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2014-06-30, 03:43 PM
I've been following this comic for a while now, it's a great read.
It's usually pretty funny, the story is good and the artwork has improved greatly over the years. The comic has been going for 9 years now and still updates regularly.

Here is a link to the first comic:
Multiplex, a comic strip about life at the movies (http://www.multiplexcomic.com/strip/1)

2014-07-28, 03:00 AM
Thanks for this. I've been reading it with gusto. Up to #800 now; I'll be sad when I get to the current ending.

2014-07-28, 01:09 PM
I really enjoy this comic, though once I caught up, it's hard to wait for the next story line. My favorite part is the character growth of everyone in the cast.
The variety of the cast is very nice, I felt like pretty much every type of character was represented, both the bad and the good.

2014-07-28, 02:13 PM
A really enjoyable read, but I'm finding it hard to read on a week to week. Might have to let it sit for a few months, then binge.

2014-08-01, 10:36 AM
Did the Disqus for this vanish? I'm not seeing a comments section on the pages anymore.

2014-08-01, 01:23 PM
Notes from the Manager

Comments have been removed indefinitely; itís not a DISQUS error or anything. (And no, it was not because of you specifically.)

Seems to be gone yes, the comments on older comics are gone as well.

2014-08-01, 10:25 PM
Thanks Steckie, I looked around a bit but I missed that.

2014-08-02, 10:02 AM
Seems to be gone yes, the comments on older comics are gone as well.

Yes, I'm not sure if anything happened that prompted Gordon to remove the comment's section, but I'm glad there's a thread here now to talk about it.

I was just re-reading the first couple of comics again (up to 74 now) and I noticed a bunch of little details that I never noticed before. Like Becky having a crush on Jason back then and seemingly getting a bit jealous when he's with other girls.

2014-08-23, 03:34 PM
The comments page is gone, but I emailed the artist and sent him a link to this topic. With any luck, he'll mention it to his readers and they can discuss it here on the Playground.

2014-12-18, 12:19 AM
Did anything ever happen with the comments?

2014-12-18, 09:59 AM
Did anything ever happen with the comments?

Nope, still gone. He commented more on it a bit later.

Incidentally, some of you have noticed that the comments have disappeared in the last few weeks. This wasnít in response to any particularly egregious posts or anything ó more just a long, slow build-up in me of distaste for having to moderate them lest they devolve into the cesspool that comments sections are on far too many websites. As much as I love interacting with you guys, I would rather devote more time to working on the strip than moderating the siteís comments, you know?

So no more comments.

2014-12-23, 04:22 PM
Can't really argue with that (especially with EGS:NP pretty much being about that right now :D ) I still miss them though. Is there another place to go for discussion on Multiplex, I feel like I'm grave digging this thread every time I want to check up on it.

(and looking at the guidelines and the date on my previous post, I was in fact necroing it... sorry )

2014-12-24, 11:58 AM
This is the only place left, so necroing or not, it'll have to do.