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2007-02-26, 09:39 PM
Is there an online list anywhere that consolidates the alternate mount ideas from splatbooks? Just a list with levels and book pagenumbers would be excellent.

I want to do something different than just a heavy warhorse =/

Another question: If I wanted a, say, pegasus for a mount, do i need to wait to take advantge of the ability to summon a mount until lvl seven in order to get one? Or can I just switch out from my lvl 5 mount at level 7?

2007-02-26, 10:34 PM
Unfortunatly you must wait till getting your mount if you wish to get a better one... The best book for searching for mounts is Defenders of Faith from 3.0 version. There are options for other mounts.

My favourite is the Dire Lion... But if you like to play female characters (I am assuming you do) you can get a Unicorn as a mount... But the best ones are the flying, like griphons and etc...

Sry I can't remember the page neither the lvls to get the mounts... sry

2007-02-26, 10:38 PM
Really sucks that you have to wait. I'm trying to work with my DM to let me play a customized Paladin: dropping the smite evil abilities, in order to get the mount at level 2, with a +3 to char level for mount improvements. I'm going to play much more Lawful than good (You didn't clean up your dog's droppings? I'm sorry, you are under arrest. You're blind? Tell it to the judge!)

Unicorn though, hrrrmmmmm..

2007-02-26, 10:42 PM
my favorite is a druid cohort :p

2007-02-27, 12:52 AM
my favorite is a druid cohort :p

Heh, maybe the group's dwarf will let me ride him as a special mount.. ER, wait.

I don't want to start a new thread, but is there a list of templates, sorted by LA somewhere?

Durn you, lack-of-finding-things-that-i-want!

2007-02-27, 01:08 AM
We had this thread last month, though a bit different, still for the paladin though. Other than waiting for your paladin mount and then waiting for more levels, all I can suggest is this feat (http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/re/20031118a).

2007-02-27, 11:16 AM
Want a piece of adivice? Don't drop Smite Evil. It is the best of the Paladin's skills...

Well it depends on how long it takes to lvl up in your campaing... If it is not taking too long, let the mount come at higher lvls.