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2007-02-24, 01:04 PM
Announcing iConvention 2007!

Our team at Fouruglymonsters.com has decided to help move the gaming industry forward by producing an internet gaming convention on March 24 & 25 of this coming year. This has been done before so you may ask why we would attempt this venture, the reason is simple.

We see the future in online gaming, specifically Virtual Gaming Table applications such as Fantasy Grounds, MapTool, Battlegrounds, d20Pro, and others out there. These applications push the envelope of gaming and bring gaming to a large gaming audience already present on the web. It is also ushering a large return of those gamers who have moved on in their lives, now have a family and cannot get away for the weekly game. These 'mid-life' gamers are looking for ways to reconnect with their friends and their beloved hobby. These applications are enabling them and creating strong growth in the industry.

Along with the virtual gaming table applications, the recent growth of applications geared directly for gamers has increased. Applications such as PCGen, Dundjinni, Campaign Cartographer, Redblade, and e-Tools have ushered in a great new era of gaming, providing gamers with previously unknown power to unleash their creativity.

Already we have seen a stunning amount of support from many of the developers behind these applications and many have pledged support in the form of free products for door prizes, demonstrations of their applications, interviews with the development staff, and advertising on their websites.

Registration and Admission is free!
Open Registration has begun, please follow the following steps:

For iCon Registration, you first MUST be registered for the FUM forum,
Click here to do so now. (http://www.fouruglymonsters.com/community/register.php?)
Once you have completed this step, all one needs to do is click this link:
Click Here to Register for iCon 07! (http://www.fouruglymonsters.com/community/profile.php?do=editusergroups)
Then select that you wish to join the iConRegistrant Usergroup.
One of our staff will verify your request and we will add you to the group, then you are in and ready for iCon to begin!

Our mission statement:
Our goal is to bring attention to the various Virtual Game Table and Gaming software products available to gamers wanting to capture the feel of live role-playing games when separated by physical boundaries.

At this time, the convention is in the planning and resource gathering stage. Suggestions are welcome. Continue to check back here for updates.

The FourUglyMonsters.com


2008-03-12, 12:49 PM
iCon08 (http://www.iconvention.org/) will be held on March 29 & 30.

There's no better place to learn all about virtual tabletop software, and to try it out for yourself in a demo or an actual game session. "Attendance" is free.