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brian c
2007-02-27, 01:38 AM
I figure this being the d&d forum, most people who are here are in a d&d group, so just for curiousity/boredom/survey, what campaigns are everyone in now? say the characters, classes/levels, who you are (which PC or are you DM), what setting, etc

my campaign, just did character creations

homebrewed setting (seems FR-ish?)
5th level
me: human paladin 2/monk 3, ascetic
elf sorceror 5
halfling rogue 2/wizard 3 (or maybe rogue 3/wiz 2, i forget)
half-elf ranger 5 (TWF)

this should be really interesting, especially if we don't get an NPC in the party, since
a) i'm the only healer (lay on hands for 4 hp/day)
b) ranger is the primary melee character because
c) i rolled horribly, secondary melee character with 10,14,10 = str,dex,con
d) rogue/wizard? what?
e) two players (sorceror and ranger) have never played d&d before

2007-02-27, 01:53 AM
I'm running a 2E game on my homebrewed world, Amtar.

Party is:
Human Fighter 2
Hobgoblin War Priest 3
Human Fire Priest 1 (NPC, just recently hired by the party)
Human Thief 3 (NPC, just recently was separated from the party, may be dead)

The fighter has a DEX of 18 and dual-wields short swords. I guess she is what you 3E'ers would call a 'dex monkey.' She generally deals in melee and protecting the less armed classes, but also proves useful in finding out useful information by seducing males with her CHA 17.

The war priest (specialty priest class) primarily heals and helps in melee. He is also the cool-headed, patient counterpart of the reckless and excitable fighter.

The thief helps with stealth, local history (read: plot exposition), and various thief skills (lock picking, etc.). He's also an archer and backs up the melee warriors by picking off the enemy from a distance. During a recent encounter with a group of skeletons, he got separated from the party as he attempted to draw away some of them from the fight. It's unknown if he got away or the skeletons caught up to him and killed him.

The fire priest (also a specialty priest class), was hired by the party to fill out their ranks a bit. He fights with a long sword and shield, but is still pretty green to this whole 'adventuring' thing. If all goes well, he may wind up becoming the war priest's henchmen.

brian c
2007-02-27, 02:00 AM
The fighter has a DEX of 18 and dual-wields short swords. I guess she is what you 3E'ers would call a 'dex monkey.'
The war priest (specialty priest class) primarily heals and helps in melee.

I think we 3E'ers would call that a cleric

2007-02-27, 02:04 AM
Lets see, my last group had--

A womanizing enchanter
A philosophical drunken master
A bratty nobel slightly homicidal rogue
A male hating barbarian
and A mute cleric

2007-02-27, 02:06 AM
Running a d20 Modern game in my New Greyhawk-verse.

The PC is a dragonblood, with levels in Charismatic Hero, Dedicated Hero, Fast Hero and Sorcerer. He owns a nightclub and plays in a band, although that hasn't come into the story much yet.
Backing him up are his girlfriend, a tiefling stripper, his buddy, a half-ogre carpenter, and a human mechanic they picked up along the way.
Fights generally tend to involve the half-ogre splattering enemies all over, while everyone else shaves off a few hitpoints before he gets to them. Such is the result of 20 Strength and Improved Melee Smash. Things should pick up for the others once the tiefling gets Weapon Specialisation and the PC gets a few more caster levels.

2007-02-27, 02:24 AM
I currently DM a campaign in a setting that started normal until I fundamentally altered some of the rules.

The world is essentially on a 1000 year timer and every millenia, a three-way war is fought between the civilized races, called the KSA (PHB and variants), the monster races, called the Ascendancy, and the "Gaian" races - being all animals, most magical beasts, all fey, and all striaght up elementals. Everyone knows about this war in advance and so spend the 200 years or so previous to the war "gearing up." The kicker is that just before the fighting starts, the "Ascension Virus" hits and all the unintelligent monsters go to at least average intelligence. Also the nature spirit "Gaia" awakes and makes all of her creatures likewise intelligent, as per one colossal Awaken spell. Then ensues what is essentially a 3-way battle for racial supremacy, the winner of which gets to be the dominant "group" for the next 1000 years.

The style of the campaign is military in nature, with all the PCs starting in the army. I have 3 in my group, which have been joined by 3 NPCs, at least for a while.

Currently 6th level.

"Krug" Half-Orc Barbarian 6 (half-orcs have 50% chance to join PHB or Monster side) - CG
"Eric Benedict" Human Ranger 5, KSA Sniper 1 (homebrew PrC) - CN
"Koth (clan)Darksteel" Dwarven Rogue 5, KSA Demolitionist 1 (same) - LG

"Maranis" Elven Wizard 9 - LN
"Tallomis Songlink" Half-Elf Bard 8 - CG
"Shiimsa" Awakened Wolf Druid 4 - TN or NG, depending on how you look at it
(Explanation about Shiimsa - The Gaian and KSA groups are at a sort-of truce. She's to help Eric out as animal companion while observing and gathering info for Gaia & co.)

I also DM a much higher-level game that started some time ago, currently on hiatus because the vast majority of the players are in another city. My details on the characters have been sketchy because some of them keep changing (see timmy pyromancer's post in the "things i'm not allowed to do" thread.)

This one was fun because the characters got to meet the BBEG 2 minutes in when they were level 1 and basically had to do what he said. He's after the dragon orbs, although after a lot of research the PC's were just more confused as to why. They've mostly figured it out now, as they close in on the "crunch time" for the BBEG (a Colossal+ Red Dragon - call me old fashioned - with enough flavor to be interesting, and even comical at times) so it's time for the "twist" when we get back to it over spring break/ summer break. If I can finish this campaign, I will be the first in my group to have done so.

level 15 at current.

Justin Case - Human Evil *something* clericy thing. I've never really been sure.
Opti 2.0 - Paladin reincarnated as a -warforged scout- rogue/PrC thing (again, see timmy p's post) CG
Kinteticus - Human Ninja 15 - TN
(X)(not real name) - Sacred Martyr? Which is it that can't die for good? He's the one timmy pyro keeps killing. - alignment: all but two
Edwin - Human evoker, dread necromancer, something something. Basically the undead master. Responsible for most teamkills so far. - NE
(X)(not real name) - also a new character after an untimely demise, now a monk with a bunch of interesting "fist" feats. Started Cleric - NG
Kothellion - Dwarven Duskblade/Fighter - NG

Finally, I DM in a campaign where the players have a year and a day to prove their innocence to the gods by recovering stolen items...it's complicated. And new - I haven't gotten to know these characters so well yet.

Level 3.

Fighter (now with uncontrollable lycanthropy, fun!)
Transmuter (Human)
Sorcerer (Human)
Rogue (Halfling)
Monk (Elf? Human?)
Sorcerer (Kobold)
Cleric (Human)

All basically good.

I play in three other campaigns.

One is a Ravenloft campaign, level 7 at present.

"Reyan Kempo" Human Rogue 2/Fighter 2/ Sorcerer 3 - CG (Me)
"Stixus 'Twiggy' Sparkleleaf" Gnome Druid 7 - TN (Me)
"Maje Terad" Human Sorcerer 7 - CG
"Bobbis" (no relation to poster on this forum with that name) Halfling Rouge 7 - ?
"Ignatius (forgot surname)" Human Cleric 7 - LG
"(forgot complete name)" Human Paladin 7 - LG (and quite the ladies man)

The other is a Dragonlance game, level 10 now. I don't remember what the rest of the party is playing.

"Jadetarem" (most of my full casters bear this name) - Human Conjurer 3/ Master Conjurer 7 - CG ("Dispel That")

One is being run in, of all places, Hyrule. (don't judge us)

Can't recall the names. It's myself and one other player. I'm a paladin and He's a ranger.

Also, currently gaming in two modules.

Tomb of Horrors (yes, THE ToH - We're not dead yet!)

"Tieresias" Gestalt Ghaele/Wizard 9. - CG (me)
"Bob" (player ran out of creativity) Gestalt Human Fighter/Rogue 9. - CN

and a Dragonlance module - some kind of library/academy thing.

The names escape me, but the thing is dying anyway.

So yeah, our group is pretty feckless, which is why I'm in 8 or so games now. We still have fun, though, and that's what's important.

Not sure that that's what you meant, but I was bored and I'm pretty sure this answers your question. Quest on!

2007-02-27, 02:29 AM
Homebrew world, lvl5. Two vets, three noobs.

-Dwarven fighter, noob. Hasn't gotten much action besides getting drunk.
-Dwarven barbarian, headed toward frenzied berserker. His character trait is, "Thog Smash." It's getting old... and he's a better drinker than the first fellow.
-Murimuu rogue (Homebrewed mousefolk, sort of a halfling sub-in). The player has decided that his character hates all elves, despite having never met any before meeting my character, and he has actually liked all the ones since. The player is trying really hard to come up with a reason to hate me. (He's still bitter from that time I played a hawkfolk and tried to eat him... :smallbiggrin:)
-Hawkfolk monk3/sorc2. Useless as a caster, and has a pitiful HP count... but insists on doing the melee thing. His magic is basically just "MageArmorMageArmorMageArmor me!" He wants to have a crazy wizard turn him into a fire elemental. WHO DOES THAT?! (That's what we get when he comes up with a quest idea before we do...)
-Me, elf cleric of Pelor-ish, headed toward paladin. The only sane person in the group, and still trying to sort out a backstory that will work with this motley crew. I'm only following them around because Mr. Monk recently got possessed by an elder god or two, and I'm keeping tabs on him for the folks at home.

Help. :smallamused:

2007-02-27, 02:30 AM
I'm in my first game with a new group (which is both fun and scary). Party line up is as follows:

Myself, a Gnome Ranger 5 with Favoured Enemies: Humanoids (Reptilian) +4 and Giant +2 who wields a Gnome Hooked Hammer as a dual weapon.

A Half-Orc Druid 5 with a wolf animal companion whose player you can see aching for Sixth Level and the Natural Spell Goodness which it will bring his character, even as he uses Wildshape like a kid with a new toy.

A Half-Elf Wizard 4, who has her spellbook tattoeed on her body and took Craft Wonderous Item at 3rd level (hence her being a level below everyone else).

An finally, a Human Barbarian 3/Rogue 2 with every stat except Wisdom at 15. He's goning for some PrC or other, I don't remember ever hearing it before he mentioned it.

2007-02-27, 02:37 AM
My group hasn't met in months, and our campaign kinda died due to a player being a jackass and sexually assaulting one of my villains (...) and being a general power gamer. With me as the DM the party consists(ed?) of:

Alexander Dagger, the Human Rogue 8/Dragonstalker 4. He started with scores all around 13, 10, and 14, and now he has some of the best stats in the party due to excellent roleplaying, surviving the entire campaign, and basically being a ninja.

Flint Stoneblood (the pun is not lost on us), the Dwarven Fighter 9/Platinum Knight 2. He was mostly innefective aside from having nice armor class and a ton of hp. He couldnt do damage worth crap though, and eventually fumbled and cut himself in half and then proceeded to be eaten by a T-Rex.

Moose, the Elven Fighter 5/Order of the bow initiate 3/Warmage 1/Arcane Archer 2 (the unfavorable multiclassing is lost on him). Hes a rapetacular archer and has died more than every other character combined. He provokes NPCs and the party dosn't help him.

brian c
2007-02-27, 02:41 AM
A Half-Elf Wizard 4, who has her spellbook tattoeed on her body and took Craft Wonderous Item at 3rd level (hence her being a level below everyone else).

hm... i doubt the character would be going for this, but that tattoo trick is probably the only way you could get VoP to work with being a wizard (as per one of the Q&A columns on wotc website, VoP doesn't allow you to carry a spellbook)

2007-02-27, 02:51 AM
I think we 3E'ers would call that a cleric

Which one, the fighter or the war priest?

2007-02-27, 03:09 AM
Which one, the fighter or the war priest?

It'd be the war priest.

2007-02-27, 03:19 AM
Yeah, I figured. It was kind of a joke, on how some people say that clerics make better fighters than fighters in 3E.

Actually, it's a lot different from a cleric. Less access to spheres, and different granted powers. No ability to turn undead, but he can specialize in one weapon and Incite Berserker Rage (bestows upon one warrior type a minor berserker rage that grants +2 to hit/damage but prevents them from leaving the battlefield until the fight is over.)

Renegade Paladin
2007-02-27, 03:19 AM
Human barbarian 4
Human wizard 5
Human wizard 5
Human monk 5

2007-02-27, 03:26 AM
I am currently DMing:

-Human Wizardess 6 (TN)
-Her Cohort, a human fighter 5 (TN)
-A Half-Orc Barbarian 6 (CE)
-An Elf Druidess with Wolf Companion (CN)
-An Elf Druid with Dire Lion Companion (TN)
-An Elf Ranger 6 (NE)

I honestly don't even know what to do with these guys.... I had the storyline set up to take place far from Elven lands, and here we have the Legolas Brigade wandering around with no real reason. I particularly would like to kick myself for letting one player have a Dire Lion.... not only is it completely incongruous to the setting, it seems to singlehandedly finish off most enemies and makes social interaction difficult. (Seriously, try walking into the local tavern with an animal the size of a chevy.)

Renegade Paladin
2007-02-27, 03:33 AM
How is her cohort only a level behind her?

2007-02-27, 03:42 AM
My game is an utterly homebrew setting heavily based on Tolkein, that I had about 6 months to work upon while convalescing in the Ft. Jackson hospital.

There are a large number of houserules, largely dealing with inherent DR in armor and the ability of magical enhancements to penetrate said DR, available magic styles for PCs, the addition of the Appearance stat and it's link to several skills and abilities, Lone Wolf RPG Psionics, and some skill modifications to give classes a little more variety in SPs/level and skill choices.

Setting-wise, I've got about 18,000 years of backstory written for about 120 pages (some of it very mature), a 95-page, 350-entry Book of Prophecy that written like a Choose Your Own Adventure Book (think Terry Goodkind-style prophecy branching), and, most importantly, there is no knowledge of other planes of existence (thus necessitating modifications to spell lists and/or skill sets). This information is slowly coming out in-game, as evil NPCs have made contact with evil outsiders and are using them as "secret weapons" in the big, LotR-style invasion (which has been forshadowed for about 5 months OOG) that is just about to start. The party knows that other planes exist, but can't seem to convince anyone else. Fortunately, they are going (this week, in fact) on a rather unexpected planar jaunt.

Oh, right, and gnomes are evil barbarians who retain all their tinkering prowness, roving the plains on mighty "Land Leviathans" much like uber-jawas, with massive bounties on thier extermination. God, I hate gnomes.

Anyway, the players are:
High Elf Bard 9 (about to pick up the Seeker of the Song PrC) specializing in archery and party buffs, and who had some nymph blood "awakened" in her (from a reference in her PC background). This player has discovered, to her intense dismay, that becuase she's had this awakening, she's mentioned in the prophecy book in multiple possible timelines, dying horribly about half the time.

Low Human (I seperate High Men and Normal Men along the same idea of the blood of Numenor - only High Men can cast spells or become Psionic Combatants) Fighter 4/Wizard 3/Spellsword 2 who insists on fighting with a single, 1-handed weapon and wondering why her melee damage is low. Intrinsic to this world is that only elves can become Wizards (spell memorization is a function of thier long lives and ability to remember information from 300 years ago). High Men are all Sorcerers (force of will creates Magic effects). Thus, she has just proven to be a very big surprise to several High Men, who are all displeased over the threat she represents to their power base. Her goal is to establish a Wizard school for Low Men.

High Man Kai Lord 9 (essentially a 3rd party OGL product from Mongoose compromised of a blend of Ranger/Psion/Monk) quarterstaff-monster, who's made a hobby of thinking NPCs to death. (The Kai Lord class has some REALLY nice Psionics.) He's the most straightforward character - there are two types of Rangers of Doriath (the in-game title for the Kai class), and he's the Ranger-errant who's got to deal with more or less a Paladin's Code. He's been charged to safeguard the elf bard, so she can fulfill a prophecy that involves the old "saving the world" ploy. The elf wants nothing to do with this, as every reference to her saving the sorld also results in her...you guessed it...dying horribly.

2007-02-27, 05:18 AM
I run a D&D 3.5 homebrew setting in a world that went to war with the elves until 5 years ago when they've all... disappeared.

The group is currently level 4 and well into their second adventure. It's currently five people with a sixth one joining next game.

Caedmon Thaal - A human ranger who follows Ehlonna and is quickly growing into the party's leader. Despite being relatively new to D&D, he's by far the best roleplayer and acts with honor and forethought that wouldn't go amiss in any paladin. Very much the moral compass of the party, even in the face of losing out on material rewards.

Crowid Beestinger - Halfling sorcerer from a family of merchants/beekeepers. In theory the face of the party, but he typically does the persuading in tandem with either Caedmon or Kelsrod. The only time he tried it on his own, he got chased and Dazed by a dragon. Keeps a raven familiar called Midnight he often forgets about (unless someone needs to do some dangerous scouting) and a set of shepherd's pipes.

Kelsrod Dutherin - A human rogue/barbarian/ranger with orphan roots and a big scythe. Somewhat self-effacing and uncomfortable in social situations. Keeps mumbling about going to the desert, even though (or maybe because) the party is in the fair North with winter nipping at their heels.

Morgan Seafood - a human wizard specialist (conjurer) with a failed career as a cook and the subsequent monastic upbringing. A late bloomer (he's middle-aged), he didn't experience real life much until now, and as a result is frighteningly absent-minded, while at once being the repository of group's knowledge (we call him Arcane Google).

Kody Akk - A human barbarian/fighter/ranger from the Cloudrend Mountains. The newest addition to the party, his quest to slay a "multi headed hellion spawn" having taken him away from home and towards civilization (where he was arrested for looking like trouble and subsequently foisted off on the party). Speaks in a heavy, liquid accent and carries a double axe for bashing heads.

And last but not least, the newest recruit-to-be...

Kumbrin Deepdelve - a dwarven battle sorcerer (SRD variant) obsessed with dragons and immortality. Veteran of the Unfinished War, now free to roam the world, seeking to achieve his goals (step one is becoming a Dragon Disciple).

2007-02-27, 05:38 AM
Homebrew Campaign setting one of my buddies is running.

Jacob: Death-Touched Human Rogue 3/Warmage 5 with practiced spellcaster. One of the most reliable damage dealers.

Calhan: Elven Barbarian 8 (almost 9) focused on power attacking with his magical greatsword.

Sharis: Silver Dragon Wyrmling, tries to be logical, often fails. Mixes with Jacob for AoEs with her breath and is decent enough in melee.

Trassis: Lizardfolk Sorcerer 7, should be a powerhouse, instead is an idiot who spams magic missile, and an occasional fireball (if Jacob shouts out where to drop it)

Grypp: Gnoll Bard1/Druid 6, relativly useless. Minor healing, minor summoning, mostly acts as another meatsack to take a few HP worth of damage.

Gimbim: Gnome Cleric 7, dedicated healer and buffer. Medocre (played by Jacob's player as well seeing as the guy plaing him is almost never there.)

2007-02-27, 06:26 AM
A campaign set in Faerun... At least we think, since we got balefuly teleported... somewhere. So we guess we're in a part of Faerun which the DM invented, but we're trying to get back... Party consist of:

Tiefling Rogue 4/Figther 2 (going on Dread Commando, just got 6th level) is hated by 2 other party members. Just because he has horns, wings, spell-like abilities, dubious background (he's from Sigil), and likes to kill people from behind, doesn't nesesarily means he's evil. :P In fact, he's true neutral.

Human Cleric of Uthgardt 5/Runecaster 1. The only fun-to-hang-out-with character in the party. He's friends with my character, since he's the only party member who speaks Illuskan (Chondathan is the native language for the rest of us). Chaotic Neutral

Dwarf Cleric 4/Fighter 2 (going on Hammer of Moradin, about to get lvl 7). Our primary tank, and medicore damage dealer. Not much to say about him, since he doesn't RP at all... Lawful good

Human Paladin 6 (about to get lvl 7). The greatest powerplayer and rollplayer of them all. Primary damage dealer (his damage on charge while mounted is scary, even scarier when he combines it with Rhino Rush and Smite Evil). Extremely not fun to play with. Mislikes my character, and that's where his RP ends...

2007-02-27, 06:55 AM
My Group:
Human Sorceress
Age: 16. (ingame) Wisdom: 6. What more is there to say? (its a flaw the DM allowed, and she really roleplays it.)

Human Cleric of Kelemvor (the god of the dead)
Big, strong, Full Plate in black. Does not talk alot, but is always there when he is needed, always ready to heal you up. With an AC of about 40 (with some of his magic) he is the stone of frustration for our DM.

Human Fighter/Rogue
The poor guy in our group for several reasons. He wants to be a bounty hunter, and the tactician of our group. Sadly, his authority is mostly ignored. Also wields two weapons, which is a highly discussed topic on this board. Has absolutely no luck with dice. Wears only light armor to get his rogue abilities, which constantly fail him. But a great person and rolplayer IRL.

Halfling rogue
What is there to say? Lord of the sneak attacks. His best friend is his gnome-pimped crossbow, which the DM homebrewed because he felt sorry of the 1d4 shortsword. Has ice-blue hair due to an accident involving a 50 Gp-per-potion-you-try-for-me deal with a gnome. My character.

The Outcast of Names
Tiefling monk
The voice of reason and modesty in our group. The player came up with the name, because he still did not think of one when the game started.

Elven Ranger/Fighter
The silent death in our group. He's quiet, but deadly. But when he announces his damage, it's the part of everyone else to be silent.

Zeb The Troll
2007-02-27, 07:11 AM
We're in a homebrew setting based on the FR map and nothing else. Also even the character classes are not anything published by the spooky wizards but I'll try to give them a decent enough description. Also, we roll our stats and use a pretty generous method that allows for us to have the potential for more than one good stat.

Party level 8

Human/Knight - like it sounds, he's a strong melee type but more fleshed out than a basic fighter. Because his dex is fairly high he wears a chain shirt instead of full plate so that his touch AC stays pretty high. His character is associated with the same religious order as our druid.

Human/Priestess - closer to the druid class, but with more offensive spells and more politically active than a standard druid. She's not quite to the "burn the cities and return the land to the Mother" but she's getting there. She's the wife of the GM, but they've been married long enough that she gets no boons from it. :smallsmile:

Human/Mage type - she's got a PrC that lets her take con damage to metamagic her spells, so long as she has the feat. This character is socially challenged though, in that her class requires that she not bathe. This campaign being the furthest thing from a dungeon crawl, this is starting to get to be a problem and has the potential to get much worse, although if RP'd right it can contribute to intimidation. The player is my daughter and she's married to the guy who plays the Knight.

Human/Noble - This class has no D&D counterpart that I know of. His strength is in social skills and feats and he's the newest member of the party so we don't know yet how he's going to play it out, except that he's sure to have an ego the size of Texas.

Human/Vagabond - This class is garbage in combat, not even having simple weapon proficiencies, but he's a master skill monkey. He's our information gatherer. He's got the stealth, the connections, the information gathering, the wide variety of Knowledge (Stuff Casters Don't Take)... He gets us invited to the right parties and meetings with officials, as well as pumping his underground contacts for the dirt on what's going down. He also happens to be the guy who's got a string of side businesses going that gives us a moderate cash flow.

Air Djinn/Priest - Me. In this world djinns are a term for a half breed humanoid/elemental that's moderately attuned to their element. This isn't anything uber but makes for some flavor. For example, the air djinn gets bonuses to save DC's of air spells. This priest is playing a prestige class that is a total pacifist. Like the vagabond, I've got 0 weapon proficiencies, which is fine because I wouldn't use them anyway. I specialize in spells that avoid or defuse combat situations (like Calm Emotions and Charm spells). I have this mental image of my character as Kwai Chang Cain without all the Kung Fu.

The knight is new to D&D and the rest of us have been playing for between 6 and 30 years.

2007-02-27, 07:17 AM
6 to 30 years?! My hat to you, sir.

2007-02-27, 07:38 AM
Forgotten Realms game. Our group is:

Level 8 LG Dwarven Fighter - tough, reliable, backbone of our fights.
Level 7 LN Human Cleric of Kelemvor - is also a Doomguide, and a munchkin. Has died more times than every other character put together. The DM finally got tired of killing him and had his character returned to Faerun as an outsider with a +2 LA, limiting his munchkinness.
Level 7 +1 LA CG ? Evoker - Refuses to use anything but cold spells. Refuses to reveal his race. Refuses to reveal his past. Refuses to do pretty much anything, really. Wears a Hat of Disguise at all times.
Level 8 CN Moon Elf Fighter/Rogue - Trouble magnet. Never listens to warnings and gets the party into hot water on an hourly basis, but he makes the game more fun in the process and works hard in the fights, so no-one minds that much. Kiwi player.
Level 7 N Human Bard - Big mouth, talks a lot, has a heavily optimised character with a wide variety of feats, skills, and spells, yet never seems to actually accomplish much, since his character is optimised towards not dying instead of towards contributing. He's been getting on my nerves since he keeps trying to hide behind me.
Level 8 NG Sun Elf Enchantress/Loremaster - My character. Kind, gentle, naive. Has no way of doing damage but I always try and avoid fights anyway. Carries around enough magic items to start a shop, most of them home-made.

The party argues a lot outside of combat but works efficiently inside it, which is just as well since our GM sends us against tough monsters played to maximum effectiveness. As a result of this we've been gaining a lot of XP, getting an average of two levels every three sessions.

- Saph

2007-02-27, 08:02 AM
My group currently play an Iron Heroes campaign in a homebrew world.
Everyone in our group comes from a fairly large country that recently formed out of about a dozen countries. To the south of our City States are the superpowers of Venin and Geria. To great annoyance of our group, we have to accept the fact that especially Venin is much more advanced, technologically and culturally.

Our group consists of 5 third level characters:
Todos Sandman, an Archer with huge hands, used to wield his large heavy crossbow. Rumoured to be able to shoot with trees. He's from somewhere in the middle of the City States, white male in his twenties.
Zabu Shashula, former companion to his highness the crown prince of Mabwai, this large dark-skinned man is now finding new strengths from the rage within. A Beserker, in his late twenties. Although the Mabwai consider themselves the most civilised in the City States, Zabu is not a typical example. He is a half-blood (white + black, not different species. This is a no-known-magic world.) and a bit of a savage.
Tim van Veen, a pale man in his late twenties. Great tactical mind, but not very resilient. He is quiet, a bit of a calvinist, like a Dutchman. He is a Hunter.
Cruand Shondason is from the former barbarian lands that recently joined the City States. He is even bigger than Zabu, a staggering 250 centimetres (+/- 8'2") and with his polearm, he can hit people over 15 feet away! He is a man-at-arms, carrying a large array of weapons. He is close to his fifties, he seems to suffer from amnesia so he had to train all over again.
Zakura Paladine, a noble. He is a man-at-arms1/weaponmaster2 specialising in armour.
Eri Wai Zoet, also a Mabwai. He is in his early twenties, about half a year ago he graduated from his combat training. He is a Harrier.

2007-02-27, 08:17 AM
FR Setting: all Lvl 5
Human Cleric of Torm (me)
Human Cleric of Helm
Gnome Cleric of Some Gnome nature god
Elf Fighter/Wizard
Minatour Gladiator
Dwarf Fighter

2007-02-27, 09:18 AM
We're running our first campaign, but It's mainly a collection of adventures. I'm the principal DM, but since we play on average once every two months, and I like to be a PC as well, we sometimes switch (which is a very bad idea, but works until now). As the main DM, I'm beginning to create a world and a story to connect everything...
Oh, and I think I'm the only one who has read the rules, but it's getting better.

dwarf rogue lvl 6: doesn't use sneak attacks a lot, the jokes are on him because somehow he always manages to get cursed or poisoned or roll bad at the wrong time

half-orc fighter lvl 7: very big: 7'6" always seems to roll great on his hitpoints, does most of the fighting, after the wizard has blasted a bit, strict about the rules he knows

elf wizard lvl 7: evocer with a great interest in dragons. does most of the killing and generally lowers his charisma by wearing monstrous spider legs or painting himself with sooth... Since he's the only one with some background I know about, a search for dragons, this is the source for the developing story.

half elf bard 2/cleric 3: for some reason, he doesn't manage to make himself useful all to often (although the evocer has fun blasting his shrines and getting cursed by the gods) he likes the roleplaying

elf druid 4: me, since I'm behind, my usefulness is a bit restricted to having a flying companion and apparently being the only one with some ranks in listen and spot... and he's rather egocentric and vengeful.

This is less than ideal for gameplay, but as long as we're having fun, it's a good way to learn, and we'll probably continue like this.

Zeb The Troll
2007-02-27, 09:24 AM
6 to 30 years?! My hat to you, sir.Aye, I started getting my daughter involved when she was 12, about 6 years ago, and our GM started playing in the mid '70's when he was in junior high. I fall right in the middle having started in '92 while I was a young man in the Army at Fort Riley, KS. I still have that character sheet around somewhere. He was a human ranger named Jeremiah Weed. :smallcool:

2007-02-27, 09:54 AM
Setting: My homebrew world.

Elven Barbarian 6: The main frontline fighter so far (the Dwarven fighter was only added recently). Has the worst luck of the team. So far, he has fallen out of a tree, been killed by an ogre scout, and had his horse eaten by a dire bear.
Elven Druid 6: NPC/DMC, depending on your terminology preference. Fills the main magic role, uses wild shape when need be, and is a bit of a ****. The rogue and ranger constantly make him the butt of their snide jokes.
Half-Elven Rogue 6: Obvious skill monkey, but tries to get other people to do the dirty work for her.
Half-Elven Ranger 6: Two-weapon style, backs up the barbarian in battle. She's the one usually called on to do the rogue's dirty work. Has an owl named Hooters.
Dwarven Fighter 6: Added last session. A tank with a greataxe and mean-spirited sense of humour. Is currently wearing half a hill giant testicle as a beanie.

I'm currently running "White Plume Mountain" as a part of an overarching plot.

2007-02-27, 09:56 AM
Just as a warning, all the following groups are using 3.0, not 3.5.

The group I DM on alternate Monday nights. The campaign is my own homebrew.

Glim: Dwarven Cleric (of the Wanderer, god of Travel and Trickery]
Wini: Centauran Sorceress
Geoffrey: Squirrel Fighter/Rogue (formerly Human, botched reincarnation roll)
Corbyn: Human Rogue
Vonga: Half-Orc Bard/Barbarian

C'nnon & F'dar: Twin Elven Fighters (started following the group due to an accidental magical compulsion.)
Grokk: Orc Ranger
Deloris: Human Paladin (follower of the Crying God, god of Healing and Suffering. Basically, a Goth Paladin.)

In the Saturday group, we actually have several games going on with different DMs. This list is for one is a 'generic' setting, as this is the DMs first ever game as DM. The characters were devised completely independantly of each other, believe it or not.

Dwarven Rogue (Me.)
Dwarven Wizard
Dwarven Paladin
Gnomish Ranger with a Wardog companion.
Gnomish Barbarian
Gnomish Cleric

In another Saturday game that is on hiatus at the moment, it's another homebrew campaign for a different DM, and is all at 'high' level of approximately 13-14th level or so. A friend, my wife, and I all joined this group fairly late in the campaign. The DM, while a good storyteller, was a bit shaky on the rules, which led to several PCs with... overly benificial and not strictly legal builds. Three of the players dropped out almost immediately when the 'math errors' were pointed out to them. The last two with munchkin-style characters are still in the group, but I am of the belief they were led into temptation rather than deliberately set out to cheat.

PCs based on the rules
Half-Elf Bard/Wizard (Me.) with a celestial raven familiar.
Half-Orc Ranger with a War-Tiger companion.
Human Fighter/Rogue. This is an attempt at a mounted archer build, we're not sure how well it's really working yet.
Halfling Rogue

PCs based on 'creative interpretation of the rules'
Elven Druid/Wizard with a civit familiar, and several dozen animal companions (including a fire viper, an awakened horse, and lord knows what else.) Also, when the three of us joined, she seemed to believe that all Divine spells are cast spontaniously just like sorcerer spells.
Human Fighter designed as a trip-monkey with spiked armor and a glaive, and was aiming for some kind of Blackguard-like PrC. I don't know exactly which PrC. There's nothing technically illegal about this build, but the DM didn't know how to counter this particular build when we joined the group, and things were getting rapidly out of control.

And the last Saturday game is a diceless Superhero game, so

2007-02-27, 10:00 AM
Eberron (APL 7 on a good day)

Half Orc Barbarian 5/Fighter 2/Bard 1 (with three intelligence and 5 charisma. He wanted the bard for the will save boost.)

Human Druid 5/Beastmaster 1/Wizard 3 (going for arcane heirophant, focusing on spellcasting and buffs animal companion for fighting)

Rilkan Swashbuckler 3/Rogue 3

Longstride/Razorclaw Shifter Barbarian 1/Scout 4/Weretouched master 2 (My character. WTM doesn't suffer from Errata nerfing, going for warshaper. DM doesn't allow Psionics (poo) so this is my poor mans king of smack)

and Finally a Level 7 Human Black Mage (The player is obsessed with playing Final fantasy classes, so the DM allowed this one which resembles a cross between a psion and a warlock)

2007-02-27, 10:54 AM
I'm in a campaign currently that has 7 4th level people.

Dregnor-Dwarven Cleric of Pelor. He is somewhat relatively new to DnD, he doesn't RP very often, but when he does, it's important and relevant.
Koga Stillshine-Human Swordsage. I don't think he's said anything the entire campaign, but he hits things with his sword so we keep him around.
Mink-Female Halfling Ranger. No one likes her but the DM, and it's the only reason she's there right now. Ever heard of the Rules Lawyer? Yeah, she's the RP Nazi. Dregnor had to ASK her to heal her from -7. Yeah. Everyone hates her.
Roland Dragonspire-Human Paladin. Of Bahamut. Yeah, we don't get it either.
Gabriel Hackem-Human Fighter. He's slices, he dices, and he doubles as a juicer in a pinch. He is our happy little murder machine, and he does it efficiently with two bastard swords.
Kyne Longtail-Kitfolk Wizard. Kitfolk is a race he made of 6 foot tall fox people; basically he's a kitsune wannabe. With a 15" long tail. That is prehensile. (>_<)
Malfurion Fellsong-Human Bard. He's my character. Malfurion is a noble of the empire we're in, and as such he can call in favors from people and such, and I have become the party leader, which some PC's have determined may not be the smartest thing, because I RP well, and my Wisdom is only 13.

I'm also running a 3.5 Homebrew world of my own creation, and we have a whopping 9 people. Who are all level 4.

Rulan Redspear-Wood Elf Druid. He has ranks in the Ride skill and has an Ape for an animal companion, which has a +14 to climb. Do the math. :D
Drek'nash (can't remember)- Arachnaphobic Half-Drow Warmage. The Arachnaphobia is for kicks and fun, and he pole-vaults over enemies he's impaled with his Greatspear. As long as he's having fun, that's all that matters, right?
Koga Rageaxe-Half Orc Berserker(a class he made himself). He's the meatshield going for the Bloodstorm Blade PrC from the BoNS.
Jaloc Desae-Brd1/Pld3. He uses the bagpipes and is the typical Celtic Warpoet in a fantasy setting. Everyone has those, right?
Kalin Tuseque-Human Monk. He loves a challenge and will challenge anything or anyone to a test of physical prowess.
Helas Goodpres-Human Cleric/Fighter. He wants to tank, but I think we'll see how long he holds that delusion. He wants to go for the War Priest PrC in the CD.
Elas Burnspire-Human Sorcerer. The party buffbot and illusionist.
Gregor Virtuoso-Human Fighter. He is the essential Greatspear o' Matic, going down the Whirlwind feat line.

2007-02-27, 11:11 AM
The largest sized RPG I'm playing is DMed by a friend, the group is like this:

Human Paladin, me.
Elf Rogue, CE... Roleplaying the alignment somewhat well.
Dwarf Druid, N... Also roleplaying quite well.
Human Cleric, NG... Played once... I am waiting to see what will come.
Halfling Rogue, CN... A bit atenction hungry, but alright.
Elf Wizard, CN... Girl who never played D&D before... At least she is liking.
Human Monk, LN... Also roleplays well.
Human Ranger, CG... Roleplays well too.

My group is quite nice... Now the DM splated the group since in a few past sessions only the 1st 3 guys could play, so now we are resolving a problem by the 3 of us, them it will be the other guy's oportunity to do whatever they want...

We are leveling up a bit fast, 5 sessions, 5 lvls, simply because we are resolving at least one objective per session, so the DM finds that it is enough to lvl up. Well in those 5 sessions I: fought a bunch of undead cretures, the cleric raising them, a 2nd lvl fighter, a 8th lvl duelist (who ran away 'cause he could have killed us very fast) 3 Rogues, a entire group of evil priests, stole the artifact that gives them power, went back to a city to fight a 5th lvl Barbarian, another 7th lvl Fighter, a Young Black Dragon, a Umber Hulk, several Otyughs, a few Bugbears and a group of dungeon crawlers.

Quite Nice, huh?

2007-02-27, 11:25 AM
How is her cohort only a level behind her?
If I remember right there is an Eberron feat that allows the cohort to be one level behind you.

Anyway, my group is playing a Spelljammer campaign (updated to 3.5). In it there is a:

Ranged UMD Rogue 9
Anthropomorphic Squirrel Sorcerer 9
Psiforged Psion 9
Elf Druid 9
Melee Warlock level 9 (Me)

We also play a Star Wars campaign at level 5 and a Mutants and Masterminds campaign at PL 8

2007-02-27, 11:27 AM
The last DnD campaign I was in slowly died out due to scheduling conflicts. But that group evolved into an Exalted group run by the player of the DnD group's Favored Soul:

Mark Del'Sol: Dawn Caste from Lookshy. By far the more well-rounded of the two Dawns, who is both a skilled tactician in command of his own Talon and a powerful fighter whose compound Daiklave resembles Cloud's sword from Advent Children. Thanks to the experience of his player, Mark is also the closest thing to a leader the circle has.

Danni Kusanagi: My character, a Dawn Caste from the Hundred Kingdoms. I'm still pretty newbish, and about all I've "gotten the hang of" yet in RPGs is killing things, a fact that is blatantly obvious with Danni, who is a purebred combat monkey with a Grand Daiklave as a defining personality trait :smallfrown:. In my defense, I at least seem to have REALLY gotten the hang of killing things, since Danni regularly one-shots enemies up to and including Abyssals...

Orihime "Kori" Kagehana: Night Caste from Lookshy. Played by the group's other relative newbie, Mark's player's brother, Kori started as a Twilight and spent the entire campaign going back and forth between being a sneaky tinker and a tinkering sneak. At the end of the last story arc, the ST let Kori's player retcon her to her current form, a Righteous Devil Style pyro-ninja who's good at making gadgets.

Ash: Eclipse Caste from UCS only knows where. He's a conniving bastard who's constantly hitting on Danni and Kori, but Danni tolerates him because he often seems to have the most common sense in the circle. Ash uses a powerbow and has a little bit of sorcery.

Valin "Violins" Suvan: Eclipse Caste from Sijan. Violins is a really REALLY cool character concept, a musician so talented and dedicated that he can ad-lib a song that would go Platinum a dozen times over and who sees the world in terms of harmony and disharmony. He even wields his musical instrument as a weapon, casting Inexhaustible Bolts of Solar Fire in order to use it as a powerbow.

PnP Fan
2007-02-27, 01:35 PM
I'm involved in a few games *sigh* probably too many. . .
The first is a 3.5ed game w. 3rd party material (AEG) set in the old Mystara setting. We are, on average 15th level. Party consists of:
Male Dwarf Fighter (super tank build) (male player)
Female Elf Ranger-archer build (male player)
Female Child of Bahamut Sorcerer (female player)
Female Were-rat Assassin (female player)
Female elf wiz/sorc/Rainbow Servant (the couatl PrC) (male player)
Male Human Cleric/Warpriest with two cohorts (male player, me)
cohort#1: female knight/protector of sealtiel
cohort#2: male wiz/cleric

The strange races were partly prompted by the DM. He required a were-rat in the party because of the specific story. And our sorcerer type is just stuck on draconic feats and draconic themes. <shrug> The cohorts are my form of petty revenge. The DM was a Bard player in one of my games, and was a constant pain in the rear about his cohort and his followers. He wanted a band, and he wanted to use them on adventures and stuff. So I took it to the next level. Where he had maybe a dozen npcs, I've got like 140 or so. It's quite ridiculous, and I'll never do it again, but I thought I'd poke a little fun back at him (all good natured fun, not meanness)

We also have a Mutants and Masterminds game based on an alternate DC setting where Superman/Krypton is the only source of innate super powers.
by archetype we've got:
a speedster (trick fighter and some wind control)
a blaster (incorporeal electricity generator)
a brick/flag costume
a gadgeteer
an energy absorber with some healing (me)
it's been fun, and there's hints that Supes is actually heading towards a benevolent dictatorship, rather than a mere hero, so it ought to be interesting.

In another campaign, we've got an Eberron - intrigue/spy/secret organizations thing going on. This one's a large all male group at 6th level:
Aerenal Elf Cleric/Sword Sage (me)
Warforged Druid
Half-Orc Artificer dragonmarked
Human Bard dragonmarked
human/K'alashtar (not sure which) monk/psion
shifter barbarian/ranger (2wf)
and one more character, a human sorcerer I think is joining the party.

2007-02-27, 02:04 PM
Our current party is level 10 and quite interesting.

My character is a Changeling Beguiler. He is true neutral and specializes in impersonating people and making forgeries along with general mind-control. He has so many past aliases that no one really knows anything about him.

There is a Halfling Rogue intent on killing everything that gets in his way. He is chaotic netural now, but seems to be turning evil pretty quickly.

We have a Human Ranger with a advanced wolf animal companion. He has a mysterious background that none of us really know about.

The other melee character is a tattooed monk, very quiet and disciplined.

The last member is a Human Elemental Savant specializing in electricity. He has a bronze dragon familiar.

It is quite a strange party, no real tank and no healer, but for infiltrating a city or getting somewhere undetected, it would be hard to find a better mix.

2007-02-27, 02:11 PM
My evil campaign
Me: DM

In the group we have;
Grimm, CE Shifter Barbarian/Warshaper focusing quite heavily on a combo of shifting and raging simultaneously and the use of natural weapons. Very nasty melee combatant. He lost his tribe of boar-worshipping barbarians to a Dread Necromancer and his undead horde (played by Deathflame, but is now dead) who won over his 8 Wis with his 22 Cha. They traveled together for a time, and in one of thier small adventures they were attacked by a group of Orcus worshipping lunatics. When Grimm slew the skull-lord he stole his holy symbol and thinking about it, decided to worship the demon lord of the undead himself. In the campaign he's in right now he's even met Orcus, and for immediately bowing before him in fear and respect he was granted 'Orcus' Blessing' which makes him resilient to the effects of necromancy in all forms and makes him reckless and frightening.

Malgenea, NE Half Succubus Elf Bard/prostitute who at the moment is not all that powerful. She's greedy and money-grubbing and planning on selling out the rest of the group for a huge cash payoff. She has a magically aged son named Tykki, 3/4 demon, 1/4 elf beguiler who is the bastard son of Graz'zt and plans on killing his mother for all her money. He also, like other children of Graz'zt plan on usurping his kingdom and title.

Deathflame, NE Human Warmage/Swordsage/Ebon Phoenix mage. An assassin working directly under the evil Lich overlord who worships an ancient god of fiends, although he doesn't know that the group he's currently in opposes the lich. He, like the other Ebon Phoenix Mages plan on freeing Levakross from his hellish tomb to reign as a powerful god once more.

I can't remember his name, but he's a NE Githyanki Fighter outcast from githyanki society for slaying and devouring the heart of a beloved red dragon elder in a fit of anger and bloodlust. He's now on the run, but the succubus hooker plans on selling his head to the red dragons and githyanki. He specializes in the use of two large longswords (houserule for monkey grip and oversized two weapon fighting) and lighter armors. He is as nasty a melee combatant as Grimm.

They are currently on a mission from a few powerful demons to convert all of the multiverse into new layers of the Abyss. They discovered an ancient, lost method for this making it less of an epic task, and doable by a group of level 13 characters. They are also pestered here and there by the previously mentioned lich lord who had slain Deathflame's previous character, who happened to be his son. Right now he's not much of a threat to the group, more of a continued nuesance but he's about to get a pretty good power boost.
In another campaign I'm in, I'm a PC.

Me: My favorite character, Malor Vedaness, Changeling warlock. I make him mostly an eldritch sniper with a bit of focus on his demonic heritage. He discovered while in the disguise of a young wizard's apprentice that his great great grandfather was a half-demon doppleganger and high priest under Graz'zt. He has a few other spell-like abilities above and beyond his invocations, and he's the party face.

I'm terrible with names, my friend plays the party wizard. A fire elf (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/variant/races/elementalRacialVariants.htm#fireElves) Abjurer (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/variant/classes/specialistWizardVariants.htm#abjurerVariants) wanting to branch off into Initiate of the Sevenfold Viel. He has a close connection to his fiery heritage, although not as close as my fiendish one and has almost all of his offensive spells as fire spells. He also uses as much evocation as he does abjuration and makes good use of dispel magic. He is also an excellent crafter and once I get 12th level we'll be the ultimate item creation team.

Yet again, I can't remember names. Another of my friend is a Tiefling Ninja. He's a drunk and not all that bright, albeit wise. He uses duel shortswords and has alot of mobility, he's more of an americanized ninja, not the typical japanese stereotype. He's also f**k buddies with the next character, played by this character's fiance.

Do I even have to say it? A Rilkin (sp?) godless cleric with the magic and healing domains and a very very heavy tank. She has heavy armor and a tower shield, both absolutely coated in spikes, so she can deal damage if she is hit or grappled. She has to hide her scales because her kind is not welcome in the realm we're currently in, so on top of her heavy armor, she wears a thick scarf and lots of layers of clothing under her armor, making her uncomfortable at times but makes use of cantrips to make her feel better.

The wizard and I are currently suffering from a case of amnesia. All we know is that we can trust eachother and what powers and skills we have. We are wondering through the realms, we met the apparently trustworthy ninja and cleric duo and are right now on a mini-mission to find an alchemical cure for a dying baby. There's alot about this world we know nothing of and are slowly learning the secrets of. I currently suspect there are no gods in this world, only raw divine energies that hold the world together and no arcane magic at all. Replaced by incarnum, so the wizard and I are quite the oddities.

2007-02-27, 02:26 PM
My group plays in a completely home-brewed setting, down to even the gods. The setting has a higher tech level then most standard DnD games, something akin to the technology level of Final Fantasy VI (though no other real relation to the game).

Our group started out as prisoners to a slaving group. We broke out and found ourselves stranded in the desert before being "resuced" by a Gnomish Airship, and then dropped into a cursed forest. The gnomes where able to give us only the most basic of equipment, less then that of a typical 1st level character (we're level 3). We have had very sparse gear options (and were not allowed starting equipment) so I have yet to actually use my class abilities.

Hamat - CN Human Cleric of Tamak (desert god of thirst, madness, sand, and sun)
Our cleric is more then a bit nuts especially since he took the madness domain. His actions are quite random, and not usually overly productive. He swings back and forth between being an interesting character and an annoying derailer.

Sinar - CN Human Swordsage
From the same culture as our priest, our swordsage is an interesting character and the closest thing to a tank we have. He regards the cleric with caution knowing of the reputation of Tamak. He is probably the most easy going member of the group.

Eugene - CG Elan Psion
Tries to be the voice of reason in a group that was forced to work together, and often gets ignored because of it. He is a coward as well, and is the least likely to risk himself to help one of the others.

Mephisto the Magnificient - CG Human True Sorcerer (see my sig)
Newest addition to the group we encountered him in the cursed forest. Because he wasn't a slave he actually had appropriate starting equipment. He is a performer by profession and is very flashy, making liberal use of ghost sounds.

Captain Cid Julian Exwhy Shortround Geenome Shellinfinger - CN Gnome Gun Mage (see sig again for the version I'm playing)
Short and energetic tinkerer, airship pilot, and member of the gnomish military. This is my character. He talks a lot and can be annoying. He makes people he likes give him a new name. For the most part he's been fairly useless in combat, having to rely on a crossbow and 2 daggers for equipment.

2007-02-27, 02:51 PM
Plane scape
A human Faith caster by fantasy flight games, prince of a underwater city a priest to a home brewed god of the deep waters Lesher. Kinda Cthulu but loves Games. Titles The deep Father, the eternal Chest player, he who watchs the chaos.
Domains Water,trickery,knowledge.

The Faith caster has water and trickery level 9.

Human Paladin level 8 of the sister of Lesher, Ravin a godess of the waves a chaotic deity.

A Dwarven fighter 6 fighter and 1 psion. Very earth base was terrified when he set his foot on the Underwater city.

2007-02-27, 03:05 PM
To coin a phase from “Order of the Stick”, my groups is definitely a “ragtag group of dysfunctional heros.” We are playing a "good-based epic", but are hurt by half the party members being Chaotic Neutral. We are playing 2nd Edtion D&D, which my group is loyal to. Our world is on a water based world, much like Legend of Zelda: Windwaker (landmasses are fairly large however). Our group is battling for the world with two major enemies, an Empire who wants to control the world, and a wizard who has discovered the power to awaken the mighty Tarraq that will “cleanse the world”. Our group is always getting into unnecessary trouble, and many have died because of their consistently bad decisions. These are the PCs, starting with my own.

Goa “Go-Go” Yubari a.k.a. Constantine

(Human Priest to the God of Oracles/Prophecy): This character began as a human priest from “far east”. He used to be naive and good natured to begin with being Neutral Good. However during his adventures, he found a weapon in the pits of a hell world. This weapon is a super D&Dized crossbow, which specializes in slaying Demons. However, this weapon is where the soul of Constantine lives. Goa has become the victim of artifact possession, and Constantine has taken a significant part of his personality. He is now Chaotic Neutral, and is willing to engage in questionable behavior. He is infamous in his group for causing trouble. He is also noted as being an awful leader within, leading a significant about of henchmen, followers, hirelings, and his wife to their death without sheading a tear or thinking twice about it. The group tolerates his behavior because he can heal, and has useful situational magic.


(Elven paladin/Fighter): This character began as an elven fighter. However, early in his adventuring career, he was captured by a mind flayer and was forced into slavery for 2 years in game (the player was unable to play for a while) The group broke up the Mind Flayers slave trade, where many people were imprisoned. The group began making the island into a city. Lightfoot got to know a woman during this time as Analla who was vastly powerful, who turned out to be a God on Earth. Lightfoot was knighted as a paladin (a first for an elf) and Analla had his child. Sadly, Analla was killed by our archenemy. He is the only Lawful character in the group, and our group has Chaotic Nature characters. He struggles with all the personal choices of his party members, but carries on for the good of the world.


(Human Ranger): Diogenes began as a swamp ranger. (However, he hasn’t been in a swamp since level 1, and he’s now 13th level.) He is the most emotional member of the group, and often acts without thinking things through. His hated enemy is the drow elves who have murdered his lover. This hates makes his irrational sometimes by attacking when completely out-powered or by refusing help from the groups ally, a “fallen drow elf” (a good drow elf) He is probably the most courageous member of the party, and will risk death quicker than anyone.


(Gnomon Illusionist): Pepe is a small gnome. He is capable of flight, and will always fly if trouble is around. He is good natured in general but egotistical about his intelligence. His biggest problems came after drawing badly from the “deck of meany things” and he gained the hatred of a demon. This demon has creatively tormented Pepe by making his entire race hate him as a traitor.


(Dwarvan Fighter): Yako is probably the most down to Earth person in the group, but also the last person in the group you would want to anger. He is unforgiving when people rub him the wrong way. While Goa will hide his shady behavior, Yako will be up-front about it. If someone draws their swords against him, there’s no talking it out, there’s going to be a battle; whether it be a bandit, a guard, or a child, and he won’t apologize for it.


(Elven Mage/Thief): She is the only female in the party. She is much more willing for up-front battles than Pepe, having a highly magical Katana. She also has powerful attack spells. Living in a man’s world, she’s quick to make people see she’s not to be messed with, and will confront anyone who says a negative word about her. She’s not above charming people as often as she can to get her way.

2007-02-27, 03:15 PM
Fairly homebrewed setting. Kinda.

We're all level 6 now.

We got a gnome favored soul of Rill Cleverthrust who's the party's main caster. (that's me)

A fighter who uses shields as weapon. AC 30 at 6th level. (remarkably, not the power-player, but a good friend of mine.)

Dread Necromancer, part of a guild who supplies him with corpses. He's freaking obsessed with amassing an undead army.

Tiny lizard (Eternal, I think the species was called) who shoots things with a self-designed weapon, part of a guild that is far too complex for me to even try to explain. (power-player)

Bard. Typical bard really, though a sadistic and disturbed person (think a very intelligent, creative Belkar.)

...think that's it. Oh. A ninja. Who...actually doesn't do much of anything.

That's not counting the cohorts.

2007-02-27, 03:17 PM
Currently, the group I'm in is....

Campaign - Home-brewed
ECL - 5

Me - Azurin Evil Incarnate 5
Kobold Bard 5
Drow Rogue 3
Grey Elf Wizard 5

The bard is obviously our healer/booster, and she's not very good at it. The +2 LA drow is hurting the most right now, as her lower HP isn't very friendly (I almost killed her in 1 hit on a fumble, and she was in perfect health before I hit her). The Wizard is doing alright, except she's really bad at picking spells (Her 3rd level spells that her spellbook had was Fly and Explosive Runes, helpful, yes, but not as utilitarian as most). My character is the damage dealer, despite the low base attack bonus and HP. Oddly enough, all our character have really bad HD, either d4 or d6. We'd be doomed if I didn't know how to make a touch attack as strong as a fireball that's usable at will.

Another thing, we all have "pets". The Drow has a albino ferret (don't ask), the Kobold has a Dire Weasel mount, the Grey Elf has a Owl Familiar, and I have (oddly enough), an awakened rat with sadistic tendencies (treated as a co-hort, so we'll have some more magical assistance in a few levels, as he's gonna be a Beguiler)

Hopefully, a friend of mine will join the campaign, and it won't be so statistically bound for failure.

2007-02-27, 04:19 PM
D&D 3.5 mostly core. Using "The Shackled City" campaign. Party is currently level 11. We're a neutral-to-chaotic good party.

Horkina - Female Dwarf Fighter 8 / Barbarian 3.
Grokk - Male Half-orc Barbarian 11.
Rain - Male Elf Rogue 11.
Garlen - Male Halfling Ranger 7 / Rogue 3 / Barbarian 1.
Amber - Female halfling Cleric (Ehlonna) 11.
Roland - Male Human Wizard 7 / Loremaster 4.

Typical combat consists of Rain and Garlen tumbling around to provide flanking, Grokk and Horkina smashing the hell out of stuff, and Amber and Roland casting various useful spells. Socially, nobody took ranks in "diplomacy" so we don't do so well at convincing people of stuff. We spent so much time early game digging through rubble for lewt that we went with the party name "Rubble Rousers". Quotes: "Kick the rubble!", "Searchin' the rubble", "Occipitus is covered in rubble? Well, obviously, we were MEANT to rule it!"

2007-02-27, 04:48 PM
Anyway, my group is playing a Spelljammer campaign (updated to 3.5).

Whoo! Spelljammer! I always wanted to run a Spelljammer game. Maybe someday I will.

We are playing 2nd Edtion D&D, which my group is loyal to.

Whoo, 2nd Edition! Whooo!

2007-02-27, 05:07 PM
My brother is DMing our current campaign; the campaign I was DMing died after one of the players graduated and went to college in a different state.

The campaign is set in Eberron. Beyond that that's really all we know, but my brother has dropped hints about the Prophecy and the progenitor wyrms. (I have a suspicion we'll be fighting Khyber.)

My player is:
Auran d'Lyrandar. Half-elf Wizard 5/dragonmark heir 3. He's rather paradoxical. Reasons that since House Lyrandar encourages heirs to go out and get some experience, that he should experience everything, even some things considered irresponsible/ borderline evil. Still LG, however, as he does believe in laws and will follow Good, as a rule. Rather dislikes killing.

The other players:
??? Gray elf Warmage 7/wizard 1. Player hasn't bothered to give him a name. Mostly believes in pure magic power as a problem solver. Can exercise discretion, however. Alignment CN.

Tobias. Half-blue dragon Bard 5. Also CN, he's a little bitter about being shunned/ discriminated against for being a half-breed. As my character is also a half-breed, my character is pursing a friendship with him. Don't know much about his backstory as the DM and player refuse to tell me more than my character knows.

Belkon. Half-elf Druid 8. The player is an OotS fan, and his only sensible contribution to his character's personality is that he likes to set stuff on fire/ blow things up/ etc. As he is not a member of House Lyrandar, yet posseses a dragonmark that could only come from that house, my character has forbade him to go away until he learns his backstory, and why he has his dragonmark.

Another ??? Shifter ninja 7. Player's been absent for 2 sessions (out of 3) and doesn't really care for roleplaying anyway. We know literally nothing about this guy.

2007-02-27, 05:26 PM
PaladinBoy's DM can provide more detailed (and more interesting) info about his campaign. Good thing that his DM is........ me! Oh, and I will be using spoiler tags, since I don't want PaladinBoy to know about this, at least until later. DO NOT reveal anything in the spoilers in the open, lest you reveal too much to him.

First, about the campaign in general:
Indeed, the Draconic Prophecy and the progenitor wyrms are central to the campaign. I even wrote a more detailed history of the Age of Dragons to add some of my campaign's flavor. Basically, the Prophecy is a physical object, and anything written on it will happen. It was created by the three greatest progenitor wyrms, Eberron, Siberys, and Khyber, to gain control over the powers of creation. However, the Prophecy was shattered when all three wyrms tried to take total control of it. The campaign will see that group collect the scattered pieces of the Prophecy, which have influenced the world's development. And? The final encounter in the entire campaign will be a battle with the Earthlord Dragon Eberron, the Skylord Dragon Siberys, and the Underlord Dragon Khyber. Haven't decided if it's going to be all three at once though.

Tobias's past:
He has no memory of either of his parents, or of really anything of his childhood. (That means I get to decide it. And I already have.) His first memory is of being experimented on by someone or something. (Cultists of the Dragon Below.) Eventually, during this foul process, he awoke to his full power as a half-dragon, and used those abilities to escape. His father will be a CG advanced great wyrm blue dragon, and meeting that father will be a major turning point in the campaign. He will tell them the details of the Prophecy as it really is, and he will be a patron for them in their search for those shards.

Crap, dinnertime. I'll post more details later.

2007-02-27, 05:46 PM
Wow, our current campaign is so darned fun right now! My boyfriend is the DM, as noone else in the group is obsessed with Forgotten Realms like he is.

Setting:Forgotten Realms, dur! Set in 1378. Currently the Moonsea area, as this is a Zhent-based campaign, though I think we're going to Waterdeep next.


Mival Ruldak, Lawful Evil, lvl 8 Knight/Vengeance Knight-- The shortest member of the group aside from the halfling at 5'3", he's an angry and frightening man, training to be more silent in his full plate and utilizes a thick, black gauntlet as his weapon. Second in command. Worships Bane.

Curos, Lawful Evil, lvl 8 Duskblade/Dragon Disciple-- A former convict, given a chance to work off his behavior in service to Zhentil Keep. He uses a mercurial greatsword and is quite a womanizer. Worships Bane.

Eva Katherell, Lawful Evil, lvl 8 Wizard/Zhentarim Skymage-- The leader of the group in the absence of Banite clergy, Eva is a newly trained skymage who rides a Nightmare named Ritsu. Her familiar is an Eyeball named Peepers. Worships Bane.

Kran, Lawful Evil, lvl 7 Monk-- A monk of the Iron Fist, who was charged with watching over Eva Katherell after her parents made a sizeable contribution to the church of Bane. Obviously, he worships Bane.

Kara Bezzik, Lawful Evil, lvl 8 Rogue-- A tiefling of Baatezu/Halfling origin, Kara is an old friend of Mival's, and often prefers to stick to the shadows and remain out of sight. She has shown an interest in becoming part of Bane's church. Worships Bane.

Grim, True Neutral, lvl 8 Cleric/Techsmith of Gond-- An eccentric old man who carts with him a supply of metal and materials. Working with the Zhents to apologize for his god's creation of Cyric's Inquisitors, and hopefully bring some to no longer hate the Wonderbringer. Worships Gond.

Lola, Neutral Evil, lvl 8 Swashbuckler-- Lola dresses in tight leather outfits, and her apparel and scourge beside her rapier brand her easily as a worshipper of Pain. Recently punished by a Dreadmistress of Bane for speaking out of line, she is unable to feel any degree of pain. Worships Loviatar.

Umolka Vhirkina, Neutral Evil, lvl 8 Druid-- Umolka came to Zhentil Keep seeking a book of her goddess' power, and has fallen under the employ of the Zhentarim by way of exploring the Ruins. Animal Companion is Pox, a diseased, hellish rat. Uses her deformed right hand in melee combat. Worships Talona.

????, Neutral Evil, lvl 8 Rogue/zhentarim Spy-- Posing as a caretaker for the horses of the Zhentarim caravan we were sent out on, this man was actually sent to monitor us. Worships Bane.

????, Neutral Evil, lvl 8 Barbarian/Ranger-- A gnoll tracker, this character joined our group, hired by the Dreadmistress to lead us through the forest. Worships Malar.

I can't remember the last two character's names!

2007-02-27, 10:37 PM
Well, since PaladinBoy and Counterpower expressed their views on the group, I shall contribute mine as well :smallwink:

(No Counterpower, I did not look at the *SPOILERS*:smallcool: )

My character: Tobias Bard/Diplom... well, actually I tend to leave the "civilized" diplomacy to Auran, I have my own methods :smallamused:

As can be seen by Auran d'Lyrandar (was wondering how the heck you spelled that :smallbiggrin: ), I am generally pissed off at the world. Dwarfs in particular, but thats a different story. As far as my backstory, well, I actually do not know a whole lot (well some.. ish..?) about how I came into being. All I know is that I like to live on the road, constantly searching for new adventures or new stuff to do; the world generally is not tolerant of a big blue lizard walking around :smalltongue: More to be seen later about me.

Oh, true neutral (Undecided), not chaotic like PaladinBoy assumed, though I can see why he assumes that.

Others: *cough whocaresaboutthem cough* :smallamused:

Auran d'Lyrandar Wizzy/Dragonmarked Heir
Interesting character here. (He is a lord without any money, that right there marked him as... more unique in my mind) Belongs to a dragonmarked house, has the mark of storm. If he would lay back a little he may find me a little more amicable. (Damn lawful alignment :smallwink:) He needs to make first move though.

Belkon Druid
I swear, this character I have been tempted to drop off the airship more than once. He is the typical inane party member who likes to blow stuff up and/or eat pie. And im not kidding about the pie part. He has a wolf animal companion which I sometimes think of "getting rid of" to put it out of the misery his "master" must cause it. Though, to be fair, sometimes inane thinking is exactly what is needed. *cough pieintheface cough*

??? Warmage
Wow, none of us do know his name, do we? (Note to self, ask/intimidate him about it!) I actually get along with him very well, and he is very nasty with lightning bolt. Probally the battle planner in our party if there was/is such a thing. Also knows how to have a good time.

??? Ninja (?)
Has shown up once, like was previously mentioned, dosent roleplay well.

2007-02-28, 12:51 AM
How is her cohort only a level behind her?

The party was desperately short on tanks (this was before I learned about the Dire Pain In My Ass) so I allowed it. :rolleyes:

2009-01-01, 03:02 PM
Belkon Druid
I swear, this character I have been tempted to drop off the airship more than once. He is the typical inane party member who likes to blow stuff up and/or eat pie. And im not kidding about the pie part. He has a wolf animal companion which I sometimes think of "getting rid of" to put it out of the misery his "master" must cause it. Though, to be fair, sometimes inane thinking is exactly what is needed. *cough pieintheface cough*

that pie and insanity were very important character traits. However you forget my role as party packrat.

2009-01-01, 03:37 PM
The setting revolves around working off a 1,000,000 GP debt for a great wizard who lives on his own demiplane. Each character somehow activated a doorway to this plane.

I forget the exact name of campaign my group is in, but it involves zombies, wights, and skeletons that somehow regenerate after being defeated. The group is on a quest to retrieve some books that Prince Heward has asked for.
Although it is recommended for 6th level, my group is nearly halfway finished with it.

My group consists of:

My character: Adwren Solignis 3rd level human Chaotic Good Cleric. Deity is Pelor and has domains of Good and Healing.Tends to annoy the DM and therefore Prince Heward. Seeking become Mystic Theurge. Second to be thrown down a well in the sacred shrine after commenting that he would have to go down and heal Vulcan.

Vulcan - 3rd level warforged Lawful Good healer. carries a spear and cross bow. Once thrown down a well in the Sacred Shrine campaign. Plans to multiclass to monk to augment his slam attack.

Dominic - 3rd level human Lawful Evil Sorcerer with snake familiar who is names Snaky (leads to Metal Gear Solid jokes). essentially a BFF, and by that do not mean Best Friend Forever, but Buddy [explicit] Forever. He calls everyone a meatshield and want everyone to be his cohort.

Stonefist - 3rd level goliath Neutral Good fighter. main strategy is to smash everything with his hammer, or bull rush everything. Entered the castle through a door in the mountains. Equipment includes boots of stomping

Skrug - 3rd level goblin Lawful Evil fighter (not in current campaign) has a riding dog, which the DM describes as a dachshund in reference to Belkar in Order of the Stick. Entered the castle through a treasure chest in a cave. Assisted in throwing Vulcan and me down a well. Nearly killed by three duergars in the Sacred Shrine, but one attack was diverted in order to ensure survival.

2009-01-01, 03:45 PM
I'm DM'n a 3.5 Eberron group working for House Cannith. The characters are:

La'akea Manikarnika, Lyrander marked Half-Elf Rogue 2 Fighter 1 Totemist 1
and the leader of the party. Grew up orphaned with the gangs in underworld Cyre. He joined the Military and survived the Day of Mourning.

Valentine Di'cirono, Human Rogue 1 Sorceror 3. Likes to drink fine Aundairian wine during fights where he lets the spells do the talking. Son of a wealthy man who owned a Xendrik shipping company.

Seraphina of the Healing Hands, Halfling Healer 4. Rides a Magebred Velociraptor. Shaman in training from the Talenta Plains. Suprisingly enough it actually works out.

Spiritus Ex Machina, Warforged Warblade 2 Psychic Warrior 2. Supposedly "failed" experiment by the Brelish to make a magical warforged. Only now, 2 years later is it starting to work.

We have had 3 character deaths.

I'm also playing the 4.0 Keep on the Shadowfell published campaign with:

Gilithin Ironsoul, Dwarf Paladin (me)

Maxim, Tiefling Warlord

Sariel, Eladrin Wizard

Marcellus, Half-Elf Archer Ranger

One more is a 1st lvl 3.5 group with:

Berwyn, Human Conjurer (me)

Vanessa, Elf Scout

a Half-orc Barbarian with a name only he can pronounce

a Halfing Favored Soul That I can not remember the name

2009-01-01, 04:14 PM
Right now I'm running a mixed-circle Exalted game in the West. They're currently trapped in the Labyrinth, living out their worst fears in between lucid periods where they're trying to escape. The characters are:

Ivory Phoenix: Night Caste Solar assassin trained by the Cult of the Illuminated. Partly betrayed by them, she's now on her own, following her own whims, and has decided she's going to kill the Silver Prince so that everyone knows not to mess with her.

Elegy of Forgotten Wren on Broken Wings: Midnight Caste Abyssal who knows the Silver-Voiced Nightingale style. When her exaltation was made into an abyssal essence, the harmonic half of the style was erased, and she was left with only the dissonant half, leaving her soul unbalanced. In learning the harmonic half of the style she has taken her first steps towards redemption. She's also the pawn of several Deathlords' byzantine plots, but she doesn't yet know about them.

Midnight Wave Crashing: Full Moon Caste Lunar, has Elegy as his Solar bond. A strong silent type, he lets his actions speak for him, and his actions paint him as a self sacrificing hero. He has grown to truly love Elegy, and Elegy has fallen in love with him in return... but Elegy's connection with the Neverborn has just severed her connection to him. Now feeling lost and heartbroken, but stuck by his Solar Bond's side, he must either live with unrequited love, or start from scratch at building love and trust back up, even though he knows the Neverborn could steal her love away again.

Frog Dragon
2009-01-01, 04:36 PM
My to-start-in-a-couple-of-days game has an
Elf Sorcerer 2
Half-Elf Rogue 2
Half-Elf Ranger (TWF) 2
And a player who doesn't have a char yet though intends to fill the buffer/healer so I'm guessing Cleric 2

only the Sorcerer player has any game experience and that's from Dming some onld edition of D&D. For the others this is their first game. It's also my first time DM:ing. We're a sort of newbie group:smallwink:

For some bizarre reason my players seem to like Half-Elves

Setting is a homebrew of mine. I decided to use my own setting for more freedom while DM:ing

2009-01-01, 04:50 PM
In the main group that I play in, IRL...

Iron kingdoms game. 3.5 (Well, Paizo's Pathfinder but close to 3.5 anyways)
-Bard 6 (me)
-Ranger/Fighter specializing in rifles
-Cleric 6 (NPC)

Works quite well really. Three characters with a lot of attack and damage rolls are helped by me inspiring +3 to both (with help of a bard spell from SpC) and wasting melee opponents with Hideous Laughter and arcane casters with Blindness.

On next level I'll be taking leadership (our feat progression goes 1, 3, 5, 7...) and am still a bit undecided for my cohort. I will be either taking rogue going for assassin or some arcanic caster with clearly visible demonic bloodline. I am more interested in the first choice for a cohort (won't be hanging around in every fight but could help by creating poisons and other goodies and be sent to take care of the dirty work that the cleric won't want my bard to do ;) ) but as I plan to begin playing the cohort if my bard dies at some point the caster choice sounds better... But well, still got a full level worth of time to decide.

On the game that I DM here on the boards:

3.5. One player. Ptolus setting. Hexblade 1. I allowed him to take the FR regional feat that makes opponents shaken (will negates) when they see you casting or attacking for the first time in combat. As fear effects stack, it likely works frighteningly well with hexblade's other abilities that help in making opponents fear you. Haven't seen it in combat yet, though.

Then I also DM a second level 4th edition game IRL:

Homebrew setting (will be transported to FR at some point). 2nd level characters. Eladrin Tactical warlord, Elven Archery Ranger and Dragonborn Fighter. Works pretty neatly in combat though don't know if I can say anything special about them.

2009-01-01, 04:56 PM
In the campagian I'm in their is

Leader Lv 6 elf Ranger
Freak of nature Lv 4 Half vampire human Vampire
Human Lv 6 Warmage
Ninja boy Lv 6 elf ninja
Andor Lv 6 Bard
Me Lv 6 Gnome sorcerer with the healing domain
Human Lv 6 druid
Anya Lv 6 Human Cleric
plus a bunch of minor people who come in and out

Berserk Monk
2009-01-01, 04:59 PM
Well, current, I'm not in a group. I was last semester at school, but that campaign ended after finals. I had a multiclass barbarian/ranger. I had the Whirling Frenzy rage (+4 str, +2 AC dodge bonus, and one extra attack per round at highest BAB but -2 to that roll and all other rolls). As a ranger, I took the two weapon fighting style so while in a rage, I could make three attacks and that was at level 3. SLASH! SLASH! SLASH! Also, I was wielding battle axes which had a x3 crit so on two separate occasions I did over 30 points of damage with on attack. We were fight giant vermin so it was like it was raining tiny bits of insect carnage.

2009-01-01, 05:06 PM
im the DM of a group that consists of:

a CN human fighter that sits on a horse and chops things up
a CE halfling bard that always tries to do really weird things during combat...mostly involving poison
a CE dwarven barbarian that smashes things with his fists
a CG half-elf cleric that heals and stuff
and a LG elven sorceress that has actually killed more than the fighter and barbarian combined...with a longbow

the party is level 2

2009-01-01, 05:30 PM
Your neighborhood Paladin order would like to remind you that Thread Necromancy has the [Evil] tag.


Reading my two-year-old post in this thread was just weird.

- Saph

2009-01-01, 05:57 PM
Currently playing EttRoG, party as follows:

Aka - Grey Elf Beguiler 8
Elmwood - Halfling Druid 8
Magnus - Dwarf Fighter 8
Yosemite - Deep Dwarf Monk 8
Dagornach - Human (Copper) Dragon Shaman 8

2009-01-01, 06:01 PM
FR Setting: all Lvl 5
Human Cleric of Torm (me)
Human Cleric of Helm
Gnome Cleric of Some Gnome nature god
Elf Fighter/Wizard
Minatour Gladiator
Dwarf Fighter


We're Still going but with a few changes - All level 9/10

Gnome Cleric of Some Gnome nature god met a accidental death at the hands (paws) of the Fighter/Cleric of Helm while he was trying to heal her with a potion while being a swarm of rats (Potion of Fiery Burning is not for internal consumption)

She was replaced by a Dwarf Thief/Cleric

The Minatour was decapitated by a Death Knight with a Vorpal sword, brought back with the Rod Of resurrection and the flubbed his survival roll.

Replaced by a Priest of Akadi

2009-01-01, 06:19 PM
We're about to start a slightly homebrewed Greyhawk campaign over the 'net with three players, all of us new. Luckily our DM is making us actually learn the game before we start. We're each playing two characters, the main one we each want to play, and a second to make the party bigger.

We're starting with;

An as-yet unmade, (Probably Neutral Human) Fighter 1 - Player A's secondary character
A selfish and laid-back, CN Elf Ranger 1 - My seconday character
An as-yet unfinished, CN (Probably Human) Rogue 1 - Player A's primary character
An orphaned schoolteacher, CG Half Elf Cleric 1 - Player B's secondary character
A midget orphan and sister of the cleric, CG Half Elf Sorcerer 1 - Player B's primary character
A four-inch tall pixie-like character who wears nothing but a thong, CG Yousei (Homebrewed race) Wizard 1 - My primary character

Player A is really slow but we're trying to get him to hurry up.

2009-01-01, 06:23 PM
I'm running: The Black and the Purple, a self-made campaign set in Cormyr against a Zhentarim invasion.
The 10th-level Party is composed of:
-Alioth Ras'Elased, Male Aasimar Paladin 8/Crusader 2 (using the Mantle Paladin by Fax)
-Lesa, Female Wood Elf Ranger 6/Scout 2/Swordsage 2
-Kieran Aquilae, Female Half-Elf Rogue 6/Swordsage 4
-Acantha Trannyth, Female Human Cleric 10 (Kelemvor)
-Baron Azareth Starsmiter, Male Moon Elf Wizard 10.
My players are all current or former students.

I'm playing: Eyes of the Lich Queen, premade super-adventure set in Eberron.
My characters are:
-Flamberge Two, Male Personality Warforged Fighter 2/Warblade 3. Formerly a member of the Karrnathi army, he was purchased by House Deneith after the war. Specializes in the Stone Dragon discipline and enjoys smashing stuff. Is currently wearing a Blackscale Lizardfolk head as a hat. Often sits in the cargo sections of lightning trains, since it's cheaper. :P

-Elzikki d'Cannith, Female Human Artificer 5.
(Had to play two since we were getting screwed without a caster, and nobody else wanted to play one.) Morgrave University graduate, Elzikki is a prodigy from House Cannith. She enjoys creating wands and blowing stuff up, and is adventuring because "the world is her laboratory." Her underground contact is a skinny hobgoblin grifter who gathers information for her.

The others are:
-Male Human Ranger 5, who specializes in throwing a boomerang. Sadly he's not very good at it, and he blew a lot of his initial cash on his weapon.
-Male Human Swordsage 5, also a guy from House Deneith. He likes Desert Wind and blowing up stuff.
-Male Changeling Rogue 5, played by someone who goes to this forum. He knows we find him annoying, but he has his uses.

Our DM is the girl who plays the Ranger/Scout/Swordsage in the other game.

2009-01-01, 06:27 PM
Whoa, I totally did not realize that when I posted today.

Your neighborhood Paladin order would like to remind you that Thread Necromancy has the [Evil] tag.


Reading my two-year-old post in this thread was just weird.

- Saph

2009-01-01, 06:40 PM
The group I'm DMing:
Paladin 5- Specializing in mounted combat, laying on hands, and forgetting other Paladin class features.
Monk 5- With the kind of rolled stats that make me see the advantages in point-buying. Vow of Poverty.
Soulknife 5- New to the game
Fighter 5- Using feats for TWF, has two dragon heads grafted on his shoulders.

Other campaigns in which I'm PCing, based on who is present or ready whenever our schedules allow meeting-
The first campaign I ever was in:
Ranger 7/Horizon Walker 1- My first character who is cursed to the fate of natural ones.
Psionic Warrior 8- Tanky guy
Rogue 8- "The chest is trapped? No problem, I'll just- ...I have 0 ranks in disable device..."
Wizard 8- DMPC
Cleric 8- The Soulknife-new guy, hasn't done much in this campaign yet.

Oriental-themed campaign:
Shaman 3- (Scorpion) I don't know if the program that made my character sheet is screwed up or if it's really possible (the DM's fine with it), but I have an Air Elemental Squid companion that aces just about every skill check it makes. Even if it can't really do anything to inform me of the enemies sneaking up behind me or the organization that's trying to kill me.
Monk 3- (Dragon) The Monk and Psionic Warrior player above, is well-educated in Asian cultures, and does enjoy pointing out when the system doesn't really follow fact.
Samurai 3- (Unicorn)
Samurai 3- DMPC

2009-01-01, 06:57 PM
Though this thread is old, probally someone else was going to start a new threat asking about " who is in your party " eventually.

Anyways, behold the party that should have self-destructed awhile ago.

Currently in Ebberon, but to me thats only the title since the DM doesn't know anything about ( even though he insists other wise ) Ebberon and I remind him of stuff. I the only evil one most survive with 4 good alignment characters.

Yuki Stargazer; CE Female Gray Elf Vampire ( nerfed homebrew ) Necromancer Wizard lv5/Incantatrix lv2/[Me] Debuff/Buff master, handy since the DM likes to send high CR monsters at us.
Tomas; LG Human Male Cleric lv5/Dweomekeeper lv2/entering Divine Disciple soon.
Thor; NG Human Male Warblade lv5/Bladestorm Master lv2/likes to hit things from a distance, even though he has the most hit points which is a constant source of arguments.
Clare; LG Female Saint Monk lv7/...Monk?
Sharyia Moonflower; Female Half-Celestial Cleric lv 6/Legacy character from one of his characters from a few years ago.

2009-01-01, 09:36 PM
This is the group I'm DM'ing (if they'd show up! :smallmad: ).

Quarion Gix Holimion - Half Elf/Half Gold Dragon Barbarian 2
Guaranteed to completely ruin one encounter a day. :smallbiggrin:

Thadael Abbas - Aasimar Paladin 4
He's the group's main healer and diplomat; designed to be extremely resilient and compensate for Quarion's low hit points.

(unnamed, so far) - Draconic Goblin Technologist 4
This character uses a class I got from a third-party source, so he's sort of like a mad scientist skill monkey/wizard character. Apparently, he's 1/4 silver dragon.

Renard - Lupin (see Dragon Compendium) Ranger 4
Renard's our tracker, mundane artillery, and personal friend of Quarion. His wolf animal companion is either going to be named Fluffy or Throatripper. Fluffy, since it's convenient and has incredible staying power, and Throatripper after his favorite food and primary means of acquiring it. :smallamused:

(unnamed, again) - Elf Evoker 4
This is your standard issue blaster-mage, who received that position because his player has yet to show up, and only told me a few miniscule details about him.

(another nameless guy) - Human Rogue 1/Swordsage 3
When this guy's player said he wanted to be a ninja, I asked if he wanted to be a real ninja, or a flying, fire-breathing Naruto type ninja. He said "both," I said "sure." :smallcool:

2009-01-01, 10:22 PM
Oh god, where do I start?

There's me, the Celestial Halfling Walock/Cleric/Eldritch Disciple and my Wendigo Monk/Barbarian/Fist of the Forest/Frostrager/Bearwarrior cohort

A Gith Monk
A Fairy Wizard
A Human TWF Ranger
A Human Sorc/Ranger/Arcane Archer
A Half-Dragon or somesuch Fighter?/Dragon Shaman/Other Dragon based class
A Half-Giant Psion
A Halfling Rogue/Assasin (Last time I checked at any rate)
A Winged Catfolk something
All at ECL 18, with LA buyoff if you can do the maths

And that's just for starters. There might be a few more people joining. I pity the DM

2009-01-01, 10:47 PM

1. Laser technician.
2. Hawaiian nobility five star chef helicopter pilot martial artist theoretical physicist.
3. Professional SF and fantasy author.
4. Video game programmer.

...oh, you mean the party.

Human warblade; disenfranchised knight looking for purpose.
Warforged warblade brought to life by a blacksmith and wife's wish for a son.
Tiefling wizard/warblade; exiled nobility due to tragic emo backstory because that is a needed party slot.
#4's wife, who is playing a gnome archivist with a backstory none of us are clear on because she is the GM's wife and doesn't have to do any work.

2009-01-01, 11:26 PM
I run 2 games, both 3.5, both are in Forgotten Realms.

Campaign: Legacy of Bloodstone
This game has been going for about 4.5 years in real time. playing once a week to start with, twice a week now, with a few breaks in the middle. Campaign details the events unfolding after a failed attempt at the 1e Bloodstone quartet of adventures. Another dm (one of the players) ran this a number of years ago, and Orcus won the day in a bloody final battle that saw virtually an army worth of pc's die.

the characters are beset by prophecy, the blood war has come to the material plane, much of the realms has been overcome in a bloody and holocaustic conflict. Eventually, the armies of Orcus have been beaten back to the Abyss (for the most part), and many heroes and nations of the Realms no longer exist, one God (Ilmater) destroyed, the triad broken and many Religions on their knees (Kelemvor, Mystra to name a few).

The characters are (the game started at 2nd level):

King Haderack Achilleon (an original character), King of Damara - Human Fighter 20/Legendary Leader 1

Elocin, (an original character), Wild Elf Fighter 6/Barbarian 5/Frenzied Berserker 10

Goreaxk, Half-Ogre Favoured Soul (Tempus) 19

High Priestess Crucia Daemonwrack, The Archon of Flame, Human Wizard/Cleric (Kossuth)/Mystic Theurge/Elemental Archon total level 20

Ronni, Blade of the Crescent Moon, Human of Kar Tur Ninja 20

There have been many characters fall by the wayside in this game, either through death, their part moving on in the story, or worse.
Brother Carot (deceased), Air Genasi Monk of the Sun Soul order.
Brother Rhubarb (deceased), Human Monk of the Yellow Rose order.
Sepak (deceased), Half-Orc Fighter
High Priestess Kerilisaria Amanodel (now an NPC for another group of Heroes), Human Cleric (Kelemvor)
Roberta Builda (deceased), Human Sorceress
Altierre (whereabouts unknown), Tiefling Rogue/Shadowdancer
Alric (deceased), Human Rogue/Sorcerer
Brianna Starshine (deceased) Moon Elf Paladin
Warden of Aglarond, Andric Fortrell (now an NPC fighting for his country), Human Wizard/Archmage
Thorn (deceased) Half-Gold Dragon Hexblade
General Tarbur Dark (whereabouts unknown), Moon Elf Fighter/Wizard/Arcane Archer

and there has been an NPC party of heroes that the group have worked with and sometimes have roleplayed for separate missions, or joined with.

The Silver Dagger Company
Sir Ettiene, Human Paladin (Tyr) 22
Hel, Tiefling Wizard 21
Sister Evelyn, Human Cleric 20
Bo-Kail (deceased), Dwarf Cleric (Moradin) 12
Essen'edi, Moon Elf Ranger 20
kerrilisaria has joined this group.

The other game that I am running is a RHoD game, this group has already had a TPK when I was running Shattered Gates of Slaughtergarde (which was to lead into RHoD), after the TPK I just started them on RHoD.

Khan Half-Orc Monk 6
Boris Wild Elf Druid 6
Jindor Gnome Fighter 6
Reginald deBarkle Human Rogue 3/Cleric 2/Shadowbane Stalker 2
Lin Fang Human Fighter 4/Monk 1/Shou Disciple 2
Selena Nailo (deceased) Human Sorcerer 4/Favoured Soul (Azuth) 3
Jock McStrap Azerblood Fighter 6
Travilious Wild Elf Paladin 6

Shades of Gray
2009-01-01, 11:37 PM
Here's my group.

Human Druid, a fairly new player, so no brokeness.
Human Dread Necromancer, with a habit of asking "can I raise it" to the DM every time we kill something.
Dwarf Knight/Dwarven Defender, Stands there, saying "hit me"! Roleplays as a minor masochist:smalltongue:
Halfling Sorcerer, DMPC, deals the most damage.

2009-01-02, 12:21 AM
I'm (DM) running a 4E hacked Dragonlance Campaign during the War of the Lance


Jeremy - Eladrin (Kagonesti) Wizard, about to take his Test of High Sorcery
Dave - Half Elf Warlord, inspiring build
TJ - Dwarven Paladin, pledged to honor
Aaron - Human Thief, damage/assassin build
Steve - Human Ranger, archer build

We're getting ready to launch into the War itself and we'll be following more closely to the books, but using material from the Sovereign Press books. It's been a fun game so far but a lot of it has also been spent arguing and understanding rules, since we're coming from 2nd Ed.

2009-01-02, 03:34 AM
I'm currently playing two games (both of which are on hiatus for the holidays)

The first is a 3.5e game with:

Level 7 Human Cleric
Level 7 Gnome Wizard
Level 7 Human Scout
Level 8 Human Dragon Shaman

The second is a 4e game with:

Level 2 Wizard
Level 2 Bard
Level 2 Swordmage
Level 2 Warlord
Level 2 Warlock

Dr Bwaa
2009-01-02, 03:42 AM
Four PCs and a DMPC (who never gets any action or steals spotlights, though). We are (apparently) the (we've recently learned) second iteration of an ancient elven prophesy. The first ended in disaster, and this one.... well, it probably will as well.

The Party
Claaus O'Neal: CN Human Fighter 8/Devoted Defender 6. The Aegis (me)
Charliez Stamaya: CN Half-Dragon Sorceress/Magekiller. The Tempest
Filbert Baker: LN Human Monk 10/Tattooed Monk 4. The Talon
Nim: CG Human Rogue/Bard. The Nocturne
Namia [lastname]: N Human Druid. The Moon (NPC)

2009-01-02, 03:50 AM
I'm DMing an ECL 15 Monster Game with:
An Incubus, Cleric + stuff that benefits from having godly charisma.

A 10 times evolved undead skeleton Tempest.

A Half-Fiendish Aasimar Frenzied Berserker.

I can't remember the last one, his character died last session so he's making a new one.

With the same group people I'm a player in another campaign where we have:

An Illusionist

A Cleric of Kord

A Cleric of Lathander (I know, we have no specific setting)

A Factotum

and a Bard

2009-01-02, 10:11 AM
Main Campaign

Silvanestri CG Ranger 6: Archery-tracked Ranger. Eagle animal companion, which is good for scouting. Player only has the PHB, so his feat selection is limited, but he does well.
Human Wizard 4: Planning to go Elemental Savant (Fire). Loves blowing stuff up, but works well with the party. He was CN, but when he took his High Tower test, the DM made him CG. That player isn't too happy, and my character keeps asking him where he stole his white robes and offering to buy red dye for him. (In Dragonlance, Good Wizards wear white robes, Neutral wear red, and Evil wear black.)
Human LG Monk 4: With Vow of Poverty. Very good roleplayer, and very good about remembering his Vow.
Kender CN Rogue 6: Me. Planning to take Nightsong Enforcer once I get to LVL 11. (I want Cripping Strike, so need 10 Rogue levels.) Dual wields short swords (1d4), so is completely reliant on SA to do damage.

Secondary Campain

Alice, Human CN WIZ 3/Cleric 3/True Necromancer 11:* Played by the same guy who plays the Wizard above. He plays her as an emo cheerleader type. (Obsessed about her appearance, concerned about breaking a nail in combat, dresses all in black because "that's what necromancers do." That's an IC, not an OOC comment.)
Charlie, LVL 15 Awakened Undead: Alice's primary companion and sidekick. His race is something out of the MM. Serves as a tank.
K'Tai, LVL 27 Awakened Undead: Alice's new "pet." Base race is from the MM, but with levels in Rogue and a custom Assassin-style class. Also has Intelligent Epic weapons and armor. VERY overpowered, but can be toned down so she doesn't overshadow everyone.
Lucian Malfoy, Human LE Hexblade 7, Fiendish Hexer 10: Me. I started out as a Hexblade, but since the DM kept putting us against Undead, my curse and spells were almost useless, making me a Fighter without bonus feats, but with a familiar. The DM took pity and homebrewed a PrC giving me some fire-based spell-like abilities and upping the power of my curse.
Marvolo**, LE Hellhound: Lucian's familiar. Other than his tendency to eat people and sleep in the campfire, he acts just like my RL golden retriever.
DMPC Rogue: With some homebrewed PrC's. Based mostly on Assassin, but with more spells and better casting. Archery focused.
DMPC Soulknife:With yet another homebrewed PrC, giving him psionic powers and better combat abilities.

* I'm not sure on the exact class breakdown. Levels total 17.

** Can you tell I'm a Harry Potter fan?

2009-01-02, 10:45 AM
Dwarf Paladin 16
Dwarf Fighter 2/Cleric 12/Battlesmith 2
Human Fighter 6/ranger 10
Human Bard 2/Sorcerer 6/Heartwarder 8 (me)

(We started at level 4, three years ago.)