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2007-02-26, 03:06 PM
I've toying with the idea for an encounter for the players where a deity tries to possess one of the party members (the player is absent from the campaign so I'm just going to use his PC for this until he gets back) and force him into becoming his vessel into the new world.

the party is currently only 5th level and I'm merely explaining the deity's choice as him seeing the character's future potential.

Now, to make the encounter an actual threat, I was thinking to myself maybe I would give the character in possession a number of Cleric buffs that would make him a good danger.

I was wondering what buffs do you guys think would be fitting to throw onto the possessed. Keep in mind, the deity is not yet at full strength, which is why it's trying to possess someone who can help him bring him back to full strength. So the caster level of the buffs are not going to be through the roof.

That Lanky Bugger
2007-02-26, 03:56 PM
Depends on the character's level, but Divine Power, Divine Favor, and Righteous Might would probably make for a pretty tough but fair encounter. Add in the occasional Cleric spell (even if he's not a Cleric) and you'll be set.

2007-02-26, 05:03 PM
well, the possessed in question just so happens to be a cleric, so that wouldn't be a problem. those three spells seemed to round off the basics fairly well. I was also wondering if giving the character some older spells like Aspects of the Deity would still be reasonable. It's mostly for cosmetic purposes. This is still an encounter for a lvl 5 party so I don't want to overpower them too much. By the numbers alone, the normal codzilla spell list will decimate the characters in a straight up encounter. This has led me to consider the possibility of spliting up the encounter into parts. So instead of forcing the PCs to fight her straight up, I'll give them the option to run away and use the dungeon as cover and what not.

Bears With Lasers
2007-02-26, 05:04 PM
Replacing Righteous Might with Aspect of the Deity would probably be a good choice that would make your characters more likely to survive.

2007-02-27, 11:27 AM
what kind of deity is it? Alignment, domains, important fluff, etc..

2007-02-27, 01:14 PM
oh, sorry, left those out.

well, the deity in question is actually a forgotten god a la the fashion of cthulu, but not nearly as insanity inducing.

The god himself is actually based on a very popular flash game known as the Exmortis. The idea here is that the Exmortis, once a mortal, achieved godhood during the ancient times, challenged the gods for supremacy, lost, and was simply forgotten as his followers died off. As the years have gone by, his city now no more than a ruins was completely abandoned and forgotten. Records of the cultist uprising was removed from most libraries and simply erased from history. There's a brotherhood known as the Guardians of the Lost whose sole oath is to ensure that knowledge of this cult and it's evil god never sees of the light of day again as they continue to hunt down every remaining trace of this deity. They, however, unwittingly helps the rise of the Exmortis as the Guardians of the Lost each facilitate the rituals and each become sacrifices for the rituals themselves.

His alignment is NE, and his domains would be death, destruction, evil, strength, and war. Necromancers are going to be a main stay in this god's little cult.

I'm contemplating on how far I want to push this cult into being a major player in the gaming world though.

The setting in question was actually the work of one of the players and takes place about 800 years before the time of his campaign. Seeing as I don't want him to have to rewrite too much history, I'm fairly certain this story arc is going to be a shortlived one.