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Mercenary Pen
2014-06-28, 06:00 PM
Okay people, here's how this works: Between us, we will fashion a world in the style of those commonly found in RPG's. Each person will contribute by posting up to three of the following- setting specific rules, pieces of lore for the world, and other associated setting materials.

Where possible, internal consistency should be maintained, but in the event of pieces of contradictory lore, retcons may be posted as part of your three additions to the setting.

Playing the setting for laughs is encouraged.

That being said, I shall start things off:

1- The world is a fairly standard middling-to-high fantasy setting

2- Except where the rules provide specific analogues, the laws of physics cannot be assumed to exist (and indeed, planar exploration has proven that things like gravity are not constants)

3- However, within the world there are groups of physics cultists, worshipping idols with unfamiliar names such as Heisenberg the Chaotic, the Almighty Tesla and Dread Newton seeking to disprove or destroy the vagaries and inconsistencies of magic within the world.

2014-07-03, 07:29 PM
1. The world is flat, though only one edge, over the ocean at the horizon, has been found. The ocean simply cascades over the edge like a massive waterfall; where it ends up is unknown, as the "bottom" is obscured by dark storm clouds expanding off into infinity. Explorers search for the other edges of the world.

2. The noble Goblins Nations of Kov act as a shield and guardian for the inner human cities, defending the heartland of civilization from the incursions of the depraved Elven Horde and their ancient undead Elders.

3. The ability to perform magic is genetic, though anyone can perform ritualistic/alchemical magic if equipped with enough blood from a natural-born magic user. Magi-blood is highly addictive, however.

2014-07-08, 09:32 PM
1. An exception to the no-physics rule is inertia; if you shoot a gun, nothing will stop it, because there is no friction. Thus, firearms are no longer made, and you might die at any moment thanks to a rouge bullet.

2. Rouge is the term used for a professional rogue, and vice versa.

3. Magic for genetic users is used mostly through speech; it is simplest to cast spells with intentional words, but some mutes still cast anyway...

2014-07-12, 12:37 PM
1. The Sun rise in the North and spends the day meandering slowly across the sky before setting in the West. Two hours later it rises again and blazes across the sky in under an hour to set again in the East. This is due to the drunken feasts the Sun God has each night at the hall of its brother, the God of the North Wind.

2. About a third of the gods waste much of their time in drunken revelry and pointless feasting at a massive hall on the northern edge of the world. As a result, the physical constants are completely out of whack and most natural cycles cannot be relied upon. This may or may not be a scheme by the God of the North Wind to trick the other gods into handing rulership of reality over to him.

3. The city of Sharis, regarded by many as the greatest city in existence and acknowledged by all as the largest, is mobile. It is always on the move, exploring and trading in distant and exotic lands. Its means of locomotion are through eight massive steel legs capable of supporting Sharis a kilometre above the ground or sea bed, but usually preferring an altitude of four hundred metres. To this date, no one has been unfortunate enough to be stepped on as it appears that whoever designed the system was afraid of lawsuits.

Mercenary Pen
2014-07-12, 01:24 PM
1- Nomadic groups of Troglodytes travel through the world, performing slapstick routines in the towns and cities they visit which are well received in almost every place they visit (though there are rumours that this is laying the groundwork for some bizarre and generally farfetched plan for world domination- with most of the rumoured plans being well beyond the mental faculties of the average troglodyte)

2- Emperor Vazagog VII of the Empire of Magfuv to the south-west decrees that all those who do not worship his pet chickens shall be polymorphed into earthworms and delivered to the imperial chicken enclosure as food.

3- A secret society of Dwarven bards is believed to hold a piece of sheet music older than the world itself, which has confounded all divinations that have so far been cast upon it.

Targ Collective
2014-07-29, 03:09 AM
1. Succubae and Incubi are commonplace. They cannot breed and are immortal. They do not steal souls and it is rare to find them in a committed relationship as few can withstand their appetite.

2. The fertility goddesses require a ritual before conception is possible; however, after the ritual, you are *guaranteed* to conceive if you try for a child within the next three days.

3. There is a plan that the Succubae and Incubi are hatching to allow them to add to their numbers. However it requires the sacrifice of the old body to remake a new body. They are moral beings and value all life. Therefore they will not roll the plan out until they have overcome this limitation.

2014-08-23, 05:01 AM
1. the afterlife is composed of infinite towers constructed from the raw soul-stuff of the dead, every human is simply added to the towers.

2. the sadistic god of the dead is actually the soul form of an ancient sorcerer king who hijacked the afterlife.

3. the only truly immortal creatures are the elementals, who always reform after destruction and cannot age.

2014-08-24, 03:48 PM
-Though the world is known to be flat, there are some who actually claim it to be bowl shaped. They claim the the underside of the world rolls to a certain plateau and from there rolls back down to meet the other edges. This theory has been untested, because once the word bowl is mentioned, people find the nearest spoon, expecting cereal.

-Twice a year comes the night of the sneezing river, where all the babbling you hear in brooks is silent, save for the occasional sneeze of a particularly fast moving body of water. Oddly enough, it has been noted the highest number of sneezes occur near he water supplies for shrines, temples, and other religious structures.

-on the new year, the stars rearrange themselves into a massive slot machine, and roll until a jackpot is reached, dropping stars out of the slot to reach new homes in the sky.

2014-09-08, 01:16 PM
1. there is a secret society of dwarves who have dug to find out what is over the edge of the world, they are not known to most and have not found the bottom of neither the world nor the edge

2. after millennia of existence the immortal elementals have all become severely depressed and suicidal, however they have yet to figure out how to kill themselves permanently.

3. alien beings have been observing this world from the nearest planet and abduct the occasional sentient to learn more about the world's culture

2014-09-08, 07:28 PM
1. There exist three rings of weather in the sky over a small area of the planet known as the Center, a highly populated region shared mostly by lizard-folk and humans, as well as a select few other races. The weather here is dominated by the rings in the sky: The outermost ring rains every other day with varying strength in its downpours, while the odd days tend to have weather that would actually make sense for the current season. The middle ring has natural weather, except for an absence of wind. Only on the summer and winter solstices does a heavy wind desecrate the land. The inner ring is always dry and airy. The entire set of rings only covers a small fraction of the known world, but 1/10 of the entire population of the world resides in it.

2. It is said that the elvish god of luck strolls along the end of the world, drinking booze and giving wishes out to those who meet him. This has drawn a lot of pilgrims out to the only known edge of the world, but most fall to their deaths, as this area is constantly collapsing from the erosion caused by the high winds that fly under it's cliffs, mysteriously going straight up into the air.

3. There is a small country known as the Deadlands populated by ghosts, who battle by possessing skeletons and using them as armor. They are not usually hostile; in fact, they get great business from other nations, as many trade routes wind through their kingdom. The ghosts that live here appear from a strange hole in the ground whose secrets remain closely guarded by the Sacred Bones, the most elite of the king's army. None of these ghosts have been identified as the dead of other nations, and seem completely new to the world.

Edit: I was in a rush to make this the first time around, so I fixed some things.