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2014-07-11, 02:07 AM
So, I had this idea for some wondrous items, and I'd like to know what you think a good price would be. Also, what would a caster need to craft one (what spell, for example).

Ironfang Bracers
These metallic bracers are molded to look like animal heads, designed so that the animal's neck would be your upper arm, and your hand is coming out its throat. When activated, the bracers grow to engulf your hands, effectively replacing your hand with an animal's bite. Your hand must be empty to activate the bracer, and while it is active you cannot weild weapons or perform tasks that an intelligent animal could not perform with its jaws. Each bracer is considered an independent item (with the exception of Balerion), and a creature may wear different bracers on each arm. Like other weapons, the bracers use your strength modifier for damage. These bracers are considered both natural and manufactured weapons. You may attack with each bracer no more than once in a turn. With the exception of balerion, all size adjustments are 1 step larger or smaller than the creature wearing the bracer.

Ghost (wolf) - bite damage of a same-sized wolf +1x strength. Attacks with Ghost gain the trip monster ability.

Rattata (rat) - bite damage of a smaller-sized sewer rat +0.5x strength. Attacks with Rattata deal 1d6 extra points of sneak attack damage, where applicable.

Nagini (viper) - bite damage of a smaller-sized cobra +0.5x strength. Save DCs for poisons applied to Nagini are increased by +4.

Smaug (young dragon) - bite damage of a same-sized dragon +1.5x strength.

Jadbalja (lion) - bite damage of a larger-sized lion +1.5x strength. You may attack with Jadbalja at the end of a charge, in addition to any other attack(s) you make at that time. (Like pounce)

Balerion (old dragon) - bite damage of a dragon 2 sizes larger +2x strength. Both bracers must be used in tandem for a single attack. One bracer becomes the skull, and the other becomes the lower jaw of the dragon's maw.

2014-07-11, 02:45 AM
I'd be inclined to say 15-20k and the magic fang spell. If a one-handed weapon is wielded in one hand and the bracer in the other, is the bracer treated as a secondary natural attack or an offhand weapon (using two weapon fighting modifiers)?

2014-07-11, 08:38 AM
15 thousand? Is that for the whole set?
Mechanically they're not much stronger than a sword, though several of them get better str mods.

2014-07-11, 04:02 PM
15-20k per each. They grant additional attacks, which are quite valuable. On top of that, several of them grant special abilities that are extremely useful, combo well with existing feat chains, and cannot easily be acquired within the current rules without considerable investment. Imagine a wolf bracer on a character with Improved Trip, or a rat bracer on a character with Staggering Strike.

2014-07-11, 07:19 PM
Extra attacks? That was not my intent. It is designed to replace your empty hand or weapon, and since you can only use each one once per turn, its more likely a nerf to # of attacks at higher BAB.
Assuming the trip monster ability is equivalent to a +2 weapon ability, it'd still only be about 8,000. Since it's on a fancy version of a 1-handed weapon that you can't quick draw but can't be disarmed.... 2000 for the base properties?
Ghost is probably worth about 10,000 by my estimation.
Jadbalja is worth considerably more. 1-handed weapon dealing probably 1d8 or 1d10 with 1.5 strength and usable in addition to normal charge attacks.
Balerion's actually bad in decently optimized teams, as you get 1 attack which uses up both hands. 2x strength with a 2-handed weapon isn't much of a bonus from the 1.5 normal, and the damage of a dragon 2 sizes larger is probably equivalent to the damage you'd do if you were dual-wielding.

And, in answer to your earlier question, I'd say each one is considered a natural attack (secondary when combined with a non-natural weapon), so not a lot of synergy with TWF.