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2007-02-28, 10:39 AM
This is just a fun thought exercise. Using DnD d20 rules and official splat book what kind of adaptations or re-imaginations of modern TV or movie characters can you come up with. Try to stay true to the flavor of the original but feel free to play with race etc to fit the character. I will get us started.

Dale Gribbel (King of the Hill)
Human Ranger 6 Rogue 2
10 not strong but not overly weak
16 pretty good at shooting stuff
16 resistant to all kinds of poisons
12 smart enough to get himself into trouble
8 foolish enough to not stay out of trouble
12 has some leadership skills
Favored enemy 1 vermin, 2 animals
Weapon focus (repeating crossbow)
max ranks in craft (poison)
convinced the kingdom is watching him the paranoid Dale works as a rat catcher by day and a conspiracy theorist by night.

My second one I thought of last night

Bender (futurama)
Warforged rogue 8
18 very strong
10 kind of slow especially when stuck on back
18 resistant
14 lots of storage for knowledge
8 not very wise in its use
8 crude and lazy
a carousing womanizer he works as a petty thug an thief generally self serving but he tends to do the right thing eventually. has delusions of grandeur. Thinks non constructs are weak.

I look forward to seeing your character concepts.:smalltongue:

2007-02-28, 10:59 AM
level 12 artificer/3 heir of siberies (cannith)
10 strength
18 dex
14 constitution
20 intelligence
16 wisdom
18 charisma

Uses the mark of siberies 2x a day to do true creation (how else do you think he turns all those little things into awesome traps or everything else)
has maxed out ranks in various crafts including alchemy, trapmaking, etc

2007-02-28, 11:09 AM

This is awesome I didn't even think about Macguyver

2007-02-28, 11:16 AM
Chuck Norris

Just use the stats of Kord (yes i mean the god) and that should be about right. lol

Gorbad the Limb Rippa
2007-02-28, 11:19 AM
No,no,no.chuck is far more powerful than your meager god.
he is like all the war/strength gods combined into one.then multiplyed 1000!!!

2007-02-28, 11:48 AM
Indiana Jones.

Probably an archivist, with a dip into bard for whip proficiency.