View Full Version : Pathfinder [PF] Homebrew and Houserules

2014-06-16, 03:30 AM
Hello! My Carrion Crown game is going to be resuming in a few weeks, and while it's been on hold, I've been working on developing and accumulating what I like to think of as 'quality of life' improvements for the martial classes in Pathfinder, without having to directly damage the capacity of spellcasters, and I thought I'd see what the Playground had to think about those changes. Some of this material is imported 3.5 material, some of it is out of my own head, and some of it is inspired from talking to people and reading the opinions of others.

The document can be found [here] (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1DAa56igA6jy3e1Ky5tmzauBl3zjQC-fXs6WuX7zm43M/edit#). Thoughts and opinions are more than welcome!