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2007-02-28, 08:04 PM
Ok, well, this is more of a mesh of the Tome of Battle and my own ideas for my world of Feron.

I didnt like the 'quasi-magical- effects of many of the abilities in the Tome. A fighter shouldn't be able to set his sword on fire, or fly through the air. I wanted them to be more 'realistic' with their fighting styles.

I figured Dwarves and faeries will need their own unique styles. Faeries are pretty small, and have wings, so it makes sense for them to fight in melee extremely different from a stout dwarf or tall human.

I broke down 'human' fighting styles to cover Rangers and Rogues. Rogues I see as fighting with more stuns, feints, and trick maneuvers. Rangers I want to tie in to forest creatures.

Then I have two popular human styles, the Kings Sword and Lordly Spar (working titles lol). The Kinds sword focuses on group combat. Its something that captains/commanders would know, and would be taught mainly by the military and should be fairly common. The other, Lordly Spar, is a style mainly favored by the nobility, and I wanted to have a sort of dueling or fencing flair to it.

Problem is, after pulling out all the 'non-realistic' abilities, there wasnt much left. I started working on some new abilities, but its a lot of work to come up with something new and not giving redundant abilities to each style. I was hoping maybe i could get a few suggestions. Heres the list of maneuvers for each style so far:

Combat Styles

1st – Punishing Stance- Stance- Attacks deal +1d6 damage but you have -2 ac.
1st- Steely Strike – strike- +4 AB on one strike, but foes gain +4 against you.
1st – Counter Charge – Counter – Counter an opponents charge, forcing them to move away from you.
1st – Mighty Throw – strike – Grab an enemy and throw him up to 10 feet.
2nd – FoeHammer – Strike- Overcome a targets DR, +2d6 dmg
3rd – Exorcism of Steel- Strike- Hit an opponents weapon, it deals -4 dmg for 1 minute
3rd – Iron Heart Surge – Counter- Remove negative effect, gain +2 morale bonus on attacks.
3rd- Giant Killing Style – Stance- Gain +2 on attacks and +4 on damage against larger foes.
3rd – Bonecrushing Strike – Strike – Deal +4d6 dmg, gain +10dmg on critical hits.
3rd – Crushing Weight of the Mountain – Stance- +10 bonus on checks against bull rush, trip, and others, gain DR 2/-
4th – Mithril Tornado – Strike – Attack all adjacent opponents with +2 bonus
4th – Boulder Roll – Boost – Gain +4 bonus on overrun attempts
4th- Overwhelming Mountain Strike – Strike – Deal +2d6 dmg, Target loses move action.
5th- Iron Heart Focus – counter- re-roll save
5th – Elder Mountain Hammer – Strike – deals +6d6 damage and overcomes resistance and hardness
5th – Avalanche – Strike- Gain ability to trample foes
6th – Iron Bones – strike – Gain DR 10/-
7th – Shield Counter- counter- shield bash cancels foes attack
7th – Colossus Strike – Strike- deal 6d6 damage, knock opponent backwards
8th- Immortal Fortitude – Stance – You cannot die due to HP damage

1st - Rogues Stance – Stance – Gain a +2 dodge bonus to AC while in this stance, but a -2 on attacks
1st – Dirty Trick – Strike – You gain sneak attack damage with this strike.
1st – Gamble – Strike – Both you and your opponent roll a 1d6. If the opponents result is higher, he gains the difference in an attack bonus against you on his next turn. If you win you gain an attack bonus equal to the difference on this attack. In the event of a tie, the attack is calculated as normal, with no benefits or penalties.
2nd – Clever Positioning –strike – Swap place with foe
2nd – Stone Vice – Strike - +1d6 dmg, immobilizes foe
3rd – Feigned Opening – counter- As an immediate action provoke an attack, then counter
3rd – Assassins Stance- Stance- Gain sneak attack +2d6
4th – Entangling Blade – strike- Deal +2d6dmg, target has -20 to speed
4th – Fountain of Blood – Boost – Defeat foe, causes fear in enemies
5th – Daunting Strike – Strike – Target of attack becomes shaken
5th – Dazzling Strike – Strike- Melee attack dazes opponent
5th – Stalking Shadow – Counter – move to opponents space as he tries to move away from you
6th – Stalker in the Night – Strike while remaining hidden
6th Feign Death – Counter – This maneuver may be used when an opponent successfully strikes you. You fall to the ground in a believable manner. You may remain in this state for as long as you wish. However opponents may make a spot check vs dc 10+your level each round they remain in the area to see through your deception.
7th – Finishing Move- strike- gain extra damage against weakened enemy
7th – Hamstring Attack – Strike – Deals 1d8 dexterity damage, foe has -10 movement speed
7th – Prey on the Weak – Stance – Attack of opportunity with each foe that drops
8th – Fools Strike – Strike – Reflect foes attack

1st – Howl of the Beast- Counter – Unleash a fearsome howl that strikes fear into your enemies. They must make a will save vs DC 10+ your level or take a -1 penalty on all attacks, saves, and skill checks
1st – Feral Savagery – Stance – If you take melee damage while in this stance, you receive +1 to damage and attack bonus on your next turn.
2nd – Claw at the Moon- Strike- Make jump check, +2d6 dmg
2nd – Rabid Wolf Strike – Strike- Deal +2d6 dmg, +4 attack bonus, -4 AC for 1 round
3rd – Stance of the Wolf- Stance- You and allies gain +1dmg/2 initiator levels against flanked targets.
4th- Stance of the Bear – Stance – You gain +4 ac against melee opponents
5th – Dancing Mongoose – strike- Gain additional attack with each weapon
6th – Manticore parry – Deflect attack and direct it toward another opponent
6th- Rabid Bear Strike – Gain +4 on attack, deal 10d6 dmg, -4 ac with attack
8th – Gorillan Windmill Flesh Rip – Boost – Gain ability to rend with successful attacks
8th – Raging Mongoose – Boost – Make 2 extra attacks with each weapon carried

Kings Sword
1st – Iron Guards Glare - stance– Enemies take -4 penalty on attacks vs allies.
1st – Vanguard Strike – Strike- Allies get a +4 attack bonus against chosen enemy.
1st – Leading the Attack – Strike – Allies gain +4 bonus against an opponent you strike.
1st – Leading the Charge – Stance – Allies gain +1 dmg/initiator level on charge attacks.
2nd – Shield Block – Counter- Ally gains +4 ac and shield bonus.
2nd – Battle Leaders Charge – No attacks of opportunity while charging, deal +10 damage .
3rd – Absolute Steel Dance – Stance – Gain +10ft bonus to movement, +2 AC while moving
3rd – Lions Roar – Boost – Defeat enemy and allies gain +5dmg on attacks
4th – Covering Strike – Boost – Every enemy you strike cannot make attacks of opportunity for 3 rounds.
7th – Clarion Call – Boost – If you drop a foe, allies within 60ft can take an extra move action or free attack.
7th – Swarming Attack – Strike – Allies make free attack against foe you strike

Lordly Spar
1st – Stance of Clarity – stance- Gain +2 AC bonus against one target, -2 from all others.
1st – Dazzling Flourish – Strike – You twirl your blade in a fancy impressive maneuver. Make a reflex save vs your opponents AC. If successful you gain an extra attack, if failed your opponent receives an attack of opportunity against you.
2nd – Flashing Sun – Strike- Gain an extra attack
2nd – Disarming Strike – Strike- Attempt to disarm a foe
3rd - – Pearl of Black Doubt – Stance – Gain +2 ac for each strike that misses you.
4th – Lightning Recovery – Counter- Re-roll a missed attack with +2 bonus.
4th – Strike of the Broken Shield – Strike – Deal +4d6 dmg, attack makes target flat-footed
5th- Disrupting Blow- Strike- causes opponent to be unable to act for 1 round
5th- Rapid Counter- counter- strike opponents who provoke attacks from you
5th – Dancing Blade Form – Stance - +5ft reach during your turn
7th- Scything Blade – Boost – strike one foe, free attack on another

1st-Steel Wind – Strike – attack two opponents.
1st – Island of Blades – Stance – You and an ally get flanking bonuses when attacking adjacent opponents.
2nd – Wall of Blades – Counter- Replace AC with attack rolls results
3rd – Thicket of Blades – stance – Enemies 5ft steps provoke attacks of opportunity from you.
3rd – Soaring Raptor Strike – Strike – Attack foe from above with +4 bonus, deal 6d6 dmg.
5th- Giants Stance – Stance – Deal damage as if you were one size larger
7th- Avalanche of Blades – stance – With each attack that hits, make another with increasing penalty
8th – Adamantine Hurricane- Strike – two attacks against each adjacent foe with +4 bonus


2007-03-03, 01:57 PM
Updated to include a few new maneuvers.