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2007-03-02, 08:42 AM
Still a work in progress, but here is the idea. I have noticed that shields are underpowered in DND. I am trying to find ways to make this better. After all a shield should be your best defense method.

BAB +5
Prof. with all shield types
Combat Expertise
Combat Relexes
Improved Shield Bash

Level 1:
Shield focus= +1 to AC while using a shield, +2 to AC while fighting next to ally
Stand your Ground= You are considered one size category larger when determining trip, bullrush, knockback, or any other attempt to move you from your position.

Level 2:
Cover You= May sacrifice your shield bonus to "cover" any ally next to you. Add your shield AC to thier AC for one round.
Greater Shield Bash= May gain a free trip attack on all successful shield bash attempts. If you do not trip enemy, it can not try to trip you until it's next turn.

Level 3:
Counter Stike= Make one attack of opportunity against any enemy that has attempted to strike you. Usable once per day

Level 4:
Improved Shield Focus= Any BAB lost when using Combat Expertise add 2 points to AC for each 1 lose of BAB. This is still consodered a shield bonus to AC

Level 5:
Counter Strike 2 times per day

Level 6:
Line Flanking= When you and an ally are fighting side by side you can distact your opponet granting both of you flanking.

Level 7:
Counter Strike usable 3 times per day

Level 8:
Flanking Counter Strike= May use counter strike to gain an attack of opportunity against an opponet that has attempted a hit at either yourself or an ally that is considered flanking that enemy.

Level 9:
Counter Strike usable 4 times a day

Level 10:
Greater Shield Focus= 3 time per day may use your shield for cover against any attack that allows a reflex save. Add your shield bonus to this saving throw.

2007-03-02, 09:15 AM
You have forgotten Phalanx Fighting. That Feat gives you an AC bonus which increases as a sahield wall is formed, as well as reflex save bonuses. It is THE shield wall feat.

2007-03-02, 09:46 AM
I do not have the book that is in. What level should it be given at, and what does it do exactly?