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2007-02-27, 04:14 PM
So at GenCon So-Cal this year, I lucked into buying a 1" circular punch (LVJCP0051, LV-JCP51, CLEVER LEVER JMB CRAFT PUNCH - 1" CIRCLE, $8.80 retail) from Marvy Uchida (http://www.uchida.com/INDEX.HTM) for $10 and I also picked up a bunch of really cool art freebees.

Most of them are now 1" circular counters for future games.

Anyone else make their own using something like this?


2007-02-27, 04:16 PM
I just posted basically the same idea on the minis poll thread. My buddy uses circle pics of monsters printed from a color printer and affixes them to heavier weight poker chips. works great.

2007-02-27, 04:31 PM
If you're in the US, the new "State Quarters" work well to distinguish PCs from each other. Monsters can be pennies, nickels, or dimes. Half-dollars for large creatures.:smallbiggrin:

2007-02-27, 06:24 PM
I just cut squares out of cardboard boxes. Although I'll occasionally attach pictures, I usually just mark them with letters for easy identification. Sure, for important characters, it's nice to have art, but for mooks, it's just too confusing if you don't have numbers or letters to identify them.