

Enlarged Form; Wild Shape - as above, but increasing size.

Draconic SLA; requires; ability to Wild Shape into a Dragon. Spend Wild Shape uses to use SLA's.

2014-06-07, 12:59 PM
See if this helps you in any way (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showsinglepost.php?p=17531604).

It's not a worshiper concept, but you actually get to feel draconic.