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Maddened Champion's Wrath
Your anger refreshes you, rendering you far readier to fight.
Prerequisites: Trap Sense +1, Battle Ardor, Rage 1/day
Benefits: Your Barbarian levels are are not halved for the purpose of determining your Warblade IL; in addition, your Warblade levels stack with your Barbarian levels for the purposes of how many times you may Rage per day and your Trap Sense bonus.

In addition, as long as you are in a Rage, add your Trap Sense bonus to your Intelligence modifier for the purposes of the Battle Clarity, Battle Ardor, Battle Cunning, Battle Skill, and Battle Mastery class features.

Unparalleled Blade Works [Fighter]
You are unmatched in the field of battle; only a fool would attempt to cross blades with you.
Prerequisites: Proficiency in Tower Shields, Weapon Specialization, Martial Study, 4 Fighter Bonus Feats, Weapon Aptitude, BAB +6.
Benefits: Your effective Fighter level due to Weapon Aptitude no longer takes a -2 penalty; in addition, your Fighter level is not halved for the purposes of determining your Warblade IL.

In addition, Weapon Specialization grants a bonus to damage equal to your Intelligence score instead of +2, and that bonus damage bypasses DR and Hardness.

Finally, you may take Martial Study as a Fighter bonus feat an unlimited time, using your Warblade IL in place of half your ECL, as long as the maneuvers all come from a Discipline that you already know a maneuver from due to Martial Study.

Martial Warhunter
Your chosen enemies will feel your blade, no matter how they hide.
Prerequisites: Combat Style, Combat Ardor, Favored Enemy +2
Benefits: Your Ranger and Warblade levels stack for the purposes of the Favored Enemy and Combat Style class features. In addition, your Ranger level is not halved for the purpose of determining your Warblade IL.

Finally, you gain one of the following special abilities, depending on your chosen Combat Style:

Archery: You may initiate Strikes with a range of Melee Attack with a Ranged Attack instead; the target of that attack must be within the first range increment of your weapon.
Bear Wrestling: Whenever you are Grappling a creature, you may choose to Damage your Opponent when initiating a Strike with a range of Melee Attack; doing so replaces the normal attack with a Grapple check that deals nonlethal damage as if you had hit your enemy with an Unarmed Strike.
Mounted Combat: You may use Strikes with that take a Standard action to Initiate instead of an attack when using Ride-By Attack.
Natural Attacks: As long as you are under the effects of a Boost, your Natural Weapons deal damage as if they were one size larger.
Piscator: You may treat entangling a creature with a Net as a melee attack for the purposes of recovering maneuvers.
Strong-Arm: Whenever you initiate a Strike while wielding a two-handed weapon or a one-handed weapon in two hands, you may use 10 + 1/2 BAB + Strength modifier in place of the normal Save DC for that maneuver.
Throwing: Any Boosts or Stances that you know that enhance Melee attacks also apply to Thrown weapons.
Two-Weapon Fighting: As long as you are wielding a weapon in your off-hand, you may treat any Strike you make with a range of Melee Attack as if it were a Full Attack for the purposes of Two-Weapon Fighting.

Martial Sneakthief [Ambush]
You were raised on the mean streets, and you mean business.
Prerequisites: Battle Ardor, Sneak Attack +2d6, Hide 8 ranks, Move Silently 8 ranks
Benefits: Your Rogue levels and your Warblade levels stack for the purpose of determining how many Sneak Attack dice you have; in addition, your Rogue levels is not halved for the purpose of determining your Warblade IL.

Whenever you successfully make a Sneak Attack as part of initiating a Strike, you may choose to reduce your Sneak Attack dice by half the maneuvers level, rounded up, instead of expending that maneuver.

Sage of Primeval Forests
You have kinship with the beasts of the forest; they are your army against this world.
Prerequisites: Discipline Focus (Insightful Strike), Woodland Stride, Augment Summoning
Benefits: Your Druid level is not halved for the purposes of determining your Swordsage IL. In addition, your Swordsage and Druid levels stack for the purpose of determining your Druid CL.

Whenever you spontaneously cast Summon Nature's Ally, the summoned creatures gain Martial Study and Martial Stance as bonus feats; the maneuver and stance must be chosen from your known maneuvers and stances, and if you summon multiple creatures, they all gain the same maneuver and stance.

Enlightened Siddha
You have become enlightened through countless years of strife and study
Prerequisites: Flurry of Blows, Still Mind, Discipline Focus (Weapon Focus), Superior Unarmed Strike
Benefits: Your Monk levels are not halved for the purposes of determining your Swordsage IL; in addition, your Monk and Swordsage levels stack for the purpose of Flurry of Blows.

In addition, you may treat any Strike with a range of Melee Attack that you initiate as a Full Attack for the purposes of Flurry of Blows, and consider the Discipline Weapons of the Disciplines chosen for Discipline Focus to be Monk weapons.
Special: A creature with this feat may multiclass freely between Monk and Swordsage.

Wizard Militant of (School)
You are a warrior-wizard of extra-ordinary puissance.
Prerequisites: Must cast spells from a Spellbook, specialization in a school, able to cast 2nd level spells, 8 Maneuvers known, AC Bonus
Benefits: Your Wizard levels are not halved for the purposes of determining your Swordsage IL, and your Swordsage levels stack with your Wizard levels for the purposes of new spells learned each level.

In addition, you gain a benefit based off your Specialization:

Abjuration: You may use your Counters as if they had a range of Close and a target line of "One Ally".
Conjuration: You may expend a Strike as a Swift action to conjure one of that Maneuver's Discipline non-shield weapons; alternatively, if the Discipline's weapons include shields, they may expend a Boost as a Swift action to conjure one of that type of shields. Conjured objects last 1 minute and are considered Warheart weapons or shields (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?101160-Warheart-Weapons-Children-of-the-Nine-Swords-Items) of that maneuver.
Divination: Once per encounter, you may expend a readied Maneuver as a free action and immediately ready another Maneuver.
Enchantment: You may use a Rush (http://www.minmaxboards.com/index.php?topic=1191) as a Move action as if it had a range of Close and a target line of "One Charmed or Dominated Creature"; you decide how the creature uses this movement.
Evocation: Once per encounter, you may apply the benefits of the Empower, Maximize, or Energy Substitution (Energy type chosen upon taking this feat).
Illusion: As long as you are under the effects of a Stance, you gain the benefits of a Disguise Self effect.
Necromancy: You may use your Stances as if they had a range of Close and a target line of "A number of Mindless Undead equal to your Wisdom modifier."
Transmutation: You may use your Boosts as if they had a range of Close and a target line of "One Ally".

Battle-Heart Inspiration
Combat is a performance, and you are ready to take center stage.
Prerequisites: Zealous Surge, Inspire Competence, Countersong, Fascinate
Benefits: Your Bard levels are not halved for the purposes of determining your Crusader IL. In addition, your Crusader levels stack with your Bard levels when determining how many times per day you may use your Bardic Music.

In addition, uses of Zealous Surge against Sonic or Mind-Affecting abilities do not count towards the number of times you may use it per day. Finally, you may sustain Fascinate as a free action in each round in which you initiate a maneuver, and creatures never treat initiating a maneuver as a hostile action for the purposes of Fascinate unless it is targeted at them.

Faithful Templar [Divine]
Your faith can strike down even the greatest foe.
Prerequisites: Turn/Rebuke Undead, Indomitable Soul, ability to cast 2nd level Divine spells, access to Domains.
Benefits: Your Cleric levels are not halved for the purposes of determining your Crusader IL, and your Crusader and Cleric levels stack for the purpose of determining your effective Cleric level for Turning or Rebuking.

You may expend a use of Turn/Rebuke Undead as part of initiating a Maneuver; if you do so, the Maneuver is not expended, and half of any damage it deals or grants as bonus damage is from pure divine energies, which is not subject to resistances, and which is doubled against creatures whose alignment is more than one step away from that of your deity. Against creatures who worship your deity, this modified damage is negated.

Triumphant Zealous Justicar
You were placed on this world to punish the wicked.
Prerequisites: Lay on Hands, Smite Evil 1/day, Indomitable Soul
Benefits: Your Paladin level is not halved for the purposes of determining your Crusader IL; in addition, your Paladin levels and your Crusader levels stack for the purpose of Lay on Hands and Smite Evil.

In addition, as long as you have at least one daily use of Smite Evil remaining, you may, trade one of your Readied maneuvers with the Smite the Wicked maneuver as a free action:

Smite the Wicked (Boost)
Level: Paladin 1
Initiation Time: 1 Swift action
Range: Personal
Target: You
Duration: 1 round.

Stealing yourself, you strike a mighty blow against an enemy of Good everywhere.

For the duration of this Boost, you gain an additional daily use of Smite Evil.

If you do so, you automatically lose a single daily use of Smite Evil at the end of that encounter.
Special: A creature with this feat may multiclass freely between Crusader and Paladin.

Warrior-Blooded Witch
Your blood runs with a thousand years of martial heritage.
Prerequisites: Ability to spontaneously cast 2nd level Arcane spells, Indomitable Soul.
Benefits: Your Sorcerer levels are not halved for the purposes of determining your Crusader IL; in addition, your Crusader and Sorcerer levels stack for the purposes of determining your Sorcerer CL.

Whenever you learn a spell, you may instead learn it as a maneuveror stance, as per the guidelines listed here (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?187632-Arcane-Swordsage-Making-it-actually-work). Determine whether or not you can learn a spell after determining its new level; once you have learned this maneuver or stance, you may ready it (or enter it) as if it were one of your Crusader' maneuvers or stances known.

So... yeah. All of these are achievable at 6th level if you build for them.

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Bump? Bump. Bump!

I will trade more feats for commentary.

OK, I'll give some commentary on my dev process (because I don't think I've ever done that.)

First, I divided the 11 PHB classes between the 3 ToB classes by theme, not ability score.

Warblade got all the guys whose primary identity is mundane skill (Barbarian, Fighter, Ranger, Rogue).
Swordsage got the guys whose emphasis is esoteric knowledge (Druid, Monk, Wizard), and Crusader got the rest (OK, it's a bit better to call them the "Force of Personality classes.")

Second, I looked at each class and their unique features and playstyles:

Barbarian/Warblade was pretty simple; it essentially is a "make my RAGE better" numbers boost. Which is OK, since the Barbarian is the traditional "run up and smack it" class.

Fighter/Warblade drove me crazy. Because the Fighter gets nothing that you can't get through levels of Warblade. I finally settled on something that indirectly favors the Fighter, simply because they have more bonus feats, so they can grab more "esoteric" maneuvers.

Ranger/Warblade was fun; I originally was going to go with something Favored Enemy related, but then went "wait, they have Combat Styles. I should take advantage of that." And, hey, Combat Style has always been an important part of the Ranger for me. So they get a set of powers that warp maneuvers to work with their style.
I started with Archery and TWF... and then remembered all the alternate styles. So I wrote more; I'm not entirely satisfied with Throwing.

Rogue/Warblade is a potentially tasty combo, and I went with a simple feat that grants a pretty decent benefit (trade damage for keeping a maneuver? Sounds worth it to me!)

Druid/Swordsage had me tearing my hair out. I originally wanted to go with Shapeshift Druid, but instead (obviously) chose to go with something available to a Vanilla Druid. The feat intentionally forces you to lose out on 4 Druid levels, so it probably won't be taken by optimal Druids (but who needs to be optimal when you are a Druid?)

Monk/Swordsage was kinda an obviously combo. This lets them actually be a skirmisher.

Wizard/Swordsage took me forever to write; Conjuration, Evocation, and Illusion were the hardest ones. Conversely, Abjuration, Divination, and Transmutation wrote themselves.

Bard/Crusader is... well, Song of the White Raven already exists, which meant I had to find a uniquely Bard thing that didn't involve Inspire Courage. I think it works out nicely and uniquely.

Cleric/Crusader is a Divine feat for a reason; Ruby Knight Vindicators get a potential power boost, which I'm fine with (it has ONE overpowered class feature. The rest of the class is kinda garbage.)

Paladin/Crusader essentially gives you a Smite Evil attempt as a maneuver; +level damage and +cha to hit, with feats boosting that, is a pretty sweet deal as a maneuver.

Sorcerer/Crusader... I actually don't like this one. It's just that Sorcerers get nothing unique. Nothing. NOTHING. Who know. I might replace it with a feat that boosts Familiars.

So... yeah.

2014-06-18, 07:17 PM
More ToB content is always good, and these are darn useful. However, I question the balance of some of these. The barbarian ability is downright scary if used correctly, and the fighter feat feels underwhelming (not many op-heavy fighters take weapon specialization in the first place).

For the fighter ability, make it so that your warblade and fighter levels combine for determining fighter level prerequisites. Also, have the feat boost martial study so that you gain an additional stance/maneuver every other time you take it.

2014-06-18, 09:37 PM
Fighter and Warblade levels already stack for Fighter Feat prereqs.

As for the Barbarian one, it is a +6 to a bunch of things at high levels. The thing is, you need to take more Warblade levels to get to apply the benefits to stuff other than Reflex saves and Crit Confirmation, and it is only while in Rage.

The Martial Stance idea is interesting... but it would probably come out to being much better than a Warblade. Remember, each instance of Martial Study essentially gives you an additional Maneuver known and readied, and this feat lets you pick a discipline that is not normally accessible for Warblades.

That can be ridiculously strong if you pick the right discipline.

You've earned yourself a homebrew feat; what kind of feat do you want?