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2007-03-01, 11:22 PM
I'm considering Thaumaturgist as PrC and I have some questions about his Planar Cohort would class feature:

1. How does it get his equipment: do I have to pay for it or he/she gets it on his/her own?

2.:smallconfused: If I'm reading description of the Leadership feat from d20srd (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/feats.htm#leadership) the lower level he/she is the less experience it gets (meaning 5th lvl cohort of 10th lvl character gets less experience then 7th lvl cohort of the same character). It doesn't sound logical but where am I wrong? As I understood XP he/she gets is:

(CL/LL)*XPL where
CL = cohort level
LL = level of character whose cohort it is
XPL = XP the character gained

If this is true, what is the explenation for this?

3.Which of cohort would be best to take as NG character?

4.What would qualify as "special power" for leadership score?

Thanx in advance.

Edit: And when starting with equipment suitable for its lvl does it mean it gets equipment as PC or NPC?
Is there any deity in Eberron that offers summoning domain?

2007-03-02, 01:03 AM
2. Yes, the lower level the cohort is, the less XP it gets. However, you should notice that both the PC and the PC's cohort both get the exact same percentage of the XP they need to go up a level. If you gain 50% of the XP you need to level up, your cohort gains 50% of the XP he/she/it needs to level up. This is because the cohort's ECL should always be your level -2.

So both you and your cohort, effectively, level up at the same time. (Unless one of you is spending XP on magic items and spells; if your cohort is, no real problem. If you are, and your cohort isn't, your cohort is going to get "waste XP" (since the cohort can't level up to an ECL higher than your level -2).

4. Ask your DM.