View Full Version : Silence and Corpses (A Zombie role game)

2014-07-13, 02:42 AM
Hi everyone! I'm new at the forum and i was reading a lot of interesting stuff here! It's awesome.

I'm a not so experienced player of Tabletop RPG games in general, initially D&D and later i went to the Sci-Fi genre.

At some point (1 or 2 years ago) i began to create my own role game, called Silence and Corpses.
It's an 3D6 system role game, based on Sci-Fi Zombies, tried to be real as possible. The campaings have been changed with time, and now have some Sci-Fi things that are not so real, but in essence, it's pretty much real.
It's mostly with test and error and a lot it's in my head and not on a Rule Book (i'm working on it) and well it's like.. 60% done but have a lot of little errors and things that must be worked on.

I'm looking for people for working on that and finish that little brain eater proyect.

Mostly of the proyect it's on a drive that i have and it's in spanish because that's my main language, but i bring something that i traslate.

Scientist. It's the elemental guy of the team. He focus on crafting materials with Science Skill, making special damage weapons, mostly with acids and especial items.
He's really weak, more like a glass cannon character.

Scout. The Scout it's a really quick and powerful character. It's focused on two styles, the two handed weapon and the sniper and long distance combat.
Also has the Herbology crafting system, bring him with support (defensive and offensive) craft.

General. The General it's a offensive support character. It's really good with pistols and revolvers, and also have buff tecniques with cry (like war cry) that raises morals in allys.

Thief. The Thief it's the typic Rogue, with stealth and assassin throwing weapons.

Medic. The medic it's the healer role, with also damage on slashing weapons (such as knives). Also have Medicine Crafting skill that makes bandages and stuff.

Paramedic. The Paramedic it's a deffensive support class, also with a little of healing habilities (first aid) but not crafting.

Mechanic. The Mechanic it's the offensive crafting class, that it's based on upgrading weapons, barricades, and little bombs that explode anything in pieces.

Soldier. The Soldier it's the Tank Class, that also know how to use every single fire arm of the game. It's a hybrid class, can be an long ranged fighter or an in-fighter with a hammer in both hands.

Police. The Police class it's also a Tank Class, but a lot more tank that the Soldier. Experience on fire arms and hand to hand combat too.

Well that it's a basic idea of every class, without enter into the crafting, combat and skill system.
The game itself it's a lot more complicated but it's open to new ideas and anything with interest.

Anyone that have interest it's welcomed.