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2014-06-30, 07:59 PM
The Swede

Prestige Class.

Few warriors ever become as resilient or strong as The Swede, and those few that do are forever remembered as legends, even to these warriors who live in Loincloth during winter.
The Swede is known for their endurance against poison, mind effects and their great reflexes, easily able to avoid small projectiles before they even have a chance to hit The Swede.
Swedes are often found in the north, where it is as coldest, the conditions are harsh but only these warriors manages to survive for generations, however trade is starting to become bad and it's hard for them to survive, few Swedes remain.
Swede's fought with anything they found, from the weapons in the hands to the teeth from opponents, if it's sharp, blunt or long it'll do.
Sometimes, warriors who's heard of the feats Swedes have done come searching for them, so the Swedes can teach them their ways, few ever survive basic training.
Swede's are usually recognize due to their large weapons and medium armour.
One says that Swede's were to first to ever pray to Odin or Thor, this can't be known for sure, as they rarely ever speak to any outsiders.

Alignment: Not Lawful Good

Prerequisite: 16+ in Strength/Constitution. Bab +3

Hit Die

The Swede is proficient with Improvised Weapons, Simple Weapons and Medium Armour.

Class Skills: Survival, Craft, Climb, Handle Animal, Jump, Knowledge(Nature), Search, Swim, Move Silently, Use Rope, Heal, Hide.

Starting Skill Points.

Skill Points at Each Additional Level

At first level, a Swede may take one bonus feat applying to Strength or Constitution, this will determine her class abilities.

At each level, the Swede can take plus to Strength or Con.


+1 to Str/Con, see above. Frozen Nord.

+2 to Str/Con. Hot Blood/Nordic Lion:

+1 to Str/Con. Clear Mind/One Against Many

+2 to Str/Con. Blood Bound.

+2 to two stats, can not spend both on the same stat. Last of His Kind.

Frozen Nord: The Swede gains +5 Fortitude in harsh environments.

Hot Blood. Swede's get a +2 attack bonus on every even level, including this one

Nordic Lion: +2 in Move Silently and Hide per level.

Clear Mind. Swede's get a +4 bonus on Concentration checks at all times.

One Against Many. Swede's are proficient with two armours/weapons of their choice, even if they don't have the feat for it.

Blood Bound. A Swede becomes Blood Bound to her party members, gaining +2 Constitution for each party member alive.

Last of His Kind. You're the last Swede alive, congratulations, but before you take out the victory trumpets have a gift: As the last of your kind, you can mate with any being with no negative consequnses, are now immune to all poisons and can not be targeted by Area of Effect or Homing spells.

Feedback is welcome and appreciated, this is my first time attempting to Homebrew a class.
Not yet completed, i'm thinking of removing the requirements and remaking the class a bit.
And yes, this is a joke class, the idea came to me when me and my friends joked about Swedish people (I'm Swedish.)