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2014-07-05, 08:31 AM
The Tovenaar is a Magus archetype published by Super Genius (the irony!) Games. (http://www.d20pfsrd.com/classes/base-classes/magus/archetypes/super-genius-games---magus-archetypes/tovenaar) The archetype has a surprising amount of promise, but also enough shoddy execution to make the class appalling to play.

-Getting many domains
-Getting a domain power as part of a full attack
-Keeping Arcane Pool, Medium and Heavy Armor Proficiency, Bonus Feats and Combat Training

-MAD (domains require WIS, arcanas require INT)
-Keeping the one-hand-free requirement
-Removing Spellstrike then not proffering a replacement

Getting many domains is good because they're full of fun, flavorful and effective powers which, after looking at all of them, are NOT op or broken. Getting to use a power as part of a full-attack is cool as it lets you re-examine the powers from a new perspective and adds some extra utility from de-buffing, buffing, etc. Keeping Arcane Pool and the like provides a nice way of keeping up with the full-BAB classes.

Arcanas need int, domain powers need wis, your to-hit needs str, not dying as you have poor AC needs con. The one-hand-free requirement exists because Magi are frequently stabbing out with lightning or spells like Haste or Grease and to balance out their DPS a little; the Tovenaar does none of this and crippling his physical DPS is just mean. Removing Spellstrike means that Reach weapons are completely out, which is a pity as no longer being shackled to high crit-range weapons seemed an intriguing avenue of approach for this class.

Despite all the bad, there's an awful lot of good in this class. It provides a few roadsigns towards a mystic fighter who has a few more options an abilities each round than your average BSF. Thus I call upon you, strangers of the internet, to help me home-brew this class into something cohesive, flavorful, fun to play and if possible effective.

Design Goals
-Keep all the Domain abilities and let them be used effectively to provide options
-Sort out some of the MAD problems
-Don't end up like the Rogue, with no real means of keeping up with the to-hit and consistent damage of everyone else
-If possible, provide abilities that lend themselves to a feat chain; at the moment, no Tovenaar abilities really lead towards any feats. A method to help multiclassing (Boon Companion/Magical Knack for Domains) would be lovely

2014-07-08, 11:48 AM
Here's what I have.