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2007-02-27, 05:45 AM
In the campaign I'm brewing, I have less demihumans and more different humans. So I thought it to be a nice idea to let the differences between these different human 'subraces' show. I had the idea of changing the following human trait:
Bonus feat & extra skillpoints
to a choice:
Choose 2:
Bonus feat; extra skill points; 1 of your ability scores starts at 10 instead of 8*

Then the ability score that would start at 10 would ofcourse be subrace-specific, so you would have a stat groups of humans are more noted for. Then the extra skill points are also only to be spend on one of a few subrace-specific skills. They could buy ranks in them 1:1 with the racial skill points, but still had the half cap for cc ranks. The only exception would be the Xroi, that has the option to choose a +1 on saves against divine spells instead of the option for the ability score. I'm even less sure about the balance of this than about the rest, however.

I thought of the subraces to be these:
Anfori - constitution; climb, craft, gather information, handle animal, hide, jump, know(local), profession, sleight of hand, use rope
Ahmum - charisma; diplomacy, forgery, handle animal, intimidate, know (architecture), know(nobility), ride, sense motive
Dwai - dexterity; balance, heal, hide, know(nature), listen, move silently, spot, survival, use rope
Frojnahi - strength; climb, craft, handle animal, heal, intimidate, jump, know(local), listen, survival, use rope
Rahi - wisdom; concentration, craft, heal, know(geography), know(religion), listen, sense motive, survival
Xroi - +1 saves against divine spells; appraise, balance, bluff, craft, diplomacy, gather information, heal, know(religion), spellcraft, swim, use rope
Hubrier - wisdom; appraise, concentration, diplomacy, heal, gather information, know(history), know(religion), sense motive, spellcraft

*We're using point buy, so this would mean the cost for each score would be:
10 - 0
12 - 2
14 - 4
16 - 8
18 - 14

Now my question is, is this a good idea, does it need the following fixes or is it doomed to fail? Comments please.

Glooble Glistencrist
2007-02-27, 02:05 PM
It occurs to me that an effective +2 to Wisdom or Dexterity would give you +1 on all Will or reflex saves, plus all kinds of other stuff, so it seems far superior to a +1 on saves against Divine spells. That depends, of course, on how prevalent divine magic is in your campaign. Still, I'd think about upping it to a +2.

2007-02-27, 02:41 PM
Thanks for the advise, but wouldn't a +2 be a little bit overpowered? Divine magic is more common than arcane in my campaign. But I don't know how many allow saves and clerics are not really going to be main antagonists. Hmm...