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Passive Pete
2014-06-09, 10:10 PM
Howdy ho, assorted neighborinos!

I share with you today an (rather brilliant if I do say so myself) idea for another Silly Message Board Game! (cue the sarcastic "yippess") But wait! It has pictures! (Ooo! Aaahhh!). It works as follows:

1. Posters 1-10 post pictures (please follow default Playground image rules). These can be of mostly anything, randomness is encouraged. One picture does not have to relate to the one before it, and in fact shouldn't, as that would spur more creativity. You may post a comment with your picture, but please do not caption it. This will make more sense in rule 2.

2. After Posters 1-10 have posted pictures, leaving us with 10 pictures in 10 different posts, Posters 11-20 caption the images, in a way. Poster 11 views Poster 1's picture, and describes what's going on in that picture. (NOTE: It does NOT have to be strictly logical). After that, Poster 12 views Poster 2's image, and continues the story Poster 11 started, and describes how Poster 2's image impacts Poster 11's story.

3. After Poster 20 has wrapped up the story (he will have shared how Poster 10's image finished up the story), then the order restarts from Step 1.

Note that ALL the pictures that the story will be based off of are posted before ANY of the actual story-by-text, so the pictures should seem completely random at first.

Now, this all makes sense in my head, but my head is NOT to be trusted. If the above rules do not make sense to you, read the below example.

Poster 1: Image of a camel in an alleyway
Poster 2: Image of a badger
Poster 3: Image of circus
Poster 4: Image of a butcher
Poster 5: Image of a superhero
Poster 6: Image of explosion
Poster 7: Image of Ronald McDonald
Poster 8: Image of Mona Lisa
Poster 9: Image of Police Officer
Poster 10: Image of boat
Poster 11: *views over image of camel* "Once upon a time there was a homeless camel"
Poster 12: *considering badger image* "One day he was captured by an angry badger"
Poster 13: "And brought to a circus"
Poster 14: "An evil butcher invaded the circus for camel meat"
Poster 15 "But was stopped by a superhero"
Poster 16: "The superhero was 'Explosive Man', and he blew up the whole circus"
Poster 17: "Out of the rubble climbs Ronald McDonald"
Poster 18: "He went to steal the Mona Lisa"
Poster 19: "But was stopped by the police"
Poster 20: "Before he was brought to jail, he escaped by boat to Mexico, where he lived happily ever after. The End"

So TPBM, I ask of thee to post a picture! :smallbiggrin:

2014-06-23, 08:36 PM
Okay, let's give this a shot.


Scarlet Knight
2014-06-23, 09:51 PM
http://i1183.photobucket.com/albums/x475/scarletknight83/DSCI0073_zpsb47e6f03.jpg (http://s1183.photobucket.com/user/scarletknight83/media/DSCI0073_zpsb47e6f03.jpg.html)

Kinda like Mad-libs...