View Full Version : Misunderstandings Between Friends

White Rook
2007-02-21, 02:15 PM

My friend Brian started drawing these a while ago and has recently received some acclaim from the Truth and Beauty Bombs (Dinosaur Comics, A Softer World) crew. While they're sometimes a bit odd, or even seemingly pointless, they're certainly unique and can be very funny for certain tastes. Anywho, check out the archive. You might think it's neat.


2007-02-22, 10:14 AM
Wow, this is fantastic. I bookmarked it, and will thoroughly enjoy seeing the rest of them. There is a lot of talent and creativity in here.

Thanks for the link!

Has your friend considered going to rhe Indie Publishers or Small Press section of the San Diego Comic-Con?

2007-02-22, 11:59 AM
I don't get almost all of them, but the art is cool.