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2007-02-26, 05:32 PM
Welcome to the first round of Dementrivia, the quiz show where entertainment conquers truth.

What is this about? You can read the long description (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=35592) or accept the short explanation:
Each round, I give you one question. You send me an answer that is wrong, but as funny and entertaining as possible. After some time, I will gather your entries and reveal them. Then, you may vote for your favorite answer, thus awarding it points.

Round 1 has just finished and found its winner in Deckmaster. We will follow it up right away with the second question, which - so I hope - bears also some comedic potential.

Question 2: Swedish inventor Alfred Nobel founded the famous Nobel Prizes in his last will as a compensation for the fact, that his greatest invention was being abused as a horrible weapon instead of the peaceful use originally intended. Which was the invention in question?

Please send your answers as a message until Wednesday, 7 PM Eastern

Note that this is a game without signups. You can send answers/vote anytime.

Dementrivia's Season I Standings after 1 Round

1. Deckmaster (15 Punkte)
2. evnafets (4)
3. faerwain (3)
4. Rama Lei, Eldritch Knight (2)
6. Khantalas, Indurain, Lucky, Captain van der Decken, DLD, Castaras, Tormsskull, David94, purple cube, Zar Peter, Raistlin, Atreyu the Masked Llama (1)

The Rules (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=35592)

Eldritch Knight
2007-02-26, 07:00 PM
Um, just asking, but couldn't you combine the threads?

2007-02-27, 03:55 AM
We pm you with the answers? 'Cause I forgot...

2007-02-27, 06:54 AM
Yes. I would strongly prefer receiving the answers as messages.

2007-02-28, 08:21 PM
2 Days are over. Get ready to evaluate your crack at the truth.

I asked:

Question 2: Swedish inventor Alfred Nobel founded the famous Nobel Prizes in his last will as a compensation for the fact, that his greatest invention was being abused as a horrible weapon instead of the peaceful use originally intended. Which was the invention in question?

True Answer: Amongst other explosive vessels, Alfred Nobel invented the dynamite, intended to be used in quarries, more commonly used in assaults.

You answered:

Answer 1:
Swedish Meatballs. What? They made me sick once.

Answer 2:

Answer 3:
Vorpal bananas.

Answer 4:
Cleary, Nobel's invention was the Flux capacitated, Weapons-grade Uranium-powered, Tactical Candy Cane Launcher, originally designed to please children the world over. It was later discovered to be a viable weapon of mass destruction, and later used to eradicate the country of Iradafonderlund. It was also the leading cause of suger-related deaths in 1958..

Answer 5:
Steel Toe Boots.

Answer 6:
The invention in question was Valentine's Day.
No longer a day to be rejoiced, it is now feared by every man on Earth.
Originally intended as a great show of love between two people, this joyous day has since been corrupted by women the world over and has lead to the end of many a happy marriage.
It is rumored that Hitler first invaded Poland simply because, after receiving a dozen roses on Valentine's Day, his mistress replied, "Roses? Roses? If you really loved me you'd conquer the world.".

Answer 7:
Bunny Slippers. You see, Nobel was enamored with the idea of shoes that light up when you walk, and installed small lasers in the eyes of the rabbits. Little did he know that those lasers would shoot at people's ankles anytime that they were being followed by someone wearing the fated slippers. 32 severed tendons later, the 'light up shoes' idea was discarded, not to be revived until the LA Lights revolution of the 1980s.

Answer 8:
Nobel invented Anime, which has subsequently enslaved millions of pimply white nerds across the world..

Answer 9:
The microwave oven, the most destructive invention in the history of mankind!

Answer 10:
The Nosepicker.
Why else would they name a worldwide prize after him?

Answer 11:
The Roll-On Deodorant Stick.

Answer 12:
The United States Government.

Answer 13:
It was of course the build-it-yourself faceplate amphibia tank "Bjoern", originally intended as a bookshelve with integrated toilet brush and reading lamp.

Now which one is the best of the batch? I have a clear favorite this time, but I'll leave it to you to make your own opinion. Just give a few nice votes until Saturday, 11 PM Eastern

Vote by replying and stating your favorite. And remember to heed The Rules (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=35592)

2007-02-28, 08:36 PM
Hmm. I'll vote for number 1

2007-02-28, 08:42 PM
Gotta be Number 6.

2007-02-28, 08:56 PM
I'll go with #6

Awesome Girl
2007-02-28, 09:02 PM
I like number 2

Eldritch Knight
2007-02-28, 09:17 PM
Make it 3 for me!

Atreyu the Masked LLama
2007-02-28, 09:20 PM
I like number 4. While most of the other other answers mention things are evil or misguided, 4 references how it was supposed to be used for good before being corrupted.

2007-02-28, 09:28 PM
I vote for #1.

2007-02-28, 10:56 PM
Are you all nuts? The funniest one is clearly 8.

2007-02-28, 11:02 PM
Oh yeah Deckmaster? Name one peaceful use for Anime.

2007-03-01, 02:03 AM
And #4 it shall be.

Captain van der Decken
2007-03-01, 02:03 AM
I vote #1.

2007-03-01, 03:58 AM
I vote for #2. Awesomeness!

2007-03-01, 04:47 AM
Isn't 12 very... political?

Anyway, it gets my vote.

Zar Peter
2007-03-01, 04:56 AM
12 is good for me, too!

Lord Fullbladder, Master of Goblins
2007-03-01, 09:26 AM
I cast my vote for #7, myself.

2007-03-01, 10:40 AM
Hmm...12 and 4 were a close contender. But it has to be 12.

2007-03-01, 10:45 AM
Oh yeah Deckmaster? Name one peaceful use for Anime.



Hold on a minute, I'm thinking...

2007-03-02, 03:27 AM
I like #6 and #8.

I'll go with #8.

2007-03-02, 01:31 PM
Heh, I like #12

2007-03-02, 06:38 PM
I vote for #2.

2007-03-05, 07:21 AM
Please excuse the delay. Here are your results for Round 2:

Answer 1 by Raistlin1040
2 votes by Tormsskull and Captain van der Decken. Raistlins vote for himself is ignored.

Answer 2 by EldritchKnight
3 votes by AwesomeGirl, DLD and Blood

Answer 3 by DLD
1 vote by Eldritch Knight

Answer 4 by Lord Fullbladder
2 votes by Atreyu the Masked Llama and faerwain

Answer 5 by Zar Peter

Answer 6 by Shadow
2 votes by evnafets and Alarra

Answer 7 by Alarra
1 vote for Lord Fullbladder

Answer 8 by heretic
2 votes by Deckmaster and Shadow

Answer 9 by Deckmaster

Answer 10 by Blood

Answer 11 by Tormsskull

Answer 12 by David94
4 votes by Khantalas, Zar Peter, Calamity and Castaras

Answer 13 by faerwain

The witty oneliners by Eldritch Knight and David94 win against more lengthier attempts, which finds my general approval. Writing long explanations might destroy most of the fun and I think faerwains submission would have been a good contender if it was just a bit shorter. That said, I am completely surprised that Tormsskull received NO votes. In my book, he had clearly the best one. But then again, my own submission would have probably been something like "guitar"

The Standings after Round 2

1. Deckmaster (16 Punkte)
2. David94 (9)
3. Eldritch Knight (6)
4. evnafets, faerwain (4)
6. Raistlin, DLD, Lord Fullbladder, Shadow (3)
10. Rama Lei, Zar Peter, Alarra, heretic, Tormsskull, Captain van der Decken, Castaras (2)
17. Khantalas, Indurain, Lucky, Calamity, purple cube, Atreyu the Masked Llama, Blood, AwesomeGirl (1)

Deckmaster's stroke of genius in the first round will secure him a few more rounds in the lead but at least, he was not able to expand his advantage this time. David94 won this round and second place in the standings, while the others stay behind and lurk for their chance.

Round 3 will be constructed shortly, I still need to pick a question out of my list.