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That Lanky Bugger
2007-02-25, 05:12 PM
Just finished Twilight Princess, so I started playing Grandia III... and seriously:

Miranda is officially the coolest mother ever.

E. Vee. E. Arrr.

I mean, what other JRPG mother actively encourages her son to engage in dangerous battle with foes of unknown strength and power? I mean, hell... Miranda just sat at the sidelines and let Yuki kick Kornell's ass all by himself! Big bad evil dude, and she just sits back and lets her son do all the work? Awesome!

Even if she dies before I get another twenty minutes in... She's kicked some major ass. I'm totally making her my next OotS avie project.

Any other Miranda fans out there?

2007-02-27, 10:50 AM
Yes. I also just started playing the game, and she rocks.

2007-03-03, 06:21 AM
Miranda is officially the coolest mother ever.
Any other Miranda fans out there?

Man... she's unfortunately one of the very best parts of Grandia 3... I say unfortunately because she isn't there for the whole game, and she gets replaced by less interesting people. If the first 4 party members you get comprised your party for the rest of the game I'd have liked the game a lot more. Ulf and Daphne (was that her name? I don't remember her very well) never got as awesome as Miranda and Alphonse.

Grandia 3 wasn't as character driven as some other RPGs, but it certainly had its moments, and Miranda was involved in one of the best ones.

Sky Captain Schmit was involved in the other two.

That Lanky Bugger
2007-03-03, 11:54 AM
That's disappointing.

Unfortunately I picked up Kingdom Hearts II recently, so I doubt I'm going to find my way back to Grandia III anytime soon. I made the mistake of popping the KH2 disc into my PS2 "just to try it", and the next thing I know I'm actually at the part where you can play as Sora and the timestamp on the game is reading 4 hours, 34 minutes.