View Full Version : D&D 3.x Other Resistance Is Futile

Ranting Fool
2014-07-03, 08:46 AM
I was wondering how you might go about making Borg in 3.5. making them hard but not immortal.

Was thinking along the lines of:

Borg Template.
Become living construct.
Loss of Class levels. Gain Borg HD.
Heavy Amour plating (Which would slow them down as we all know Borg don't run)
Natural Slam attack.
Some form of drain vs helpless people turning them into Borg.
Telepathic link to hive mind (There is a plant creature that has something like this)
Changeable Damage Reduction. E.g. DR5/Slashing. After a few hits from slashing weapons all Borg in area would change to a DR not yet used vs them so DR5/Silver.
Dispelling touch (The whole walk through force fields)
Some sort of SR / Changeable immunities.

Ideas, suggestions, amusing comments all welcome.:smallbiggrin: