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2014-07-10, 05:22 PM
Making a short thread to discuss houserules for easy links and reference for players in future campaigns. Feedback is more than welcome. I'll likely reserve the first couple posts, as well.
These are poorly organized, but will start to shape up over the next few days... I hope.

All health (including level 1) is calculated at 2 less than max for each hit die. So, a 10 con fighter would have 8/16/24 health over his first three levels.
All classes which normally get less than 4 skill ranks per level now get 4 instead. The monk and druid get 6. Any archetypes which give more than the normal number of skill ranks (such as the fighter's “Tactician” archetype (4 skill ranks/level)) to a class that normally receives less than 4 skill ranks now give that amount +2 (6/level for the Tactician).
We will be using fractional BAB and saves for multiclass characters.

You are able to read, write, and speak your normal starting and bonus languages. However, 1 rank in linguistics no longer adds complete understanding of a new language. Rather, 1 rank will allow you to speak/understand a language, or read/write a language, but not both.
Evil outsiders all use the same language; Abyssal and Infernal are rolled together. Likewise, good outsiders all share a common language.
Some races can interpret certain racial languages intuitively, with a linguistics check, though this does not give them the ability to converse in that language at will. For example, Aasimars can decipher Celestial, even if they do not know it, though doing so takes time and requires checks.

Iterative Attacks
All iterative attacks after the first are at -5, rather than expanding into -10 and -15. This should add more accuracy to fighter types. Secondary natural attacks are made at -2 as though the creature had multiattack feat, unless the creature is using a non-natural attack as well. When mixing attack types, natural attacks are all made at -5, regardless of TWF penalties or the like. A character attacking with TWF and a bite at BAB +6 would attack at +4/+4/-1/+1 (main/ off/ main-iterative/ natural). Damage for natural attacks remains unchanged when incorporated into an attack with manufactured weapons.

In keeping with the idea of the above rule and the new TWF rules, monk flurry at level 20 will be +18/+18/+13/+13/+13/+13/+13/+13.
Monks get extra movement during a flurry of blows equal to half their fast movement bonus. A monk using a flurry of blows and his reduced fast movement still gains 1 free 5-foot step each round.
Monks get a full BAB. So no more discrepancy between their attack bonus while flurrying and their bonus when not flurrying.
Monks are officially proficient with unarmed strikes (which they may have already been).
A monk with natural weapons like claws or teeth may use those weapons after his flurry (for extra attacks at -5 and normal damage) or as part of his flurry (at regular attack bonuses but replacing unarmed strike damage).
Monks get 6+Int skill ranks per level, rather than 4+Int.

Inappropriate size penalties for smaller weapons are removed, and larger weapons are reduced to –2.
We will have a more orderly weapon size curve: 1, 1d2, 1d3, 1d4, 1d6, 1d8, 1d10, 2d6, 2d8, 2d10, 4d6, 4d8, 4d10, 8d6, etc... Weapons which use non-conventional die intervals will be converted to a more universal value.
Smaller weapons will deal less damage now, and large weapons will deal more, using the following chart. Most medium sized weapons remain unchanged. (big monks hit really hard)











Combat Maneuvers and Options
Escaping a pin returns you to the grappled state, rather than freeing you entirely.
Charging gives you +2 to attack and damage on your first attack after a charge, and no bonus on subsequent attacks.
The bonus from aid another can now be applied to a specific weapon or attack that your are aware of. For example, if fighting a dragon, you could specify that you were aiding an ally’s defense against the dragon’s bite attack, rather than the first attack the dragon makes against him. Likewise, if an ally you wish to assist is using multiple weapons, you may apply your aid another bonus to the weapon or attack of your choice, rather than his next attack.

All casters may choose to use a divine focus instead of a spell component pouch if thematically appropriate for their character.
Spell component pouches do not contain foci, which must be drawn separately.
Casters may take fighter-only weapon specific feats (such as weapon specialization and improved critical) as though they were a fighter whose level is equal to their caster level. They MUST select either melee touch or ranged touch spells as the subject of such feats. For example, a 4th level wizard could take weapon specialization (ranged touch spells), and would deal an extra +2 damage when using rays and other such spells. Normal rules for converting extra damage for ability damage/drain spells apply.

Penalties and bonuses against fear effects also affect the DC to intimidate you (normally 10+HD+Wis).
You can make attempts at "trained-only" class skills, even if you have no ranks in that skill.

Many feats that give small bonuses will upgrade naturally, like the skill focus feats now do.
Dodge will increase to +2 at level 10. Dodge also includes the following ability: "You may spend an immediate action to double this dodge bonus against one attack."
Weapon focus increases to +2 at +10 BAB. Greater weapon focus now grants +2 to attack rolls. Weapon focus also includes the following ability: "You may spend a swift action to double your weapon focus bonus on your next attack in this turn."
Fleet increases to +10 ft. at level 10. Fleet also gains the following ability: “You may spend a swift or immediate action to take a 5 ft. step that does not provoke attacks of opportunity.”
Improved channel now improves to +4 at level 10.
Spell focus and elemental focus now grant +2 to DC's instead of +1, and they increase to +3 at CL 10th. Greater spell focus now grants +1 to DC’s, plus an additional +1 per 4 caster levels you possess.
Shield focus increases to +2 at +10 BAB. Greater shield focus doubles this bonus and grants a +2 deflection bonus to AC against ranged touch attacks. Shield focus also includes the following ability: "You may spend an immediate action to double this bonus against one attack."
Spell penetration grants 1 + 1 per 4 caster levels you possess to your checks against spell resistance. Greater spell penetration doubles this bonus, for a total of 2 + 2 per 4 caster levels.
Point blank shot increases to +2 at +10 BAB. Point blank shot also includes the following ability: "You may spend a swift action to double this attack and damage bonus on your next attack in this turn."
Two weapon defense now gives +2 to AC, and increases to +4 at +10 BAB. Two weapon defense also includes the following ability: "You may spend an immediate action to double this bonus against one attack."
Many feats are getting mechanics buffs
Two weapon fighting now grants an off-hand attack any time you may normally make only one attack (such as a charge or AoO). TWF's prereq reduced to 13 Dex. TWF keeps all its old perks. Improved TWF's prereq is reduced to 15 Dex, and now grants an off-hand attack for every iterative attack. So, at +11 BAB, you would get +11/+11/+6/+6/+6/+6 before TWF penalties. (see the rule about iteratives, above)
Weapon finesse is now a default option for characters. They use the higher of their strength or dexterity scores when using a finesse'able weapon. A character uses the higher of their strength or dex scores for their CMB, and still uses both for CMD. Agile maneuvers and weapon finesse are removed.
The vital strike line now works on your first attack in a full-round action or cleave attack, including spring attack and charge, as well as its normal effects. Improved vital strike also applies vital strike's benefit (double damage) on your second attack in a full-round action or cleave. Greater vital strike now applies IVS's benefit (triple damage) on your second attack in a full round attack or cleave, and VS's benefit on your third. So, at +11 BAB, with all three feats, you would attack at +11/+6/+6 for 4x/3x/2x damage. If using VS and TWF, VS's damage works for both attacks at that level. So, if using ITWF in the previous example, you would attack at +11/+11/+6/+6/+6/+6 for 4x/4x/3x/3x/2x/2x damage.
Shield master now allows you to ignore only the TWF penalties for your shield attacks, and nothing else. However, shield master also allows all shields to count as light weapons when determining TWF penalties (so you could use a heavy shield instead of a light shield with no additional penalty to your main hand).
Power attack now works for all melee attacks, Deadly aim works for all ranged attacks. Piranha strike is removed. Power attack and deadly aim now have no ability score prerequisites. The BAB prereq remains for both.
Exotic weapon proficiency now has no BAB prereq. Reduce each attack roll penalty caused by your feats or fighting styles by 1, to a minimum of –1, for your attacks with exotic weapons with which you are proficient. (so if TWF'ing an exotic light weapon, you'd do so at -1/-1 instead of -2/-2. If TWF'ing and power attacking with +4 BAB, you'd do so at -2 (+4 dmg)/-2 (+4 dmg) instead of -4(+4)/-4(+4))
Improved combat maneuver feats now give a bonus of 2 + 1/4 BAB, and include the benefits of greater combat maneuver feats once you hit +6 BAB. So, improved trip at +8 BAB grants you +4 to CMB and CMD with trips, as well as not provoking when you trip and having the victim of your trip provoke. Improved combat maneuver feats now have no feat prerequisite (such as combat expertise or power attack).
Arcane armor training/mastery no longer requires a swift action, but is instead a standard bonus.
Martial weapon proficiency now applies to a whole weapon group (such as light blades, heavy blades, hammers, etc.), chosen from the fighter's list.
Weapon focus/specialization and other weapon-specific fighter feats work for a whole weapon group, chosen from the fighter's list, and have any attack, damage, or confirmation bonuses doubled for the specific weapon chosen.
Cleave now includes the effects of Cleaving Finish, allowing you to make your second attack against any creature within reach if your first attack drops the target. Cleave and Vital Strike now work together.
Quick draw now allows you to sheathe your weapon as a swift action.
Iron will, lightning reflexes, and great fortitude now include the benefits of their improved versions, allowing a reroll 1/day before knowing the result.
Improved initiative now grants 2+1/4 BAB to your initiative rolls.
Toughness grants 2 HP +1 HP per hit die, rather than 3 HP +1 HP per hit die after 3rd, basically granting 2 more HP than it did previously. You can continue to take toughness multiple times, if you choose, and it stacks (2+1/HD, 4+2/HD, 6+3/HD). You also add 2 to the negative health total needed for you to die. This bonus stacks, so a 10 Con fighter who had taken toughness twice wouldn't die until he was at -14 health.
Weapon specialization now grants +1 damage and +1 damage per damage die dealt by the weapon itself (not counting special properties like flaming, or bonus dice like sneak attack). This extra damage is applied to bonus dice from vital strike. Greater weapon specialization doubles this bonus. Also, weapon specialization now allows you to reroll 1's in your weapon's damage dice, and greater weapon specialization allows you to reroll 1's and 2's in weapon damage. A 10 strength fighter using a greatsword with greater weapon specialization (greatsword) would deal 2d6+12 damage, which would range from 18-24 damage after his rerolls. Keep in mind that weapon-specific feat bonuses are doubled for the weapon they're taken with.
Mobility now grants the benefits of spring attack once you have a +6 BAB or higher.
Whirlwind attack no longer requires combat expertise or a 13 intelligence. If you would be allowed more than the normal number of iterative attacks (ie under the effects of a haste spell) then you may make additional attacks of opportunity in that round to recoup that loss.
Far shot no longer requires point blank shot as a prerequisite.
Rapid shot requires either point blank shot or far shot, rather than specifically requiring point blank shot. The dex requirement remains.

Tentative spell list changes
Class features which grant banned or altered spells may need to be changed on a case-by-case basis, or may remain unchanged depending on character build and background. Some banned spells are allowed in certain regions.
Any spells of level 4-6 have a minimum casting time of 1 full-round action. Any spells of level 7 or higher have a minimum casting time of 1 round. This is not true for spells designed specifically for a casting time less than normal, such as feather fall.
Cantrips/Orisons and First Level Spells
Message is bumped up to a 1st level spell
Ant Haul bumped up to 2nd level, and nerfed to 1 hour per caster level.
Beguiling Gift now grants a second save when consuming an item or substance.
Bungle is nerfed to a penalty of 5 + CL, but can cause fumbles if the subject’s natural roll is low enough.
To be clear, a successful save against Burning Disarm gives you the option to drop the item; it does not force you to do so.
Charm Person has reduced effectiveness against characters from cultures that oppose your own. This is usually a bonus on their save of +2.
Color Spray bumped up to a 2nd level spell.
Command grants the subject a +5 bonus on their save if following your order puts them immediately at risk.
The last line of Compel Hostility, referencing summoners, is removed.
Comprehend Languages cannot be made permanent and is now a 2nd level spell.
Crafter’s Curse grants a new save every day to end the effect.
Entangle is reduced to medium range (100 ft + 10ft/level) and the duration is reduced to 1 round + 1 round per level (max 1 minute), and now allows you to concentrate during the duration. While you concentrate, the spell functions as described, though if you cease concentration the plants no longer ensnare victims who enter the area unimpeded, nor do they attempt to ensnare opponents at the end of your turn. Opponents who become ensnared by the plants remain so as normal, regardless of your concentration.
Entropic Shield reduced to 1 minute per 2 levels (5 rounds per level) and the duration is reduced by 1 round for every ranged attack directed at you during the duration.
Faerie Fire duration changed to “concentration + 1 round,” and the range is reduced to medium (100 ft + 10 ft/level)
Flare Burst allows the defenders their choice of a fortitude or reflex save, but otherwise functions as normal.
Grease duration changed to 1 round/level, though the acrobatics DC increases to the same as the save DC. Grapple resistance from greased armor/clothing is changed to +1/level. After succeeding a save or check against any grease effect, the victim gains a +5 bonus on further checks and saves against the effects of grease. If the subject of a greased suit of armor or clothing fails a grapple check, he loses the bonus provided by grease against the opponent who grappled him.
Heroes’ Defiance still grants 1d6 points of healing, even if you have no remaining uses of lay on hands.
Hibernate increased to a 2nd level spell and has a duration of 10 minutes per level.
Identify now targets a single item, giving you the bonus to identify properties of that item and that item alone. Its range is now touch, and area is removed. Duration is 1 minute, and the casting time is 1 round. The bonus type is changed to “insight.”
Illusion of Calm duration changed to 1 round per caster level.
Innocence bonus changed to +5, though this increases to +10 at caster level 10th.
Interrogation uses your highest ability modifier, rather than defaulting to wisdom.
Invigorate’s duration is reduced to 1 minute/level and is halved against exhaustion.
Jump’s duration can be divided among multiple creatures touched, though the bonus it grants is halved (5/10/15 rather than 10/20/30). The bonus increases to +20 at level 13, and +25 at 17th level.
Keep Watch affects only 1 creature, rather than 1 per 2 levels.
Life conduit heals 1d4 points of damage per 1d6 lost. The spell cannot heal more than the health lost.
Longstrider’s bonus is reduced to +5 but is doubled on a charge, withdraw, or run action. After using such an action, the spell’s duration is reduced by 1 hour.
Mage Armor is visible, and hampers movement, giving the subject of the spell a -1 armor check penalty and 5% arcane spell failure. At 10th level, you may choose to give the subject of the spell +6 AC, -3 armor check penalty, and 10% spell failure, rather than the normal benefits of the spell.
Magic Fang affects all a monk’s unarmed strikes and all attacks of the same type (ie both claws or both wings).
Magic Missile reduced to close range (25 ft + 5 ft/2levels) but a creature subject to multiple missiles takes 1 extra point of damage per missile (1d4+2).
Magic Weapon can stack with the effects of magic fang if used on a monk.
Memory Lapse can’t be used in combat.
Mighty Fist of the Earth deals damage equal to the unarmed strike of a monk of your size whose level is equal to your caster level, using your casting ability modifier in place of strength. If you possess the unarmed strike special ability, you may deal your normal unarmed strike damage instead.
Mirror Strike deals full damage to both opponents hit, though you apply only half your strength modifier (and damage bonuses like power attack are similarly reduced). The casting time of this spell is reduced to a swift action.
Mount is increased to a second level spell.
Murderous Command offers an additional save immediately before each attack is made, though the subject may attempt attacks of opportunity against the victim of the spell prior to its turn.
Negative Reaction’s penalty is reduced to 5 + 1 per 2 caster levels, though the duration is changed to 1 minute. The penalty applies to perform checks as well.
Obscuring Mist now has a duration of only 1 minute. At the time of casting, the radius of the cloud is only 5 feet. It increases by an additional 5 feet at the beginning of your next turn and every turn thereafter, until reaching the maximum radius of 20 feet at the beginning of your third turn after casting.
Peacebond now has a duration of only 1 minute.
Protection from <Alignment> has had its second perk (immunity to mind control) removed. Magic Circle Against <Alignment> has been similarly changed.
Remove Fear functions for 1 minute per caster level, though if the subject would be suffering from any suppressed fear effect other than shaken this duration is reduced by half (-2 rounds per round of fear effect). Remove Fear is now a 2nd level spell.
Remove Sickness functions for 1 minute per caster level, though if the subject would be suffering from a suppressed nausea effect this duration is reduced by half (-2 rounds per round of nausea). Remove Sickness is now a 2nd level spell.
Sanctuary allows opponents to re-attempt attacks against the warded creature, though at a -2 penalty. You may concentrate on the effect after casting the spell; if you do so, opponents are not allowed to re-attempt their attacks, and you add your casting modifier to the DC against opponents’ first attacks against the warded creature.
Serren’s Swift Girding is now simply Swift Girding. The spell affects 1 creature per 2 caster levels, and is a second-level spell. The armor may be donned hastily, and if you choose to do so you may affect 1 creature per caster level, rather than the normal limit.
Shield is now a faint ring of force which can be concentrated to apply its benefit to a number of attacks per round equal to the number of attacks of opportunity you can make. You may decide whether or not to have your shield block a particular attack. All projectiles directed at you from a magic missile spell are considered a single attack. The shield provides a +1 deflection bonus against attacks it does not block. (So, if you have 14 Dex and the Combat Reflexes feat, Shield provides a +4 shield bonus against 3 attacks per round and a +1 deflection bonus against all other attacks. You may negate a magic missile barrage in place of 1 blocked attack.)
Shield of Faith now grants a sacred or profane bonus to AC, rather than deflection. In addition, the bonus is 2 + 1 per 4 levels (maximum 7 at 20th level). The duration is reduced to 1 minute, and the casting time is increased to 1 full-round action.
Shillelagh now only improves the weapon’s damage by 1 size increase, since our damage increase per size improvement is more severe. You may also use the spell on a magical weapon, improving its existing enhancement bonus by 1.
Shock Shield is now a 2nd level spell. It functions as the shield spell, but blocks 1 additional attack per round. The damage is increased to 1d6 + 1/caster level (maximum +10), and it deals this damage twice; once after being cast, and again when dispelled or dismissed. It no longer harms you when it deals damage.
Sleep has reduced effectiveness. Victims are fatigued if they fail their save, and become exhausted at the end of your next turn. At the end of your second turn after casting the spell, the victims finally fall asleep. Victims receive 3 saves against the spell: one upon being cast, a second before becoming exhausted, and the last before falling asleep. Creatures engaged in combat or strenuous activity gain a +5 bonus on saves against this spell.
Stone Fist now grants all of the perks and none of the downsides for combat maneuvers attempted with a weapon and/or empty handed. Additionally, a monk benefitting from this spell increases his unarmed strike damage as though he were 4 levels higher, rather than dealing the normal damage listed in the spell.
Strong Wings also increase the damage dealt by a creature’s wings by 1 size category.
Summon Monster and Summon Nature’s Ally now have a duration of concentration + 2 rounds, with a maximum duration equal to your caster level + 3.
Sun Metal applies to all unarmed strikes if cast on a monk.
Timely Inspiration is increased to 1 + 1 per 4 caster levels (max 5 at CL 16th).
Touch of Gracelessness is now a 2nd level spell.
True Strike can be cast on an ally as though it were a touch spell, though the bonus for them is reduced to 1 + 1 per 4 caster levels you possess.
Windy Escape is now a 2nd level spell.
2nd level spells
Tongues is banned.
Blindness / Deafness is split into two spells. Deafness is a 3rd level Bard, Sorc/Wizard, and Witch spell, while Blindness is bumped up to 4th level for Bards, and 5th level for Sorc/Wizards and Witches. Both spells allow a save each day to remove the effect.
Divine Power’s bonus is reduced to +1 per 4 levels, and casting a spell while under its effects reduces its remaining duration by 1 round.
Mirror Image is a 3rd level spell for all except the bard, and grants less duplicates (2+1 per 4 levels).
Resist Energy has its values reduced to equal your caster level. This can be empowered with metamagic, for 1.5xCL.
Glitterdust now blinds for only 1d4 rounds, dazzles for the duration, and reveals invisible creatures as a targeted dispel check against their invisibility. The stealth penalty is reduced to -10.
Knock is now a 3rd level spell, and grants only a +5 bonus to the CL check.
Any creature within the area of a Silence spell can resist it as though they were the target of the spell, though this resistance affects only their person. Each subject or person entering the area receives only 1 save, and cannot save again for the duration. Silence is also increased to 3rd level.
Delay Poison changes the frequency of poisons afflicting the subject as follows: 1/round becomes 1/minute; 1/minute becomes 1/hour; and 1/hour becomes 1/day. The duration of the spell is changed to “varies” and affects all poisons afflicting the subject at the time of casting. The subject receives a +5 bonus on saves against poison for 10 minutes/caster level.
In addition to the removal of its mind-control remedy, Magic Circle Against <Alignment> now affects a static area, rather than moving with the caster. The range of the spell increases to 15 ft, and targets a 10’ radius circle, rather than “creature touched”.
Greater Invisibility now fades for a short time after the affected creature attacks, granting him the effects of Blur instead of invisibility until the end of the turn, when the invisibility resumes.
All creatures and objects around the subject of a Scrying spell are blurred and indistinct, and nearly impossible to recognize other than by vague shape (table, chair, ogre, etc). You cannot attempt to teleport to such an area successfully unless you have some other clue as to the location of your scrying (ie. they have been missing for a short time and you see prison bars near them, you could reliably guess they are in the nearest prison).
Glibness now grants a bluff bonus equal to your caster level.
Freedom of Movement now grants a bonus to Escape Artist and CMD vs grapples equal to your caster level, rather than the blanket immunity.
Black Tentacles now have a range of “close (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels)” and their BAB is equal to half your caster level. You can opt to maintain concentration after you cast this spell. If you do, use your full caster level for the tentacles’ BAB, rather than half, for as long as you concentrate.
No Paragon Surge
(additional spells to come later)