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2014-07-08, 01:25 AM
Creating a new way the sorcerer plays as part of a sorta homebrew class overhaul for other games.

The sorcerer would be based on the thought that all their power comes from within them and they get better with practice however they are not quite skilled in early years.

Instead of getting leveled spells they would get the ability to influence an element that makes up magic>
These are
Void-encompassing spells that are not bound by the limitations of the earth, creating portals, divination ect is in this category
Pressure- Force spells along with spells around telekanisis illusion or travel are in this element
Energy- Acid, Fire, ice, lightning ect are all in this field Primaraly used for attacks and crowd control
Mineral- Earth and metal effecting spells along with defensive and support spells. Many that alter the body would be included
Moisture- Mind altering, healing, Other forms of illusion, regeneration and the like.

Spell Failure- All sorcerers begin with a natural spell failure. When they fail a spell it can do anything from redirect at another source, explode causing harm, halt your ability to cast magic for x number of rounds or in some cases become more powerful
-Sorcerers have an increased spell failure for casting higher level spells.
Mana pool Each sorcerer gets a pool of mana that they cast from. Every level they get a small amount of mana but can also Increase the amount of mana in their pools.
Leveling spells-Sorcerers level spells by spending points they get every level. There are two things in each element they can spend on.
-----Manipulation A sorcerer who spends their points in manipulation reduces the spell failure cost when casting a spell influenced by rise (talked about later) And spell failure in total (This only effects the element you are currently leveling)
-----Knowledge Every point gives a new spell and every two points Increases the limit on the level of spell you are able to cast. (Only for the element you are currently leveling)

Rise The fun part of the sorcerer. Rise is more or less an unspecified metamagic. Every time you activate rise you state an effect you wish to add to a spell. Doing so will increase the chance of failure (current calculations is 10% X spell level) But will add an awesome effect (Spell manipulation will lower the %) Such as if you wish to cast a fireball that normally will hit a ten foot square you can use a rise to double the effect so it hits a larger space, but lets say there are mostly fire elementals in the space. You can use an additional rise (at a higher % of failure) To make it an icy fireball (Iceball?)

Rituals- Both wizards and sorcerers will be able to use ritual magic. These are where the more powered spells are kept or spells that have a very long duration. They are difficult to do based on the spell but have longer lasting or more powerful effects. Summon monster, polymorph, plane shift ect. Some spells also require more members to cast or have high material or XP cost but with equally potent effects.

Dragon mark- A sorcerer is born with a permenant tattoo that will not go away with magic or with most illusions. Wearing cloth over the mark will cover it but someone is still able to sense it if they have the capability. These marks also provide unique powers that i have yet to write. Such as giving bonus die to a certain elemental effect or give a natural armor or run speed, possibly a breath weapon.

2014-07-09, 07:49 PM

Also, this seems to be more flavored towards pathfinder sorcerer flavor as well.

Epsilon Rose
2014-07-09, 09:19 PM
This could make for an interesting fix. Unfortunately, it's hard to tell until you post some rules for actually using this stuff, rather than just a basic outline.

2014-07-10, 09:08 PM
I was looking for some feedback on it.

I was thinking the spell failure would start at about 25+10% per spell level after first. Every investment into manipulation would lower the spell failure by 5%. Applying a rise will also increase the spell failure chance by 10%

Every level you get four points to spend in any tree so you can quickly level one tree and be a specialist or put a few in a few trees. You start with ten points.

You can use rise to
Double the effective area of attack (doing so will decrease the DC for saves by 5 and make damage one step lower)
Focus the effective area of attack (Halves area, cannot be smaller then 5ft, increases the DC for saves by 5 points makes damage one step larger)
Shift element (Changes the discriptor of an element to one of a different type, Must be the same school for instance you can change fire to ice or lightning because they are both energy)
Hasten spell (spell takes a move action instead of a standard, Cannot cast more then two spells in a turn or use any other items that would cast a spells effects.
Build spell (Spell takes a full round action to cast and you are flat footed for the turn, Increase CL checks by 4, Increase DC for saves by 4)

May thing of more later but this is what i have right now.

Epsilon Rose
2014-07-10, 09:55 PM
Right, but we need the core effects in order to judge the modifiers. You were talking about leveling spells and a custom set of elements, so it doesn't seem like you'll just be handing them the normal 3.5 spells. Am I mistaken in that regard?

2014-07-11, 12:26 AM
I think it's a bit of a misnomer to call this a redesigned sorcerer. You're making so many fundamental changes that it's effectively a completely new class.

2014-07-11, 01:20 AM
I was going to create new spells that fit thematically with the elements. I just havent yet.