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Kree West
2014-07-07, 06:19 PM
Welcome to the 2K Word Original System Competition. You must design an original system that fits in 2000 words or less.

If you would like to make an entry please make a post stating this by 7/14/14. Your system must be ready by 8/14/14. The time zone being used is MST without daylight savings. Contestants will post their systems and judges will grade each one. At the end of the grading period the results will be added up and a winner will be named.

Your system must be original.
Your system must be in at most 2000 words.
The above limit does no apply to titles or formatting.
Only the mechanics and engine must be within the limit. It does not include races, classes, equipment, monsters, and pure roleplaying.
At the bare minimum enough information must be posted to play the game. However, options like feats, skills, classes, etc. are not needed.
Each poster is limited to one entry.
Your system must be posted by the end date.

Judges are needed! Please apply.
Entries will be scored in several categories on a scale of 1 to 10.
The categories are Originality, Playability, Elegance, Customization, and Overall.
Originality: How unique the system is. 1 = 1d20 + ability + skill ranks for everything. 10 = highly innovative.
Playability: How easy is it to pickup and play. 1 = takes a lot of time and memorization. 10 = anyone could pick it up and play in a matter of minutes.
Elegance: How easy it is to understand, fluency. 1 = conflicting rules and bad wording. 10 = no conflicts in rules or over complications.
Customization: How customized can I make my character: 1 = very few options or too many options. 10 = A variety of options but not an overwhelming amount.
Overall: Not an average. How good the system is in general. 1 = made in a couple minutes with very little time invested. 10 = you can tell that a lot of time went into its creation.

2014-07-08, 11:39 AM
You realise that Top Secret Games just did their 2 page tabletop competition and advertised it right in this sub-forum, and so everyone who was going to create a short TTRPG has literally just done so?

Sure, if I'm allowed just to copy the one I've already done, I'll do that, but...

(That said, if this is run I've got another system in production, so I can enter with a new one if needed).